Air Conditioner KFR-35GW R22 Gas Air Conditioning

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Guangdong China (Mainland)



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Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioners





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MK Red



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Packaging Detail:MPN/OEM/Neutral Packing
Delivery Detail:45-60days


  1. R22 Gas Air Conditioning
    2.TOSHIBA & HITACHI Compressor
    3.Self dignosis ,LED display
    3.Anion generator


Product Description


Range from 9000btu to 24000btu


Main Features:

  • Brushless DC compressor motor, DC indoor and DC outdoor fan motor

  • DC Inverter 1800 Sine Wave

  • 1W standby, energy saving

  •  Integrative design

  •  High Shining Panel

  •  Louver position memory function

  •  Refrigerant leakage detective

  •  Low ambient cooling

  •  Mono & Multi compatiable

  •  12 grades indoor fan, 5 grades outdoor fan

  •  Silent mode

  •  Anti-cold-air function

  • Auto Restart Function



1) Intelligent control and display technology
2) Wide voltage design
3) Dual air guide plate technology
4) Memory functions
5) Sleeping mode automatic control
6) Audio prompt diagnosis on failures
7) Timed switch-on and switch-off


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Q:What is the power of general household air conditioning?
Several different power are different. Generally can be determined according to the 1 kw/horse, such as 1 piece of air conditioning and refrigeration power will be about 1 kw; Two horses air conditioning refrigeration power will be about 2 kw. Standard of consumed power in air conditioning nameplate with annotations.
Q:Air conditioning heating principle is what?
Household air conditioning heating, the refrigerant compressor pressurized, outdoor to become a high temperature and high pressure gas, into the indoor machine heat exchanger (condenser) at this time, condensing liquid exothermic, become liquid, will heat the indoor air at the same time, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of improving indoor temperature. And reduced pressure liquid refrigerant through the throttle device, into the outdoor heat exchanger (evaporator) at this time, evaporation vaporization heat absorption, become gas, at the same time absorb the quantity of heat of outdoor air, outdoor air become more cold). Become a gas refrigerant entering the compressor start again the next cycle. It is a process based on the above, the realization of the heating and air conditioning.
Q:Household went on a air conditioning is worth to buy? Is out of date?
If the sitting room buy domestic outfit ark is now obsolete, can choose went on one of the central air conditioning, prices are similar to those of the ark. The gree electric appliances has patents for more than 8000, of which more than 2000 patent inventions, independent research and development of the temperature digital multigang unit, high efficiency dc inverter centrifugal water chillers, multi-function floor heating household central air conditioning, 1 hz frequency conversion air conditioning, ultra high constant speed compressor, refrigerant R290 environmental protection air conditioning, double frequency compression technology and a series of "international leading products," fill in the blank of the industry.
Q:Could you tell me, what are the main household air-conditioning pipe material?
Air conditioning pipe now main trend is pure copper and copper aluminum tube, specific have the following The pipe (normal connection tube) Aluminum tube or copper copper joint weld over (aluminum tube with a copper pipe welding) Aluminum package copper tube (ACC tube, an outer aluminum inner copper, copper aluminum is metallurgical combination between the integration of the new pipe material, more suitable for air conditioning unit.)
Q:How to install home air conditioning (hang up) in the car
Outside the machine is special for auto air conditioning compressor, driven by the engine. Inside the machine into a 12 or 24 power supply
Q:Yituo two air conditioning worth buying?
At present, there are two types of air conditioning market yituo 2 air conditioner, the two went on the structure and properties of two there is a big difference, they tube through yituo 2 and false yi tuo 2, consumer is when the choose and buy must pay attention to: * true yituo two air conditioner structure has two independent power supply, compressor, its two indoor machine and compressor can be run separately, each other. Cooling effect is good, cold quantity distribution uniformity, but the price is higher.
Q:How to choose home air conditioning
To service and technology, the price is the same important position. Air conditioning as an "intermediate", this should only be used after the installation and debugging, and in the future, during the use of air conditioning service should also accompany always. So-called good service, is refers to the pre-sale, sale and after-sale one-stop tracking service all the way, also including continuously launch innovative services, such as clean installation, security, distribution and other patent services. Now many big brands have "six years repair kit" is put forward, namely 6 years free maintenance service for the user, there are even companies have put forward the slogan "life-long free maintenance service
Q:The demolition of household air conditioner?
Call the manufacturer to call home appliance stores The society also has air conditioning switching
Q:Why didn't air conditioning dehumidification function?
When the sun comes out when the weather is good, open the doors and Windows to let the wind of indoor air convection is one of the best is better than air conditioning, environmental protection and health, why want to use air conditioning?
Q:What is the high pressure and low pressure air conditioning? How to measure?
Refers to the pressure, inlet gas with back hanging air conditioning can be in commonly add fluoride mouth detection of low pressure process

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