866 Wheel Loader ZL60F/Manufacturer CE,20 years

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China main port
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1 set
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1000 set/month

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1.Use of the upper and lower hinge,turning radius is small,turned to a flexible,easy to operate. 


2.Widely used in construction sites,mixing station feeding,brick,battle field,as well as mine,port cargo loading and short-distance transport.


3.Use of steel frame structure,increasing the overall strength.


4.Power-shift gear box ,universal good,stable and reliable.


5.Use of engine,power large,low fuel consumpution,good for environment.


6.Increasing the engineering machinery special drive axle,wheel-side planetary gear reducer,a strong ability to overcome obstacle.

866 Wheel Loader ZL60F/Manufacturer CE,20 years

866 Wheel Loader ZL60F/Manufacturer CE,20 years

Technical Specifications of ZL60F:

866 Wheel Loader ZL60F/Manufacturer CE,20 years

Company informaton:

866 Wheel Loader ZL60F/Manufacturer CE,20 years

866 Wheel Loader ZL60F/Manufacturer CE,20 years

866 Wheel Loader ZL60F/Manufacturer CE,20 years

866 Wheel Loader ZL60F/Manufacturer CE,20 years


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