explosionproof flexible conduit for electric cable protection hose

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Material: PVC package: as the customer's request Protection level: IP65
certification: ccc ce iso

Product Description:

explosionproof flexible conduit for electric cable protection hose

Yes, it works. However:


What if your cable is made to have connector of each end, and the connectors is too big to go through the tool?


What if you have a huge amount of cable and conduit (maybe thousands or hundred thousands meter!)  that to be assembled together, and you don't have enough time and people to finish the work, not event your cable manufacturer?


What if I tell you that we have a professional team and workshop that could help you solve all these problem, save your labor cost and time?



explosionproof flexible conduit for electric cable protection hose

explosionproof flexible conduit for electric cable protection hose

explosionproof flexible conduit for electric cable protection hose

explosionproof flexible conduit for electric cable protection hose

explosionproof flexible conduit for electric cable protection hose

explosionproof flexible conduit for electric cable protection hose

explosionproof flexible conduit for electric cable protection hose


explosionproof flexible conduit for electric cable protection hose


explosionproof flexible conduit for electric cable protection hose

explosionproof flexible conduit for electric cable protection hose


1.Poly bag for each conduit 

2. Woven bag for 20 pcs SS conduit 

3. As client's request.

Explosion proof flexible conduit's application:


²  Explosive gas atmosphere Zone 1 and Zone 2.

²  Zone 20 and Zone 21 and dust hazardous area Zone 22.

²  It is widely used in oil drilling, oil refining, chemical industry, military industry, and other dangerous environments; and marine oil platform, oil tankers, and other places.


Explosion proof flexible conduit's features:


²  It have the high impact, aging-resistant, fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant, good flexibility and solid joint.

²  The length of flexible pipe can be production according to the customer's request.

²  It is suitable for GB3836, IE60079, GB12476.1, IEC61241 standard.

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According to the above classification: housing, buildings, machinery, equipment, transport equipment, electronic equipment, and so on. Therefore, the security monitoring system belongs to the electronic equipment!
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Security system integration engineer is required to have professional security construction experience, mainly engaged in system construction, project construction work. Is a chivalrous Security Engineer, need to have engaged in computer systems integration, security systems, access control card systems, building intelligent systems and other projects, with a wealth of on-site construction management experience, and so on.
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The scope of security is relatively large, out of surveillance, there are perimeter alarm, intrusion detection systems
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The country has the standard of electronic product certification, Baidu library has, you can see, in accordance with your questions, must be 3C certification.
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Q:What are the security devices?
4. background music and broadcasting5. explosion prevention and security inspection6. parking management7. patrol
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