Capable Tool For Human To Create Fresh Air - Air Cleaning Equipment

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Product Description:

Brand   name:GSMOON
Item no.:GS460S01
Size:L282 X W196 X H830   (mm)
Air Flow:460m³/hr
Applicable   Area:45m2
Functions:Remove   PM2.5, formaldehyde, harmful gas; UV-photocatalyst sterilization; Sterilize   germs, virus; Release anions
Packaging:carton package
Carton Size:L352 X W27 2X H988   (mm)
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C at sight
Delivery time:40days after received   deposit
Place of   Origin:Zhejiang, China   (Mainland)

            air cleaning equipment          

  • remove formaldehyde    

                photocatalyst, RCD filter or active carbon

  •  air optimization    


  •  remove PM    

                electrostatic adsorbing device remove PM diameter between 0.3-10µm

  •  600 million anion    

                Refresh purified air, more comfortable

  •  Safety    

                Electromagnetism shield to protect family

  •  Healthy air    

                Remove dust, smoke, sterilize germs, virus

  •  Double sensors    

                Sensor for PM, sensor for harmful gas

  •  5 fan-speed shifts    

                achieve purify fastest during a few time, automate to work when air pollution overproof

  •  silent work in asleep    

                on 1st or 2nd fan-speed, working noise lower.

  •  saving energy    

                the lowest consumption only 11W, save cost

  •  no replacement of core filter    

                electrostatic filter not need to be replaced, just washing by water is ok.



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