3 Fold Portable Office Lounge Bed Adult Siesta Bed Folding Bed

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Product Description:


Material: Sponge + Metal

Product size: 180x60x26CM 71x23.6x10.2inch

                          180x70x26CM 71x27.5x10.2inch

                          180x80x26CM 71x31.5x10.2inch



Packing case: 70x62x30CM 26.4x24.4x11.4inch





Gross weight: About 15kg33lbs

Net weight: About 14kg30.8lbs

Bear weight150kg330lbs

Type: Three fold bed, with wheels

Color: coffee, grey, blue



VERSATILE FOLDING COT – Accommodate your guests, have your kid’s friends for a sleep over, or make a quick setup even in the office to catch your noon snooze.

The combination of multi-layer structure makes the bed strong: skin friendly fabric, comfortable sponge, wooden board and stable steel pipe bed frame, without worrying about the collapse of the folding bed, which is stronger than Oxford folding bed and can bear 330 pounds


With 4 pulleys which make the folding bed more convenient to move. I have to praise this design, which saves time and energy, so that you can easily enter the lunch break.


COMFORTABLE MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS – Made from high-density, super-soft, and 1.2” thick breathable memory foam the 23.6”x71”x10.2” size foam folding cot contours to the shape of the body and can accommodate people of various heights for ultimate comfort!


EASY TO ASSEMBLE – The roll away bed can be assembled within several minutes - just unfold it and you are ready to go. The folding mattress comes with a clip to hold it tight when not in use fits the frame perfectly.


Package Content:


1 x Folding Bed


Installation package



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Q:I have the TV on, and they are showing commercials about those beds that each side of the bed can be at your comfort number. In every case, the man has wanted a softer bed than the woman. And my BF thinks my bed is too hard.So, do you generally like a hard bed, or a soft bed, and which is your gender?
The sleep by number air bed is fabulous! We have had ours for years, we also have a 1memory foam on top which makes it very plush. He likes firm, I like pretty firm. I highly recommend this type of bed so you have a win win situation! :D
Q:What size does the 1 meter mattress mean?
A meter mattress generally refers to the size of the 100*200cm.
Q:What's the height of the master bedroom?
Generally about one meter on it, but the first floor and negative floor must be higher, in order not to damp. If the room is a little damp, it can be moderately elevated, but psychologically speaking, a high bed gives a sense of security. Suit yourself best. Now some beds can be adjusted. If the individual is more tangled, you can buy a high and low, every day is a different height
Q:the headboard is for a queen size bed.
Malm Headboard
Q:Which is better, fabric bed and solid wood bed?
Advantage:1, back comfortable, more suitable for half lying in bed reading, watching tv;2, beautiful appearance, you can change the shape of the design.3, the price is relatively low, generally bed frame + mattress + full bed,
Q:its his second bed and now, after a week, it has couple of holes where he was digging into. how do i stop him from biting his bed when i am not around most of the time he does..thanks!
Have you tried spraying it with Bitter Apple? One of my own dogs ripped the heck out of 3 dog beds until I used the Bitter Apple. This did break him of his destructive doggie bed habits. Good Luck!!
Q:I am in need of a plain white loft bed! I don't need one with a desk or a futon or anything else underneath! just a plain, white loft bed. Also my ceilings are only 8ft. so it can't be too tall! All links to specific beds or stores to find one are appreciated! Thanks in advance(:
My ceilings are 8 feet, too! I've been on a loft bed search for a while, and while the Ikea loft bed is too tall for me, I have found a really nice and perfect sized loft bed at Walmart! Take a look at the link in my sources.
Q:What do you mean by "floor mats for bedstead"?
Use wooden side to put on the shelf, the surface is covered with wood block, in wooden board on the floor, you can do leisure or bed, height is generally 20 cm. What's the length and width of the decision?.
Q:I'm am hoping to decorate my room a pop art marilyn monroe and i cant find a double sized bedding of marilyn monroeCan anyone help?Thanks
Get a big Marilyn Monroe print for above your bed, then choose one of the colors in it for your bedding. It won't look overdone, and will be easier to find. Go with lots of bed pillows, all from that color pallette.
Q:Would it be hard to maintain and keep clean a white covers or bed spread?
depends.....is it use much ? jon x

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