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three phase 40kA thunder protector
1.Discharge current:20-40kA
3.IEC61643-1 standard,CE certificated

three phase 40kA thunder protector


In household distribution box,computuer equipment,information equipment,electronic equipment and in the socket box in front of control equipment or near the control equipment


1. Module can be replaced no need power off

2. Max. current of endure the lightning stroke 10kA.(8/20)

3. Response time less than 25ns

4. Red and green color show working condition


Rated operating voltage Un(V)230V
Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc(V)275V
Voltage protection level up(KV)≤1.2
Nominal discharge current In(8/20μs)KA20kA
Maximum discharge current Imax(8/20μs)KA40kA
Response times(ns)<25
Test standardGB18802.1   IEC61643-1
Operating environment°C-40°C~85°C
Relative humudity(25°C)≤95%
InstallationStandard rail 35mm
Material of outer coveringFiber glass reinforced plastic

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Q:District security monitoring center layout?
3, the residential area monitoring center should be equipped with reliable wired and wireless communication tools, when the police situation, should be able to quickly and the scene of the crime and external contacts.4, residential quarters monitoring center and residential district management center merger.
Q:What is the front end product of security?
Front end: for example, you have a project to load the ball machine, one machine, and the like. This is the front end product. Back end: for example, you need to install the monitor, DVR ah, the class is the back-end
Q:What's the outlook of the security industry?
Surveillance lens and storage developmentSurveillance camera seriesAnalog technology video camera of the 70-80: transistor technology, camera, resolution of about 480 lines, basically no digital technology;Analog technology in 80-90, solid chip camera: CCDCMOS camera, the initial resolution of about 380 lines, gradually increased to 510 lines;90-00's IP digital camera with video server: early video encoding for the IP signal, the subsequent development of IP camera based on IP technology, the total number of pixels is about 300 thousand - 450 thousand, equivalent to about 480 line camera.00-10 HD applications: HD IP cameras, based on high-density CCD technology. The total prime number is about 1 million 300 thousand - 2 million;10- digital analysis technology: ultra high definition IP camera, embedded into video analysis, with early warning function, face recognition, object position identification and other digital security cameras;
Q:What subsystems does security include?
Video security monitoring systemVideo security monitoring system (Video SurveillanceControl System) is the use of video detection technology, monitoring intensity area, real-time display, electronic record system or network scene image.Video security monitoring system referred to here and general industrial or civil TV closed-circuit television system is different, it refers to the security for the purpose, through video detection, video surveillance, control, image display, recording and playback of the video information system or network for monitoring area.
Q:How about the acceptance report of security monitoring?
Too little registered capital, I feel bad! Just do it like a general company! Different products, suppliers are not the same
Q:How to quote for security monitoring project
Finally, there's the tax, you didn't add itIf you think the profit is low, each can be adjusted accordingly, of course, the most standardized is in accordance with the fixed rate reported, fixed quote, then other costs should be added at about 40-50% of equipment costs.
Q:Monitoring security equipment, how to find dealers online, agents?
Two schemes:1, looking for sales, go to the city to find agents, because the big ones are in the city; and more concentrated, publicity, the speed must be fast!2, to security network, such as: Hot security network, HC network, etc., these are more security network platform, that can also expand your product awareness.Of course, the city agent is a bit difficult, once done, the pace of development is amazing. The town plan, can let the county people do to use your product, because the county people consider the use of new products to do the project, the profit space is relatively large, big brands in the low-end products prices are transparent, looking at is a mouth to live, no meat, are not too happy. You can take advantage of this opportunity to enter.
Q:Security monitoring project 755 transmission distance can reach 500 meters?
Coaxial cable diameter of more than 0.9CM can reach 500 metersNow you are talking about 75-5 lines, what is the specific situation, if the 75-5128 national marking, no problem75-596, that's dangerous
Q:What are the sales knowledge and skills of security monitoring?
Security monitoring sales, you must understand the security industry as a whole industry prices and trends, as well as product features and advantages. Industry trends are aimed at customers at the market level, and the product features are technical for the customer. Grasp these two points, you can do security monitoring sales.
Q:How do security control engineers get it?
Students to complete the course, by the Ministry of information industry electronic Talent Exchange Center issued a "national information technology engineer certificate" issued by the State Ministry of personnel, professional and technical personnel of knowledge engineering of "653 project" training certificate

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