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Product Description:


1,Pattern of Tyre Description:

Fashion All-terrain Design Various Sizes Available Available for HONDA ATV Cars Well-recognized in US and Australia

 Tire usage condition: The highway type pattern applies to good pavement and in general, including the highway, highways an
Tread properties:

 The low heat transitional rubber to guarantee high-speed performance of the tire wear, cut-resistantVehicle usagecharacteristics: Use in the truck driving wheel bit, and tugboat round bit.Product structure: Structure of four belt layers.


2,Main Features of the Tyre:


 Good Quality ATV Tires/Tyres with DOT and E-mark Certificates

 Well-recognized in US and Australian Market

 Kenda, Greenball Fashion Design

 Various Sizes Fitting to All Kinds of ATV Cars/ Lawn Cars


3,Tyre Images:





4,Tyre Specification:








We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:


1,How to guarantee the quality of the products

We will give clients compensition if the tyre has manufacture defect.Clients just provide tyre NO.and some pictures.


2,How long can we receive the product after purchase?


It up to sizes you order.We can delivery immediately if the size is available.About 30 days after receiving down payment if it should be arrange production.


3,How to get the sole agent?


It up to the market.It should be 3-4 containers per month is small market ,like UAE.But 15-20 containers are requested if you from USA market.

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Q:Driving ATV (all terrain vehicles, ATV) need a driver's license is D or E photos?
D photos,the cushion will shine as new, but will slip.
Q:Tomb notes above the beach car
Tomb notes in the ATV is Hangzhou Chunfeng Power Limited.
Q:All terrain car into the sand, open in the desert, how to clean it?
Prepare the work before cleaning to remove the oil luggage, luggage and any other things can not touch the wet. Prepare all the car wash. You will use, bucket, cleaning agent, insect cleaning agent, degreasing agent, engine cleaning agent, toothbrush, lubricating rust inhibitor, cleaning tire brush, tire cleaning agent, polished polishing device, cotton cloth, sponge Time and place is also very important to clean the ATV try not to go to some unprofessional repair shop, try to do it yourself, do not wash the car on the road, because it is very dangerous. And do not rinse your car immediately after driving long distances. Give the beach car some time to cool down. Do not pour cold water directly on the hot engine. Do not wash the car at noon or before the sun, because the sun's direct, not waiting for you to come and remove the stains on the surface of the car, the water has evaporated. And tap water contains some of the mineral composition at high temperatures will be more active, easy to leave traces in the car, and will be difficult to be removed. Do not wash the car on the grass, because those chemical solvents will have a fatal impact on the plant.
Q:were to find cheap atv parts online?
look up dealers for the make and model of your bike ya mite fnd sumat there!
Q:good website for atv parts?
rocky mountain but i always liked and has a great catalog.
Q:All-terrain car is the need for feet?
All-terrain vehicles have the direction of the type, there are steering-type, variable speed system with stepless speed, there are variable speed, if the direction of the type, the throttle on the right hand, and the general motorcycle, With your right hand thumb to pull the hand to add and subtract throttle, if it is steering wheel, is the foot throttle, and the same car. The stepless engine does not require foot operation, but if it is a variable speed engine, it is necessary to use the foot to shift.
Q:Questions about ATV parts?
If you can get the parts its a easy fix. Notice I said IF. And IF you get it fixed something else will soon break. That ATV is a Chinese piece of junk. Save your money and get a ATV from a major manufacture.
Q:Do you want to buy a beach car?
Mainly to see the welding point of the frame and the thin tube of iron, the engine as much as possible to the brand, how the shell will do, if a lot of left hand can grasp the jacket down to see a lot of thin metal can see the car is good or bad
Q:Is it an all-terrain car with a trailer behind it?
Many countries are not on the road car cans, but UTV can. Because he has protective things exist.Many of the domestic fire with the above is actually UTV, rather than ATV.
Q:trying to find marshin atv parts. have a mh200atv-t. can't find a thing.?
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