Wireless bluetooth handsfree head phones for car,better than car kit and easy receive call

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Wireless Phone for Car/ Bluetooth Handsfree





1, Firm-styled design,stereoscopic and concise; 

2, Can be used for two cell phones,stereo blue tooth sound with music playing function; 

3, Chip of British technology and A level battery with protection board;

4, 10 meters` spectral range ensures high qualified communication; 

5, Voice prompt .



Wireless Phone for Car/ Bluetooth Handsfree

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Q:What is the difference between digital cordless telephone and analog cordless telephone?
Analog cordless telephone is used in analog signal transmission, the same, and signal transmission radio so affect the propagation of signals between the sub machine and machine, the user will often hear the broadcast voice call, resulting in call clarity affected. 2.4G digital cordless telephone adopts digital coding, ultra high frequency carrier, the quality is very clear, regardless of the distance between the machine and the plane, the call can be guaranteed as clear. Any 2.4G digital cordless phone has a better clarity than the clearest analog cordless phone.
Q:What's the difference between an analog cordless phone, a master slave phone and an ordinary home wired telephone?
A home wired telephone is just one landline, one receiver, and no wireless phone.
Q:How about a cordless phone for SIEMENS?
After taking up the sub machine, press the button a green color, it is on the key, and then dial the number, after the call hang out according to the green color of the same key; if the mother directly picked up the microphone, hands-free or press the button, and then dial the number you can, after the call hang or microphone press the handfree key again.
Q:The home was originally a cord with a rope telephone, now how to change cordless telephone use, you can not change
That is, the telephone and the plane can be separated, do not call the telephone beside the plane.
Q:The working principle of the call between the master and slave computers of a cordless telephone
A cordless telephone is also called a master slave machine. It consists of two parts, the host computer and the slave computer. The host computer is connected with the local telephone network, and the host computer and the slave computer are connected by radio mode, so that the sub machine can dial or receive the user in any 1 of the calling network at any time in the effective range.
Q:What's the right number for a BBK cordless phone?
If the simulator is very simple, as long as the handle machine on the host number of seconds (like charging way), you can see the host lights quickly flicker, said the success of the code. If the indicator blinks slowly, it means the code is not successful;
Q:Does the cordless phone need to be recharged all the time?
Battery maintenance method:1, each time fully full use of electricity, reduce charging times, improve battery life.2, do not completely discharge the battery, usually less than 10% of electricity need to charge.3, use the original charger charging, do not use universal charging.4, mobile phone charging process, do not use mobile phones.5, do not charge too much, after the battery is full, stop charging.
Q:Does the host of the cordless phone have a wireless host?
Cordless phones refer to the use of wireless phones for mobile calls, but the host must have a telephone line connection, or else where is the phone signal coming from?.Some cordless phone hosts are small, with a rechargeable seat is better, and if you ask the host is relatively small, you can consider this cordless phone.
Q:Is the master phone and cordless telephone the same kind of product?
Different conceptsThe master slave refers to a host with one or more sub machines, the host may be wired or wireless, and the sub computers are wireless. Between host and sub machine, between the machine and sub machine can transfer and call.
Q:How does a cordless phone pair code ?
If the simulator is very simple, as long as the handle machine on the host number of seconds (like charging way), you can see the host lights quickly flicker, said the success of the code. If the indicator blinks slowly, it means the code is not successful;

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