10 inch PP Melt Blown liquid filter Cartridge 1~100 Micron

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Item specifice:

Material: PP Filter Micron: 1~100 Micron

Product Description:

Product Description

 PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge is fusing and intertwined of polypropylene resin without any chemical glue. The cartridges are glued at random to form 3D micro pore which will make the cartridge 3 layers with fine fibers in surface and coarse fibers and deep filtration. As the fiber and density form high filtration rating and pollutants holding capacity on diameter of filter cartridge, low pressure drop, gradual changing deep filtration structure with loose outside and close inner, strong pollutants holding capacity, it can remove contaminant effectively, such as suspended substance, particulate and rust, providing efficient filtration and long service life. The hairy surface increases the resistance to the liquid flow, which makes the filters has better dirt holding capacity.



* Drinking water treatment


* Food and beverage


* Electronic


* Industry water treatment




Three layers structure cartridge offers high dirt holding capacity ,longer service life


*  Formed by thermal bond without using any binders and adhesives


100% Pure Polypropylene will not cause any pollution to water


 Hairy surface makes the filters has better dirt holding capacity.


Technical Parameters

 10 inch PP Melt Blown Cartridge liquid filter 1~100 Micron

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Q:Is the water purifier good?
Can also filter the residual chlorine in tap water and so onThe patent number for covering manganese sand filter material is (national invention patent No. ZL 3135571.4)
Q:How do you do with the small filter in a fish tank? Is there any other way besides changing one?
Hello, I am glad to answer for you:Fish tank filter force is small, power is small, there is no other way to make it increase power. Only according to the fish tankThe size to buy filters. I hope I can help you. If you are satisfied, please accept me. Thanks
Q:What's the difference between a double filter and a mechanical filter?
Main technical parameters of multi media filter JZ-2800Working pressure: 0.1MPa~0.6MPaOperating temperature: 5 ~ 90 DEG C (special temperature can be customized)Single flow: 0.5m /h~125m fand fand /hMode of operation: manual or automatic controlProduct specifications: 167~ Phi Phi 3200Filter speed: 5m/h~12m/h, maximum 15m/hJZ-2800 features of multi media filter1 porous media filter widely used in water treatment process, can be used alone, but most are as advanced water quality treatment (exchange resin, electrodialysis, reverse osmosis) of pre filtration.
Q:What do you need for filter supplies on the back of the aquarium?
Sea water and fresh water are different. Water quality is hard, water quality, soft material is also different.
Q:OSPF can filter type-3's LSA, and ask: can other types of LSA filter too? Thank you
Filtering, such as the 3457 class of LSA, when the 5 class is completely forbidden, the 4 class of LSA will naturally be filtered. The 7 class is not filtered into 5 classes after being filtered on the ABR
Q:Can the side filter tank be added with other filters?
You have to see the proportion of the filter drum to the whole cylinder capacity, usually not unless you require extremely high filtration
Q:How much does the water supply filter consume in one year?
How much is the tap water filter? Does the tap water filter work? Add water filter, so it's normal to install tap water filter. Look what type you want ~ probably general
Q:Can you use the RO membrane directly to clean the water? That is, it doesn't go through other levels of filter film.
The use of RO membrane reverse osmosis system must have a pretreatment, the purpose of pretreatment is to ensure and improve the operation efficiency of the reverse osmosis system.
Q:Filter cotton for nitrifying bacteria, is it good or something else?
Now I first placed upper 6 layers of filter cotton, mainly used to filter water objects, convenient cleaning. The use of thick black sponge, second still placed thick black sponge, usually placed third lattice water pump, no waste, the thick black sponge cut into 2 cm *2 cm in the box, the greatest degree of nitrifying bacteria attached to create space. Water quality is good, only cleaning cotton filter for 3 years now. Change 1/4 water a week, 380 kg water tank, 120 kg water filter, replaced a pump during the period. This environment is the biggest stocking, a silver dragon (40 cm long), a lucky (35 cm long), a pig nosed turtle (25 cm long).
Q:What are the filtration supplies in the aquarium?
Too much, generally speaking, can be divided into three categories. Physical filter material, biological filter material, water quality regulating filter material.Each has a different material.

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