Wireless bluetooth handsfree head phones for car,better than car kit and easy receive call

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Wireless Phone for Car/ Bluetooth Handsfree





1, Firm-styled design,stereoscopic and concise; 

2, Can be used for two cell phones,stereo blue tooth sound with music playing function; 

3, Chip of British technology and A level battery with protection board;

4, 10 meters` spectral range ensures high qualified communication; 

5, Voice prompt .



Wireless Phone for Car/ Bluetooth Handsfree

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Q:How long does the cordless phone stand on a landline (charger)?
Although cordless phones are no longer using rechargeable batteries, they are more convenient to use than they used to be.But I've been selling cordless phone batteries for years. Today's so-called cordless phones really don't compare with the old ones. If it's a cordless phone right now, I don't think my batteries will sell. Now, people come to see me every day.Battery heating, as long as it is not too hot, if the heat can not touch even touch, it is best to change the phone bar
Q:How many meters is the cordless phone effective?
The application of DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) cordless phone, the maximum distance is 300 meters, the use of 1.9GHz frequency, at present, some businesses known as their products using 2.4GHz frequency DECT technology, is not in fact the European DECT standard! But according to DECT standard production, the actual transmission effect is only half the DECT remember, third! With digital telephone DECT used only 1.9GHz band, Mo JS when!
Q:Do you have any special rechargeable batteries for Panasonic cordless phones?
The reason is the increase of internal resistance of Ni MH battery at the end of each charge, the internal chemical reaction occurred joint electrolytic water so that the internal pressure increased, although most of the gas can be combined into water, but in the case of high pressure, there will still be a part of the gas safety valve through the overflow. Over time, the water shortage on the inside, and the following steps to teach you to repair;1, after the battery is removed, the positive and negative pole is shorted from 3 to 5 hours;2, open the safety valve. Four small holes in the head of a battery, with pins or other sharp objects.
Q:Which brand is the furthest distance to use?
The Radio Regulatory Commission of our country stipulates that the effective distance of cordless telephone is 50 meters. It is illegal to exceed this distance, especially imported. They do not meet the requirements of our country, and use the outdoor antenna. Cable television in my home was seriously disturbed by the computer in 1990, and later it was checked out by the localizer.
Q:What is a cordless phone?
Or what is called a master slave machine?. A landline can be wirelessly connected to 1 to several sub machines. No line, no number, and must be connected to the switchboard via a landline. The utility model has the advantages that the household can conveniently answer the telephone in several rooms without the limitation of the telephone line and the earphone rope. Usually the distance is about 100 meters.
Q:Which brand is good for cordless phones
Brand words, SIEMENS, Siemens, BBK, Panasonic, Panasonic, CHINO, CHINO-E, TCL, PHILPS, PHILIPS these are good, are some of the old brand, and buy it can be assured of it. In the good brand network good-best that also has 10 cordless phone brand ranking, if there is time, you can also go to the query to see ah.
Q:How far is the distance from a cordless phone? Why not go further?
Gigaset unique digital voice conversion technology, to ensure that the voice signal in the transmission and receiving process without loss; larger call range, more suitable for modern large space home pattern.Is the key to Gigaset is pure German brand, its predecessor is the phone industry leader SIEMENS, after the integration after the launch of new cordless phone brand, quality, technology, health and other aspects of far more than domestic telephone brand
Q:What about cordless phones ?
1., when buying a cordless telephone, it should be installed according to the instruction manual. The cell phone is charged on the charging seat and charged enough for a long time to use the code. This should be the case with a new battery. 2. in cordless telephones, the communication between a landline and a cell phone is carried out by radio waves, and most household appliances interfere with the airwaves. As a result, cordless telephones should be installed away from televisions and microcomputers. The AC power supply of a cordless telephone can not share a power outlet with an electric motor product, such as a refrigerator, a washing machine, an air conditioner, and a microwave oven.
Q:Does the cordless phone signal conflict with the WiFi wireless network signal?
UnableReason:1, the frequency is not the same, and WiFi and cordless phones are encrypted in the signal, and one is the transmission of single voice, and the other is the transmission of network information.2, in addition, many electronic devices are subject to interference test and network access.
Q:How does a cordless telephone connect with a fax machine?
The cordless facsimile system includes a cordless facsimile device, a portable unit, and a landline connected to the PSTN for wirelessly connecting the cordless facsimile device to the mobile unit. The portable unit sends a telephone recording command to the cordless facsimile device in accordance with a telephone recording order entered by the user. The cordless facsimile apparatus upon receipt of the RF signal receiving phone call records command is sent between mobile and landline telephone call and the unit corresponding to the RF signal received by the speech signal, the speech signal is converted to voice data and voice data stored in memory. At the same time, a telephone call replay process is carried out between the portable unit, the cordless facsimile device and the landline.

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