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Asbestos powder is powdery non metallic materials containing asbestos fiber,

in a waterproof material, asphalt material, heat insulation materials and other fields have more extensive application

Asbestos (English: Asbestos and Asbestos), is a natural fibrous siliceous minerals to collectively, is a kind of silicate minerals

are widely used in building materials fire prevention board fiber, also is the only natural mineral fiber, it has good tensile strength

and good thermal insulation and anticorrosive, not easy combustion, it is widely used.

Asbestos is a lot of more phyletic, according to its mineral composition and chemical composition is different,

can be divided into two categories, serpentine asbestos and amphibole asbestos.Serpentine asbestos chrysotile and said,

it is a kind of the asbestos production most, has good spinning performance.Can be divided into the blue amphibole asbestos asbestos,

tremolite and actinolite asbestos etc., less than serpentine asbestos.

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Q:Properties of asbestos
According to the composition and internal structure, it can be divided into serpentine asbestos (chrysotile) and amphibole asbestos two categories. Amphibole asbestos is divided into anthophylite (amosite), tremolite and actinolite asbestos asbestos (narrow asbestos), Lan Shimian (Na asbestos) 3. Grinding in a mortar, serpentine asbestos felt mess, fiber is not easy to separate; and amphibole asbestos is dispersed into many small fibers. Iron free asbestos is white and iron colored in different shades of blue. A fibrous aggregate of asbestos before splitting, showing silky luster, and dull fibers with a dull luster. Asbestos has acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance and insulation properties of chrysotile, flexibility, tensile strength, electrical insulation and high temperature resistant ability in amphibole asbestos, and in acid and alkali resistance and anti corrosion ability of amphibole asbestos is better than that of chrysotile asbestos. Asbestos is widely used in transmission, insulation and insulation devices. Asbestos with a fiber length of more than 8 mm is blended with 20% to 25% cotton yarn to make fire-resistant textile materials. Shorter fibers are used for making asbestos, bonding cloth, asbestos sheets and insulating materials. Blue cotton has unique anti chemical poisons and radioactive properties of particulate pollution in air purification, was used to produce various kinds of high efficiency filter. Serpentine asbestos is widely distributed, accounting for 95% of total asbestos output. It is mainly formed in the reticular fissure of the serpentine formed by metamorphism and contact of dolomite or dolomite limestone and metamorphic rocks of ultrabasic rocks. Amphibole asbestos is mostly composed of iron and siliceous rocks by sodium and magnesium replacement by hydrothermal solution under dynamic metamorphism.
Q:What are the differences between non asbestos gaskets and non asbestos gaskets?
on asbestos non asbestos materials, mold or various) stamping tools, sealing products of various shapes and the shear.
Q:What are the materials of asbestos? Roughly!
There are many kinds of asbestos, which can be divided into two kinds: serpentine asbestos and amphibole asbestos according to their mineral composition and chemical composition. Chrysotile asbestos, also called chrysotile asbestos, is one of the most productive asbestos. It has good spinnability. Amphibole asbestos can be divided into blue asbestos, asbestos tremolite, actinolite asbestos, chrysotile is less than the yield.Asbestos, also known as asbestos, is a commercial term for silicate mineral products with high tensile strength, high flexibility, chemical and thermal resistance, electrical insulation, and spinnability. It is a general term for natural fibrous silicate minerals. Under the jurisdiction of the 2 class a total of 6 kinds of minerals (with serpentine asbestos, amphibole asbestos, asbestos, actinolite anthophyllite tremolite asbestos asbestos, iron, etc.). Asbestos consists of a fiber bundle, consisting of very long, very thin fibers that can be separated from each other. Asbestos is of high fire resistance, electrical insulation and thermal insulation. It is an important fireproof, insulating and heat insulating material. However, because asbestos fibers can cause asbestos, pleural mesothelioma and other diseases, many countries have chosen to ban the use of such dangerous substances.
Q:Are asbestos natural or artificial?
Asbestos is a natural, fibrous, silicic mineral. It comes from natural minerals and is processed in a physical manner.Asbestos is not synthetic material.
Q:Cry for help!!!
Asbestos carcinogenic is not entirely how much asbestos smoke, vary from person to person, wish you safe and sound. Asbestos containing products have been basically prohibited abroad. Shun is auspicious.
Q:What material is the grid on the wall in the decoration? It looks like asbestos!
The best thing to crack net is nylon (chemical fiber product). I hope my answer can help you
Q:Does Africa require asbestos?
The call for cotton ban in Africa is equally severe. Asbestos products are not exported. There are international health conventions.
Q:What substances are CFC, HFC or asbestos, and what is the harm to humans?
By asbestos fiber bundles, and fiber bundles by a long and thin can separate fiber asbestos. With high flame resistance, electrical insulation and thermal insulation, fire prevention is important insulation and insulation materials.Asbestos itself is not toxic, it's the greatest harm from the fiber, which is a very small, almost invisible to the naked eye fiber, when these tiny fibers are inhaled, will be attached and deposition in the lungs, causing lung disease, asbestos has been the International Cancer Research Center for certain carcinogens.
Q:Asbestos usage thickness3 by 3 meters square need insulation 300 degrees please enlighten master the use of asbestos thick
High strength insulation boardThis kind of thermal insulation material with excellent performance of other similar sheet: There is nothing comparable to this with its very low thermal conductivity, and has good heat preservation performance and heat insulation performance; with its extremely low water absorption rate, and has excellent waterproof, moisture-proof performance; with its high compressive strength, and has great bearing performance; to the light weight, convenient construction, and is especially suitable for large-scale modernization construction of high-rise buildings and large projects.
Q:Physical and chemical properties of asbestos
Different kinds of asbestos are different in physical, mechanical and chemical properties. Asbestos fiber length is generally 3~50 millimeters, also has longer. China has found the longest asbestos fiber, 2.18 meters, the longest in the world. Serpentine asbestos with good alkali resistance, almost no alkali corrosion, but acid resistance is poor, very weak organic acids can be asbestos in the Magnesium Oxide precipitation, so that the strength of asbestos fibers decline.Amphibole asbestos belongs to the monoclinic structure. The color is generally deep, the proportion is bigger, has the high acid resistance, the alkali resistance and the chemical stability, the corrosion resistance is also good. Especially the filter performance of blue asbestos is better, and it has the important characteristics of preventing chemical poison and purifying the air polluted by radioactive material. Distinguish between serpentine asbestos and amphibole asbestos is put into a mortar asbestos, chrysotile felt mess, fiber is not easy to separate, amphibole asbestos after grinding easily into many small fibers. Iron free asbestos is white, iron containing asbestos in different shades of blue.

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