25mm White PVC Foam Skirting Board/Sheet

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China main port
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500 m²
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10000 m²/month
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Product Description:


High density polyethylene price .
1. good quality 
2. virgin material 
3. high performance 
4. excellent hardness

Product Description

  • Weldable/Bendable - suitable for fabrication

  • UV Resistant - Black only

  • Physiologically inert - approved for food applications (Natural only)

  • Electrical insulation - it is a good insulator

  • Weatherproof - it doesn't absorb water

  • Chemical resistance - resists corrosive chemicals (e.g. Sulphuric Acid, Caustic Soda)




Sheet is widely used in tank building and container building, waste water chemcial porcess inductry. For food Industry the cutting boards, Butcher Preparation table etc.




Products we offer, as following


1.  Sheets

 25mm White PVC Foam Skirting Board/Sheet

Thickness(mm)Length X width(mm)ColorMinimum orderDensity(g/cm3) 
2-100mm1200X2400mm, or1000mmWhite, black or as required500KG0.96-0.98


Product pics:   

 25mm White PVC Foam Skirting Board/Sheet

2. Rods/ Bar

Diameter(mm)Length(m)ColorMinimum orderDensity(g/cm3)   
10-300mm1000mm or as requiredWhite, black or as required500KG0.98

25mm White PVC Foam Skirting Board/Sheet



Q1: Are you a factory manufacturer or a trade company?

 What are your product ranges? Where is your market?

A: we are manufacturer specializing in stationery and plastic packing products in highly quality 

and competitive price with over years,such as file folder,file bag,gift bag,closet organizer ,

packages of cosmetic and other daily necessities, they are mainly famous ,



Q2:  If the products have some quality problem ,how will you deal with it?

A1:  If the quality problem caused by us, we will provide a replacement service,and we must keep in mind. 

Take measures to control quality strictly,we adhere to the principle: “ quality first”.


Q2:  Could you provide samples?

A2:  Yes, We provide free samples for customers, but customer shall bear the freight charges or negotiate about this.


Q3: Is free design assistance available  for clients? 

A3: If you have problems in designing or beautifying the customized product, 

we will offer you the best design assistance.


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Q:What are we up to?
Are you wrapping the toilet seat again with plastic, pouring syrup on it adding the feathers?
Q:I want to install Solar PV cells to produce electircity for domestic use. I believe there is a new plastic material that converts light energy into electricity for domestice use This material can be used as sheet to cover the entire house roof to make use of the light that falls on the roof. Where can I get this type of light plastic PV material and what will will it costPlease advice Thank you
It must be fun to believe things that all evidence shows not to be true.
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get a job!
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Tinted Plexiglass
Q:I remember it as large plastic sheets with one side textured. I'm seraching for some for a project. Where can it be purchased? And if you know off hand, how does the cost compare to sheetrock?Thanks in advance,Patrick
Since you have gas to the home, a small gas space heater or small wall gas furnace would really be the best solution. Gas costs about half the price of electricity for heating. So pay back time would not be long, maybe a single season. But I realize with the loss of one income money is tight. Heating with the stove is a very bad idea. A stove is not vented. Even with cooking with a stove you should run the fan and have a window open, as advised. I have seen stoves set off carbon monoxide detectors from cooking a stew or pot of beans for a long time on low with no outside air or fans running. In my motor home we have a propane gas catalytic heater that was cheap and didn't need a vent. But I am not secure how safe that really is. But you might be able to find a small gas heater that will work for you. Good Luck.
Q:Does a sheet of plastic under the bed correct bed bugs?
wrap it up with plastic wrap but a bunch of bug bombs and alcohol to spay everything down
Q:Hi, I have a CD with the plastic sheet of cd (the side usually with designs on it) torn and some parts missing. Will my data be affected? Any remedy to salvage my CD?
If its torn and some parts are missing, the underside very well could be damaged. The only hope is to try it out on a cd reader. If your data is damaged, I'm not sure what to do....try repairing it with a CD Cleaner......but I don't know that will fix it for sure. If its gouged, theres no hope for saving data.
Q:My house is 50 years old and is lacking in insulation in the garage ceiling. Above the garage are bedrooms. Currently there is 3 of fiberglass with an aluminum vapor barrier within a 2x10 joist. I'd like to put R-30 fiberglass in the cavities but the 25' rolls of insulation are unfaced and the faced R-30 rolls are only in 48 batts. 4' sections are easier to put up but that is not a concern of mine.
Yea you can do that .Get a good stapler to ad hear the plastic to the wood. No stapler , Use Tacks. or even nails..
Q:Can I silkscreen grafix to ABS plastic? On the haircell textured side?
DO the usual, silkscreen to vinyl then overlay it on the plastic.
Q:Pink fiberglass insulation comes either faced or unfaced. On DIY shows on TV, I almost always see people using unfaced insulation and putting a sheet of plastic visqueen over the studs, rather than using faced insulation and not needing visqueen. Which method is better?
Visqueen Plastic

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