China Black Natural Granite Interior Exterior Stone Decoration

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Yellow,Pink,Grey,Dark,White,Green,Blue,Red,Brown etc .


Polished,honed,flamed,bushhammered,sandblasted, chiseled, natural split,tumbled,pineapple,etc.


tile,slab,kerbstone,cube stone, paving stone, countertop.













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According to your requirement

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Strong fumigated wooden pallets for export.

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According to your purchase quantity.


One 20' Container

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During the whole production process, from raw material choosing, fabrication to package, Our quality controller will strictly inspect each pcs and control each process to ensure quality standards and timely delivery.

(1)Terms and Services

1,Price terms:FOB,CIF,CNF

2,Payment terms:T/T or L/C at sight,and Western Union if it is samples

3.Loading port:Xiamen 、 Qingdao or Any China Port.

4,MOQ: 1x2ft with mixed style container,sample order is negotiable

5,Package: Fumigated seaworthy wooden crates with plastic and foam inside

6,Delivery : Within 10-20 days,depengs on customers' order quantity

(2)Quality Assurance

During the whole production process,from material choosing, fabrication to package,our quality auditors will strictly control each single and every process to ensure quality standards and punctual delivery.

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We can arrange transportations for you,or you can choose the one you like,Timely and delivery is our service tent

(4) Main Markets

European,American and Oceania,Australian,Middle-East ect

(4) Packing and loading

For tilesplastic foam inside, fumigated strong wooden crate outside, reinforced with metal strap
For slabsSeaworthy fumigated strong wooden bundle
ShippingOur professional service team in Xiamen is able to provide FCL and LCL shipment with competitive cost

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Q:How to remove moisture from porous basalt asphalt mixture
Strengthen the control of the drying process, if found to dry after the water content is too large, should be appropriate to reduce production efficiency and reduce the drying unit within the unit time aggregate rate.
Q:Sand and sand shell
My personal mobile phone shell did not study on sandstone, but only the properties of sandstone sandstone with sound insulation, moisture absorption, anti damage, outdoor weathering, water does not dissolve, no moss, easy to clean, no light pollution, no radiation, and it was said that the proof, anti slip, sound absorption, absorption and tasteless, no radiation, no fading, warm in winter and cool in summer,
Q:Can limestone be sterilized?
Exposure to lime storage can absorb moisture in the air, but the change of mature lime. Changes have been late, not synchronous. Not at the same time the disinfection will not complete, incomplete disinfection, disinfection of nature is not useful. Bacterial virus is active in a field, if not thoroughly disinfected, survived the pathogens re aggregation, reproductive growth, and we think that has been disinfected, produce careless psychology, so one into a retreat, the harm is not worse than failure of disinfection disinfection.
Q:Sandstone relief maintenance methods which
Sandstone relief stone - sandstone, is a porous structure of the stone, this structure makes it easy to penetrate the water. And the infiltration of water, will make the sand color uneven changes, the formation of spots, these spots will become an integral part of sandstone. Therefore, sandstone needs special care:
Q:Is marble good or man-made?
Natural marble is higher than artificial marble, and artificial marble may be more harmful than natural marble. If the conditions permit to ensure that the real thing, or choose a good natural marble. Please remember that regardless of the choice of natural marble or artificial marble, must be selected real material, and selected to the harm of the harm to the human body is still quite large.
Q:How to distinguish between type I and S granite
Type granite) Granite is a kind of granite that is produced by partial melting and crystallization of the source rocks. "S" refers to the first letter of the word "sediment". Is an orogenic granite, produced in the craton inner ductile shear zone and the continental collision fold belt, with cordierite granite and two mica granite composition and other aluminum granite as the representative.
Q:How to clean marble
Marble daily cleaning method1, every day with dust push with electrostatic cleaner (dust oil) in the marble surface to push back and forth, according to the flow of people to determine the amount of dust back and forth.2, oil stains, glue stains: such as fat oil, mineral oil, resin glue, respectively, with a towel with detergent and dust oil to wipe, and then use a clean towelClean water and clean water with clean towel.3, such as accidentally drip fruit stains, you need to immediately use a towel with soap or detergent wipe, and then use a clean towel clean water, the last towel to clean water.4, such as yellow rust, the rust remover macular professional stone mulching and infiltration.
Q:I would like to ask the German STO outer wall imitation sandstone coating about how much money a square ah
Coatings are basically in accordance with the barrel to sell, a barrel price of about 300-400, compared with the well-known brand is Dulux, Nippon, Huarun. The decoration of the bedroom with personal suggestions if wallpaper better, relatively warm, fitted out the effect is relatively grade, the main is good-looking, wallpaper brand recommended Ruibao, Magnolia and other well-known brands, the decoration is Chronoswiss wallpaper paste bedroom home service or customer service.
Q:General process flow of calcium carbonate from limestoneIt is best to use words to explain
The earlier electrolysis is the contact method, because this method raw material consumption is big, the metal calcium solubility in the electrolyte is high, the current efficiency is low, the product quality is poor (about 1%) and so on, later improved to the liquid cathode electrolysis
Q:How to remove the water on the marble table
Marble appearance is very beautiful, it is a good choice for home decoration, but marble cleaner more cumbersome, because it is not only porous stone will absorb a variety of liquids, but also extremely sensitive, it is easy to be dyed. For example, the marble kitchen table will be repeated dyeing, because some of the liquid if the juice, seasoning, vinegar, etc. will be omitted from time to time on the table. Even water can leave water stains on the marble if the glass is placed on the marble surface for a long time. To remove the stains on the marble to remember when must use neutral detergent, can not use those containing bleaching properties of cleaning agent. Do not use hard brush and abrasive cleaning agent. Like other stone, the best way is to prevent stains promptly clean up spilled marble liquid. Some owners will use a variety of different sealant to protect the marble surface, but in any case, should be regularly re sealed. 1 acid stains. It is better to blot out stains than to wipe them out, because they can cause the spread of stains. Most of the vinegar or fruit juice stains can be removed by baking powder and baking soda paste. When the paste is dry and hard, wipe off the paste with a wet towel, and then dry with a dry towel. 2 food stains. For hardened food stains, can be used to remove hydrogen peroxide, but the time should not be too long. Once the stain disappears, wipe it clean with a wet rag and dry it.

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