Bulldozer Shanghai Pd135y 135HP

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Product Description:

Bulldozer Shanghai Pd135y 135HP 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:PD135Y


Overall Dimension L*W*H:8560*4130*3640 Mm

Machine Weight:15700 Kg


Engine Model:Dongfeng 6114zg4b

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Suitable for Ocean Shipment

Standard:Standard Configuration


Origin:Shanghai, China

Production Capacity:20 Sets/ Month

Product Description

 Bulldozer  Shanghai PD135Y 135hp 

Main Features: 
Engine: Good Reliability-- Big margin of safety for engine power ensures good reliability
Good Economy-- It has a minimum fuel consumption of 22g/kW. H. Addition-ally, it has lower oil consumption because of adopting piston oil cooling technology and alloy bainite cylinder liner

Transmission: Transmission is of the planetary gears and disc clutches type, with 3 speeds for forward and 3 speeds for reverse. 5 disc clutches control respectively to reavel forward and backward and each gear shift by operating hydraulic valve 
Torque converter: Torque converter included with power-take-off is of 3 elements, one stage and one phase type. Power-take-off mounted in front of the torque converter distributes the power output. Torque converter connected with engine shock-absorber by universal joint ensures good auto adaptability, easy operating performance, simple structure and excellent reliability. 

2EngineMode/Dongfeng 6114ZG4B

Type/Water cooled, inline,

Number of cylinder-bore*strokemm6-114*135

Rated horsepower/rpmkW/r/min99.2/1900

Min. fuel consumptiong/kw.h228g/kw.h
3Start methodType/Electric starting motor

Starting motorV/kW24/7.5


4Lubrication systemLubrication type/Forced lubrication.

Cooling type/Water cooling
5Fuel systemSpecification/Light diesel
6Cooling systemWater pump/Closed system
7Electric generatorV/A24/35
8Air filter type/KLH-14u
9Transmission systemtransmission/Planetary gear, multiple disc clutch, 3 forward
and 3 reverse speeds.

Bevel gear/Helical bevel gear, splash lubricated

Steering clutch/Wet, multiple disc, spring loaded, hydraulic operated,
mechanical separating,linking steering brake

Steering brake/Dry, band brake, foot-actuated.

Final drive/Spur gear, double reduction, splash lubricated.
10Travel SpeedForward1stkm/h0-3.2






Bulldozer Shanghai Pd135y 135HP

Bulldozer Shanghai Pd135y 135HP

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Q:wrestling-Umaga the samoan bulldozer?
*SPOILER!* Umaga returns this friday and defeats Jimmy Wang Yang. He was out for several months with a torn ACL. Sim Snuka and Manu won't be, since there both signed to the RAW brand, at the moment. Manu might be drafted over to SmackDown!, if Umaga is jobbing or being put in lackluster storylines, and they could form the Wild Samoans.
Q:Is this an OK gaming build?
Needs less Bulldozer and more Sandy Bridge. Get the vanilla GTX 560 ti. Also don't skimp on the PSU, Corsair, Enermax, Silverstone, and Antec are safe bets.
Q:what rhymes with decomposers?
reeking hosers...ehhhhh..
Q:bulldozer xl5000, Dave Draper's Bomber Blend (protein) and workout question?
for your body weight, you are probably good with one scoop for now. Personally, I usually consume a pre-wrokout meal or shake an hour before hitting the gym. Then, 30 minutes before the gym I would mix 2 scoops of Bulldozer Xl5000, I would drink a quarter before, then sip a quarter throughout the workout, then finish the remaining 15 minutes after. If you want to bulk up I would recommend, eating a meal 2 or 2.5 hours before the gym, then a shake (2 scoops of Bomber Blend mixed with Milk NOT water) an hour before the gym. Then 1 or 2 scoops of Bulldozer 30 minutes before the gym. Make sure you workout really hard and lift heavy here. Right after the gym, you can drink a Bomber Blend protein mixed with WATER with a banana (high glycemic index carb) OR you can mix Bomber Blend with Gatorade/Dextrose to restore your glycogen levels (after an intense workout) and also feed you muscle. If you can afford it (taking Bulldoze Pre and Post which can be costly), then I would suggest 1/2 or 1 scoop Bulldozer mixed with Bomber Blend and Sugar (Dextrose or Gatorade poweder) consumed 15 minutes after your workout. I would also consume a protein shake mixed with MILK before bedtime. The following day, if it is an off-day, I would consume 1/2 scoop of Bulldozer on an empty stomach. If you plan to workout the next day, then just follow the above again. Hope this helps. Like James said, you probably need to experiment with the dosage of your pre-workout Bulldozer drink to see what works for you best.
Q:What is the commonly used road building machinery?
Bulldozers - heavy tracked machinery with a large blade, used for removing material. Scrapers and Spreaders - do the opposite; pick up road making materials and spread them over a road surface (particularly the sub base (lower) layers. Compactors - heavy equipment designed to compress and compact road making materials Graders - medium heavy equipment with a blade designed to level off a compacted surface Rollers - used to produce a hard, level surface on compacted or laid materials Asphalt laying equipment - used to lay upper surface asphalt (black top) road surfaces Concrete laying equipment - used where a concrete road surface rather than an asphalt surface is required. Dump trucks and tipper trucks - used to transport materials to or from the site. Front end loaders or bucket loaders - used to pick up materials and place them in dump trucks. Excavators- tracked machines used to dig out materials
Q:Manufacturers of bulldozers
Shantui construction machinery Limited by Share Ltd.Foreign bulldozer enterprises:CaterpillarKomatsuKeithDoosan construction machineryVolvo construction machine
Q:What were some archaeological tools/methods used in excavating Troy?
Heinrich Schliemann used a bulldozer. The actual city of Troy... Helen's TROY is considered as Schliemann's level 6 and recent excavations have born this out.
Q:Rate this Mobo, CPU and RAM combo?
I would go with 7 or 8, The biggest thing with gaming is Graphics, Memory, and your processor. I would make sure you had just about the best graphics cart you can buy, memory I would go with the 1GB and test once you are up and running, if you see slow performace, up the memory. Processor I would get youself the quad. Main thing is go with the best you can afford on items that are not upgraded easily such as the processor, other items such as memory which is plug and play I would go with moderate since you can test and upgrade later if needed.
Q:Why can't cranes, bulldozers, and the like run too fast? Too far?
Don't run too fast: the engine doesn't lift; you can't run too far: the tank isn't big enough.
Q:Which work is efficient, excavators or bulldozers?
Different machines are suitable for different minesSo it's not good to compare directly. Which work is faster?

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