Wireless RF Video Audio Transmitter COFDM 30-100W

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Item specifice:

Brand Name: Safe Guard Model Number: SG-80H Frequency/Video: 300-800MHz/(optional)
Power Supply: DC12V 7.8A / AC220V 5A Impedance: 50Ω Customization: All features can be changed as your prefer!
Modulation: COFDM AV Interface: BNC (no audio in/out) Size: 400*230*160mm or other size
Weight: 8kg(2U chassis) RF Power: 30W/50W/80W/100W(option)

Product Description:

SG-30H/50H/80H is a Big RF power device special design for vehicle NLOS mobile digital image transmission. Using standard 19 inch 2U dimension appearance that very conveniently for car, boat fixed installation. Support one channel image and two audio channels. Its large rf power that depends on its long range distance transmission. Suitable for Car to car, boat to boat, vehicle to fixed station, boat to fixed station, helicopter to fixed station Which can be also as a repeater, can up to 100km LOS/NLOS distance if work with omni-directional antennas.

Wireless RF Video Audio Transmitter COFDM 30-100W

Main Feature

1. Common video interfaces, connect to an ordinary analogic camera directly.

2. Water-proof, AC 220V(can be ordered 12-28V for solar power interface), adopted different cores in order to distinguish from other interfaces, prevent from destroying the equipment by accident.

3. Use Support LOS and NLOS transmission,mobile or stationary monitoring.

Product Parameters

RF Indexs



RF Power


Transmit distance

100km max LOS distance/50-60km NLOS in suburb

Power Supply

DC12V 7.8A / AC220V 5A

Output level

30W / 50W /80W /100W (option)

Frequency stability




Phase Noise @10KHz


Audio Index


BNC (no audio in/out)

Audio output

600Ω balance/0.5v unbalance



Frequency response

50Hz to 15KHz(+/-0.5dB)

carrier frequency




FM Noise


Video index

Video Output

75 Ω unbalanced, 1.0Volt P-P

Differential gain


Differential phase






Other Index

Work environment





400*230*160mm or other size


8kg(2U chassis)

Product Application

  1) Boat to base station

 2) For police patrolling

3) Vehicle PTZ control

Wireless RF Video Audio Transmitter COFDM 30-100W

Wireless RF Video Audio Transmitter COFDM 30-100W

Wireless RF Video Audio Transmitter COFDM 30-100W

Antenna installation diagram:

Wireless RF Video Audio Transmitter COFDM 30-100W

Our Services

One year free warranty;
Three months for free spare parts (Replacement parts will be charged after a year);
24-h technical guidance;
One-stop ODM/OEM solution;
We provide professional system design and construction;
We have over 15 years experience's study, design and manufacturing in wireless microwave transmission area;
We are the professional plant source,so we can provide you high quality in best price.

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You this simple ah, you go to the trade and Industry Bureau for a business license, communication technology, this can be
Q:Does security monitoring belong to electronic products? What kind of goods does he belong to?
Sell separately, as an electronic product.In the project, do the weak electricity equipment or security equipment.
Q:How to be a security minister
Three, responsible for the legal education work of the company staff and the handling of public security incidents;Four, responsible for the company's regional key areas of regular security inspections, and do a good job of fire prevention, anti-theft, anti damage, disaster prevention and control of the "four anti" work;
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Qualifications, these are not all a process well. I need the program, inquiry, equipment and equipment.
Q:Intelligent security and smart home profit space which big?
Security monitoring system components - security monitoring system is a growing attention of new professionals, the current development of view, the application of more and more popular, scientific and technological content is getting higher and higher. Almost all high and new technology can promote its development, especially the advent of the information age, but also to provide an opportunity for the development of the profession. But as far as the monitoring industry is concerned, the system composition has not been clearly divided, which makes communication between the engineering company and the user talking about the security monitoring system very inconvenient.
Q:How does the security monitoring system go through the line?
Bright dark line details: bridge design is reasonable, to ensure the appropriate cable bending radius. When the upper and lower sides are around the other line grooves, the slope of the turn should be gentle, and the key point is that the cable at both ends will sag. After the force is applied, the cover plate can also be laid on the premise that the cable is not damaged.On line process is mainly control the tension, the tape reel cable, at least two suggestions to arrange for a worker to scroll in Guyed pole homemade, line end workers first pulled out a part of the cable from the scroll box for the pipeline in the pre, the other end of pre extraction. Pull out of the line can not be too much, to avoid entanglement with a plurality of lines on the ground around.
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Security qualification mainly refers to the engineering qualification of security engineering. The application and standard of security intelligence is based on the security industry development situation and requirements, by China CSPIA (hereinafter called anxie) on self-discipline is one of the main form of enterprise file security project launched the qualification evaluation system.
Q:General security monitoring, construction costs accounted for the total amount of equipment?
3., security monitoring, construction costs accounted for the total amount of equipment, it is difficult to negotiate, ranging from 15%----20% consultationTax, if the customer wants to vote, the total equipment price plus 4.83% of the construction costFinally, the total equipment, construction costs, taxes together, that is, the total price
Q:How many lines are there in the security monitoring system?
You can't control the camera lens, only video cable and power line,If the camera does not rotate, just two linesVideo cable and power cordAdd signal control line if rotating

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