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(1)All kinds of stairs


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Q:School staircase guardrail height standard
3.9.1 There are no windows outside the platform or platform, such as the height of the ground from the ground lower, prone to child fall accident. This section requires protective measures when the window is less than 0.90 m above the ground. Effective protection height should ensure that the net height of 0.90m, from the floor (floor) surface 0.45m below the table, cross railings and other easy to cause unconscious climbing can be tread, should not be included in the high net windowsill. General Principles for the Design of Civil Buildings GB 50352-2005 6.6.3 balconies, corridors, indoor corridors, inner patio, rooftop roofs and outdoor staircases shall be provided with protective railings and shall comply with the following provisions: 1 railings should be made of sturdy, durable materials and capable of withstanding the horizontal load specified in the load specification; 2 when the height of the air below 24m, the railing height should not be less than 1.05m, the height of 24m and 24m (including high-rise residential), the railing height should not be less than 1.10m; Note: The height of the railing shall be calculated from the floor height of the floor or roof to the top of the railing armrest. If the width of the rail is greater than or equal to 0.22 m and the height is less than or equal to 0.45 m, it shall be calculated from the top of the step. 3 railings from the floor or roof 0.10m height should not be left blank; 4 railings, nursery, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools and children's special activities of the railing must be used to prevent children climbing the structure, when the use of vertical bar to do railings, the rod clearance should not be greater than 0.11m; 5 cultural and entertainment buildings, commercial services, sports buildings, landscape architecture, etc. to allow children to enter the activities of the place, when the use of vertical bar to do railings, the rod clearance should not be greater than 0.11m.
Q:3dsmax 2010 spiral staircase, staircase riser gray can not be modified, how do? Default 12 steps
The outdoor staircase with a permanent roof shall be calculated as 1/2 of the horizontal projected area of the building's natural layer. In other words, if the outdoor staircase has 3 layers, the top of no shelter like roof, the staircase is open, the top layer is not a permanent cover, not the building area, the second and the first Layer is a permanent top cover (the next floor is the next floor of the roof), then the building area is the level of two-story stairs horizontal projection area of 1/2, the other layers of analogy.
Q:What is the meaning of the staircase out of the roof? Our teacher also asked to make it ≥ 2200mm
Generally by the width of 0.3 meters, the most accurate design of 0.15 meters. It is also convenient to use, and there is specification of width specification. First, the number of stairs, location and staircase form should meet the requirements of easy to use and safe evacuation. Second, the net width of the ladder should be in line with the provisions of the fire, the daily traffic for the main staircase ladder should be based on the characteristics of the use of buildings, generally per person flow width of 0.55 + (0 ~ 0.15) m number of people , Should not be less than two shares flow. Note: 0 ~ 0.15m for the flow of people in the swing of the human body, public buildings, many places should take the upper limit. Third, the ladder change direction, the platform armrest at the minimum width should not be less than the net width of the ladder. When the need to carry large objects should be appropriate to widen. Fourth, the progress of each ladder should generally not exceed 18, nor should not be less than 3.
Q:What are the conditions for setting up a smoke staircase?
6.2.1 A class of buildings and buildings with a height of more than 32m in addition to the modular and corridor-style residences and tower-type houses shall be fitted with smoke staircase. The setting of the smoke staircase should meet the following requirements: Stairway entrance should be located at the entrance, balcony or corridor. the area of ​​the front room, public buildings should not be less than 6.00m2, residential buildings should not be less than 4.50m2. The doors in the front and staircase shall be Class B fire doors and shall be opened in the evacuation direction.
Q:Building floor height of 3.8 meters, the length of the staircase to be reasonable?
General residential staircase height of 150-170 or so (more suitable for 150mm), the width of 270-350 or so (usually 300mm).
Q:The height of the indoor staircase railings
Third, the other staircase handrail installation precautions 1, the staircase handrail height of the algorithm: from the stairs to the stairs or roof to the top of the staircase handrail vertical height for the staircase handrail height calculation. 2, the vertical bar between the railing should not be greater than 11cm, especially at home with children. 3, railings from the floor or roof 10cm height should not be left blank.
Q:My world 1.7.2 how to put up the stairs
This look at your position You are in the next thing that is down
Q:Staircase handrail specification requirements
Want to buy, you can come to Guangzhou Yue Sheng metal, where the iron is very complete, and the quality is also very good
Q:2-story building area above the need to build two evacuation staircase?
Fire-resistant grade four-story public building can be set up a safe exit conditions: the second layer of the number of not more than 30 people
Q:Stairway smoke and smoke
Section 8.2.1: In addition to building height of more than 50m of a class of public buildings and building height of more than 100m of residential buildings, by the external walls of the smoke staircase and its front room, fire elevator front room and Combined with the former room, should adopt the natural way of smoke. (This type of natural smokation measures shall not be used for buildings of more than 50 m and other high-rise buildings over 100 m)

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