Explosion-proof isolation seal box Vertical type Y type cast aluminum alloy

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Item specifice:

Metal: SS carbon steel Type: explosion proof sealed connnector Certification: ce ccc 9000
External Size: Three way Surface treatment:: Machining/polishing/spraying/zinc pla type: Y Y Type Steel casting Sealing Connector

Product Description:

Explosion-proof isolation seal box Vertical type Y type cast aluminum alloy

Scope of application:

Widely used in oil drilling, oil refining, chemical industry, military industry and other places of dangerous environment for the use of wire, cable connection bending;
Applicable to the explosive gas environment 1, 2 places;
Suitable for combustible dust 20, 21, 22 area place;
Applicable to A and B Ⅱ Ⅱ, Ⅱ C explosive gas environment.
Product features:
Cast aluminum alloy or cast steel shell;
Use pipe thread connection;
Sealing, explosion-proof performance is good

1. Material : 

  • general material: carbon steel, stainless steel , alloy steel, cast iron

  • special material: aluminium, brass, ductile iron 

  • other material as per clients' requirment on castings

2. Casting method:

  • Lost wax casting method: water-glass investment casting ,silica sol investment casting

  • Shell mold casting with precoated sand

  • other casting method as per requirment , such as forging, stamping, sand casting 

3. Surface treatment:

  • Machining. The roughness can reach 3.2 μm after the rough castings are  machined 

  • Zinc plating/galvanized

  • Powder coating

  • Spray painting

  • Chrome plating

  • Phosphating

  • Blackening/black coating

  • Or as per clients' requirement 

4. Service DCI offer for clients:

  • strictly complete casting production process

  • accurately inspection systerm during -after the casting process before deliverying out from DCI factory

  • highly qualified after-sales service.


Explosion-proof isolation seal box Vertical type Y type cast aluminum alloy

Explosion-proof isolation seal box Vertical type Y type cast aluminum alloy

Explosion-proof isolation seal box Vertical type Y type cast aluminum alloy

Explosion-proof isolation seal box Vertical type Y type cast aluminum alloy

Explosion-proof isolation seal box Vertical type Y type cast aluminum alloy


Explosion-proof isolation seal box Vertical type Y type cast aluminum alloy

Explosion-proof isolation seal box Vertical type Y type cast aluminum alloy

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