Aluminum Brazing Furnace CNBM from China

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Quick Details

  • Model Number: nb
  • After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

  • Type of furnace: mesh belt conveyor type continuous furnace

  • Max. operation temperature: 350

  • Normal operation temperature: 150~250

  • Heat source: electric heating

  • Temperature control: proportional integral derivative(PID) control with thyristor

  • Effective width and height in furnace: W1050 x H300mm

  • Outline dimensions: 6000(L) X 2140(W) X 2230(H)mm

  • Outer layer: steel plate welded structure (width thickness of 4mm)

  • air volume: Q=6064m3/h

  • total pressure: P=693Pa

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:bare in container, one 40' container
Delivery Detail:within 4 months after receivng down payment


Aluminum Brazing Furnace
1) PLC: famous brand from USA
2) Inverters & touch screen: Delta brand from Taiwan

 This aluminum brazing furnace is in the role of the protection of nitrogen,using a non-corrosive flux brazing automotive aluminum intercoolers,water tanks,automotive air conditioning condenser,evaporator,warm air water tanks,aluminum oil coolers, etc.

1) Continuous brazing flux sprinking device; Flux mixing, supply and aeration devices

2) Drying furnace

3) Brazing front room

4) Welding furnace

5) Water cooling room

6) Brazing rear room

7) Cooling device

8) Water&nitrogen supply device

9) Electrical control system




1.Continuous flux sprinkling unit                   1 set

   General outline dimensions: 4500(L)x1450(W)x2750(H)mm

   Effective width of belt conveyor: W1000mm

   Max. opening dimension of the unit: 1100(L)×400(H)mm

   Variable speed range of the belt conveyor: 100mm~1000mm/min, controlled by an inverter

   Power of drive motor: N=0.75KW

   Total weight of the unit: 1500kg



2.Drying furnace         1 set


Type of furnace: mesh belt conveyor type continuous furnace (with belt conveyor width of 1000mm)

Max. operation temperature: 350ºC

Normal operation temperature:150~250ºC

Heat source:electric heating

Temperature control: proportional integral derivative(PID) control with thyristor

Effective width and height in furnace: W1050×H300mm

Outline dimensions: 6000(L)×2140(W)×2230(H)mm


3.Heating furnace

Type of furnace: mesh belt conveyor type continuous furnace

Max. operation temperature: max. 650ºC

Heat source: electric heating

Temperature control: 6 zones, proportional integral derivative(PID) control with silicon control

Temperature rise of brazing furnace:The temperature should increase and decrease as per the procedure to protect the muffle cavity from distortion.

Effective width and height in furnace: 1050(W)×300mm(H)

Outline dimensions: 6000(L)×2140(W)×2230(H)mm



4.Electrical control

4-1Electrical control cabinet

(1) with 3 cabinets arranged in a row at the middle of the equipment

Electrical switch, voltage meter, current meter, electromagnetic open-close unit, subsidiary relay, indication light, etc.

Thyristor unit                                   used for drying furnace2 sets

                                                         Used for brazing furnace12 sets

(2) Oxygen concentration meter (USA)                 1 set

Type: 3000TA

Measurable range: 0-10/100/1000ppm.O2

Sprinkling pump: CDX200/12 (Italy)1 set


4-4Brazing furnace temperature control cabinet


5.Water, electricity and gas consumption of the unit


Body of equipment


Equipment capacity


Cooling water


Pure water

Depending on the output


Dew point  below -62°C

The impurities in the nitrogen supplied to this unit should be within the following values:








Equipment supply capacity

Consumption volume



*Cooling watercirculated water usable



l PLC: famous brand from USA


l Inverters & touch screen: Delta brand from Taiwan


l Buttons, knobs and indicating lamps: famous brand from Korea


l Approaching switch: famous brand from Korea


l Small relays: famous brand from Japan or Korea


l Liquid leveler: from Korea


l Others: famous brands from domestic


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