Anti Insect Net different mesh green house

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Insect Net

Effectively restrain the intrusion of vermin's larva, cut off the pass of vermin's propagation, conquer the abuse of chemical pesticide, Anti - insect and disaster effectively, suitable for shading and windbreak. It is the expert net for green vegetables.


base  fabric

Fabric  Weight

Uv.  Content

Temperature  range


80gsm  up to 200gsm

Standard  Weight: 80gsm, 110gsm, 125gsm

0.3%  or 0.5%

-40  ~ +80oC

 Mesh No. : 12mesh to 50mesh
 Width : 1m、2m、3.6m、 4m
 Length : 50m、100m、200m


- Being aneffective protection against insects like white fly, etc.

- Helpingreduce the use of phytosanitary products against insects/plagues.

- Allowingmaximum ventilation in hot seasons.

Packing: rolls on cardboard tubes& wrapped in plastic.

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