4.0 mm ARC solar glass( patterned or float glass)

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1 m²
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300000 m²/month
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4.0 mm ARC solar glass 

4.0 mm ARC solar glass  mainly used on solar panel because ofits super light transmittance rate. Solar panel is

a thin layer ofoptoelectronic semiconductor which converting solar energy into electricity. Byconsidering its efficiency,

we are using High- transmittance and low reflectionglass for its panel. This high strength glass maintains the best

image qualityby elimination unwanted distortions with the advanced optical technology.






Light transmitance



self cleaning


solar module,PV module,water heater,led  street light,etc.

payment terms

40% TT in advance,balanced before shippment  .


whitin 15 days after receiving the  deposit


pallet ,carton or wood case all   available .




smooth ,clear and flat surface


1000square meters


Ningbo or shanghai1.Reply your inquiry in 24 working hours.

2.Customized design is avaliable ,OEM is welcome .

3.Delivery the goods to our customer all over the world withspeed and precision.

4.Offer customer the products with good quality andcompetitive price .

Q:There is a foil, affixed to the glass, outside the people can not see the inside of the situation Inside the people can clearly see the outside, does not affect the lighting, this film is transparent This film is a foreign technology, the domestic now also have to introduce but not many people, mainly posted on the window, to protect privacy. Especially the glass of the building paste the effect of this film is better, you can better protect privacy, it should not be said that the car repair shop that kind of membrane, because this film in the last two or three years from abroad to introduce technology. This film called what name, where you can buy, manufacturers can also. The The Know the master, trouble to speak in detail, do not mean that few words
American Bekaert architectural glass film.
Q:maybe 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch and 5 feet length, 2 or 2 1/2 feet height, and 2 feet width. I can't really find any pricing on websites so I came here.
Call a glass shop--in the yellow pages under "glass" and ask them. You haven't given enough detail for anyone here to be able to tell you, even if we did know what prices are in your area.
Q:I have seen the prices of custom size aquariums and thought it might be cheaper to do it myself. Does anyone know where I can get the glass or acrylic to construct a fish tank? Can I just get it at Home Depot or something?
no tempered glass will shatter in to peaces if a rock or something hits it cuz it dosent have pvb like laminated glass dose so laminated glass would be better cuz if a rock hits it it will just crack and not shatter so if i had to make a fish tank i would chouse laminated cuz it dosent shatter i mean would you relly want your fish to die cuz your fish tank shatters and if it cracks at lest you have time to get your fish out and have time to get your fish tank out of a room or where ever it is out befor it makes a mess and would you relly want to clean up millions of pices of glass hope this helps
Q:Can anybody suggest some artist who work relate to building, especially glass building?
Hunh? Repost this with more clarity. Are you talking about sculptors, painters, or something else? Are you talking about glass artists including sculptors or flat glass artists that do stained glass, fused, mosaic, or blasted/etched glass? Many artists do outside sculpture intended to work in relation with a building from landscape, roof, or courtyard.
Q:How is the sun room insulated?
Awning. Shade cloth Shade sun foil. 4. Shade bamboo curtain. Folding awning advantages: winter removed, the sun came in. Disadvantages: trouble, high cost. Shade cloth advantages: free to install. Disadvantages: with magnetic buckle, asked the sun room material, metal class. Shade sun foil Advantages: paste up do not have to back and forth is not cumbersome. Disadvantages: a little light block, the room was dark. Shade bamboo curtain advantages: low cost, simple, the original ecology. Disadvantages: ash, bad care.
Q:I was doing architectural glass film, would like to take a government building project, but do not know where to start?
Find out whether the film is a contractor or the development side of the project, that side is to find which side, are now low-cost contract.
Q:I have a chinese water dragon. He is still a baby but I'm looking to build him a bigger cage as he will grow to possibly three feet in length. I've searched the net for ideas on his cage and I'd like to use glass or plexi-glass on the sides and front of the cage. Even though I've looked at all the youtube videos I can find and any free plans I can find, I can't find a good way to build doors with glass, or plexi-glass, in them. I might just go with a sliding door but I'd prefer a door or two similar to a cabinet door. The opening is most likely going to be about 4 feet high. I also can't figure out how to attach the side, glass/plexi-glass, panels.I have basic tools but I don't consider myself a great carpenter. In other words, it needs to be simple.Any suggestions/help would be wonderful.
Have you considered scrubbing it with disinfectant, then spraying a sealant over the top of the current paintjob and then once that has fully cured, then re-repainting it to the colour you want (in a paint that won't harm your pet) ? it's the best idea i have.
Q:What is the difference between screen printing glass and glazed glass? The What is the difference between product performance, production methods, what is the difference
Generally speaking, most of the silk screen glass refers to the glaze glass, such as car glass around the black flowers, as well as architectural glass of various colors or ribbons. Architectural glass up to fake glaze glass is the paint glass, the main difference between the two main performance in the firmness - color glaze can not be scraped with a blade, paint can; color glaze never change color, paint will change, and even peeling off.
Generally, the recipe will tell you. Any drink "on the rocks" is built in the glass over ice. Any muddled drink is generally built either in a pitcher or the glass. Any drink ordered stirred is built in the glass. If a drink has soda in it, it gets built in the glass. Tom Collins, Whiskey sours, Amaretto Sours, Long Island Iced Teas, and Mint Juleps are all popular drinks that are build in the glass. Martinis and Cosmopolitans are probably the most popular shaken ones.
Q:LOW-E Insulating Glass Price (6 + 6A + 6)?
LOW-E insulating glass prices (6 + 6A +6), online 6LOW-E + 6A +6 doors and windows with Nanchang and Hunan Zhuzhou ex-factory price 165 yuan / square meter curtain with 170 yuan /

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