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The specifications for geotextiles used in geotextile wraps for pipe culverts typically include factors such as the material type, weight, permeability, tensile strength, and puncture resistance. These specifications ensure that the geotextile can effectively separate the soil from the pipe, prevent clogging and soil infiltration, and provide adequate support and filtration.

Geotextiles contribute to the stability of landfill slopes by providing reinforcement and erosion control. They are placed within the slope to increase its strength and prevent soil movement. Additionally, geotextiles help in reducing water flow, minimizing erosion, and improving the overall stability of the slope.

The geotextile requirements for pavement applications generally include high strength, durability, and resistance to puncture and tear. They should also have excellent filtration capabilities to prevent the migration of fine particles into the subgrade. Additionally, geotextiles used in pavement applications must be able to withstand the construction process and provide separation and stabilization functions to enhance the performance and longevity of the pavement structure.

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