Wireless Phone for Car/ Bluetooth Handsfree

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Wireless Phone for Car/ Bluetooth Handsfree





1, Firm-styled design,stereoscopic and concise; 

2, Can be used for two cell phones,stereo blue tooth sound with music playing function; 

3, Chip of British technology and A level battery with protection board;

4, 10 meters` spectral range ensures high qualified communication; 

5, Voice prompt .



Wireless Phone for Car/ Bluetooth Handsfree

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Q:What about BBK 101 digital cordless phones?
If it's a digital machine, you need to find the submenu below the menu to find the meaning of "'register'", that is, "registration.". Then, in accordance with the meaning of the display of the machine, press the host's "page" or "intercom key" for a few seconds, the general register of successful buzzer buzzer sound, while the opportunity to show'Registered, indicating successful registration.
Q:Has the charger for cordless phones been plugged in all the time? Is it harmful to batteries?
In this way, the battery damage is very large, increasing the number of battery charging, resulting in shorter battery life.
Q:How does a cordless telephone connect with a fax machine?
The cordless facsimile system includes a cordless facsimile device, a portable unit, and a landline connected to the PSTN for wirelessly connecting the cordless facsimile device to the mobile unit. The portable unit sends a telephone recording command to the cordless facsimile device in accordance with a telephone recording order entered by the user. The cordless facsimile apparatus upon receipt of the RF signal receiving phone call records command is sent between mobile and landline telephone call and the unit corresponding to the RF signal received by the speech signal, the speech signal is converted to voice data and voice data stored in memory. At the same time, a telephone call replay process is carried out between the portable unit, the cordless facsimile device and the landline.
Q:Which brand is good for cordless phones
Currently, cordless phones have entered many homes, and more homes are ready to buy cordless phones. There are many types of cordless phones on the market, and the functions are various. When choosing, you should choose according to the actual needs.
Q:How does a cordless phone pair code?
Cordless phones are analog and digital. The two phones have different codes.If the simulator is very simple, as long as the handle machine on the host number of seconds (like charging way), you can see the host lights quickly flicker, said the success of the code. If the indicator blinks slowly, it means the code is not successful;
Q:How can I cancel the PHILPS cordless phone?
When a user calls the user B, users can receive telephone switch B sent a caller user phone number and other information and display the telephone number; the other is off hook state (offhook), namely the user a and B is on the phone, the user and the user call C B, B when you hear the message at the same time, the user can receive audio C phone number, then B can choose according to need to call.1, the telephone must have caller ID function or install caller ID.2, you need to apply for business before you can use.
Q:Does the frequency of the cordless phone is high or low?
The frequency is high, can use the shorter antenna, the antenna length and the wavelength are direct proportion, the frequency is low, the penetrability is better, but the antenna will be long. The frequency of indoor radio calls is higher now.
Q:What should I do with the cordless phone searching?
Look at the mobile phone and the parent is not too far away, if the distance is too far, the mobile phone can be close to the machine.
Q:How to use a digital cordless telephone?
It doesn't bother to watch news, movies, and so on, but if you're playing Q, it's very awkward to stand up. In fact, you can either pad a book or put a pad underneath. In general my advice is to pad a book is revealing a speaker can afford to buy leather, if it is better to buy a headset to solve voice problems. Add plus, sing a long time machine will be very hot
Q:How do I switch the cordless phone to the phone?
Cordless telephone you the model I have not used, I used several cordless phones, according to the experience, if the extension or the host answer, want to switch to another machine, usually don't hang up the phone, press the INT button inside the call, this time another machine will answer the bell, switch over.

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