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1000V DC surge arrester
1.For PV system lightning protection
3.PE connection

1000V DC surge arrester


UsageSuitable for new energy solar power generation system
Protection degreeClass C
Un1000V DC
Uc1100V DC


1. Plug in/out style surge protective device.

2. The color of visible window shows operating status.

3. Double protection of over-heat and over-current.

4. Have remote signal accessory, realize remote control.

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Q:What are the functions of security decoder, the main function and principle?
The device that controls these actions is called a cloud mirror controller, also called a decoder. Coupled with the control keyboard control device can control the servo device more, with the monitor consists of a simple monitoring system. With the development of. Decoder can be placed inside the pan (built-in decoder), and control equipment interface is generally RS-485, the commonly used communication protocols are: PELCO-D, PELCO-P, AD/AB, YAAN and so on.
Q:Security monitoring.The security monitoring platform often appear. How to deal with the phenomenon?
Network platform, network platform, may be the network bandwidth, the bandwidth is not normal will cause the image lag or jumping.
Q:What is the future of the securities industry?
From the public security application, the traditional key position, industry users, business users, and gradually expand to the safe city, digital city, emergency management, environmental security, information security, social security and other fields Home Furnishing, but the civilian market is far from the outbreak. In 2011, China's civil security market has been close to 14 billion 400 million yuan, but only the total output value of the security market of 6%, while the United States that the international leading security market, the civilian market value accounts for more than the total output value of 50%, the world average of around 10%.
Q:How to be a security minister
Seven. Responsible for the management of the doorman;Eight, responsible for the work of the local public security organs and judicial departments, please guide the work, and actively assist the public security organs and judicial departments to deal with criminal cases within the company;Nine. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader;
Q:What's the outlook of the security industry?
Overview of 40 years' development of anti TechnologyAt the end of November 2011 I went to Shenzhen to participate in the Shenzhen Expo security, see a lot of companies hit the slogan "HD era", "security industry entered the era of high-definition" etc.. If it is to do some video surveillance enterprises say it, but I saw a lot of media also said "this is followed in the HD exhibition theme" HD "era coming now is that there is something wrong. For a time, give the user an idea, as if now the security industry mainstream technology is "HD", the remaining problem is "HD era" has arrived, or will come, not yet determined.
Q:Intelligent security and smart home profit space which big?
The security monitoring system, according to the different functions of system components, the whole security monitoring system is divided into seven layers: presentation layer, control layer, processing layer, transport layer, execution layer, support layer, data acquisition layer. Of course, because of the increasing integration of devices, for some systems, some devices may exist in the system at the same time as multiple layers.
Q:How does the security monitoring system go through the line?
Bright dark line details: bridge design is reasonable, to ensure the appropriate cable bending radius. When the upper and lower sides are around the other line grooves, the slope of the turn should be gentle, and the key point is that the cable at both ends will sag. After the force is applied, the cover plate can also be laid on the premise that the cable is not damaged.On line process is mainly control the tension, the tape reel cable, at least two suggestions to arrange for a worker to scroll in Guyed pole homemade, line end workers first pulled out a part of the cable from the scroll box for the pipeline in the pre, the other end of pre extraction. Pull out of the line can not be too much, to avoid entanglement with a plurality of lines on the ground around.
Q:Security industry sales channels?Security market in unlimited expansion, security products become hot
In the QQ propaganda security products need to have good writing ability, communication and patience, remain modest and courteous manner, supporting by QQ storage space for all kinds of security products and information security technical implementation plan and other security equipment, so that customers in a better understanding of security products can also understand that other security security equipment company. Communicate with other security colleagues in the QQ group, be polite, make a good impression on others, show your sincerity and honesty, so that your trust will be strengthened. Master all kinds of security related knowledge, in exchange with security counterparts, but also increased their knowledge of security. Say, do not know and cannot customer exchange, are not clear or are not ready to accept either course of words, blowing from base to false, good at helping others, answer the security QQ group inside other security issues raised by the positive peer, it can not only increase their popularity and their security products is also a kind of invisible propaganda. For a long time people will according to the degree of knowledge you master and attitude to judge your product is good or bad, and your status in the QQ group also increased, such as the QQ group who needs the procurement of products will first think of you. Conclusion: to treat others sincerely, they are always happy. Help others is to help yourself, do their own, they will do everything. Second, using e-mail products to promote. Using mail to promote marketing products, not just security industry will do so, other industries will do so, but also a kind of e-commerce marketing.
Q:What are the main contents of the management of security facilities in rural credit cooperatives?
(a) love job, safekeeping escort items, serious and responsible, to ensure the safety of.(two) strictly keep secrets. To perform their tasks and important items in time and location, number of routes should be kept strictly confidential, to disclose it to anyone; do not discuss matters with the escort in public or phone.
Q:I just started, is to do security monitoring project, I do not know how to start living running project,
You can not start the business, first with the line related to do a few years, and so on to find a routine, there are contacts and experience, and it is not too late! Now you go blind, and there's no sense of direction

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