2015 Smart bluetooth handsfree speaker car kit ,HD voice,mini bluetooth speakers

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Product Description:



Portable Audio Player,Mobile Phone

Special Feature:


Place of Origin:

Guangdong China (Mainland)



Operating Frequency Band:

2.4GHz ~ 2.48GHz

Talk time:

up to 16hours

Standby time:

up to 1600hours

Charger time:


battery capacity:



MP3 / MP4 Players


1 Years

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Carton dimensions: 47.0*27.5*32.0CM Qty per carton: 50PCS Net weight: 12.0KG Gross weight: 13.0KG
Delivery Detail:15working days


Dual connected wireless speaker phone HF-810
1.HD voice+ voice prompt
2.dual connection
3.bluetooth 4.0

Dual connected wireless speaker phone HF-810













Product features:




1.Compatible Bluetooth Specification V4.0+A2DP;

2. Operating Frequency Band: 2.4GHz ~ 2.48GHz unlicensed ISM band

3.Support Headset and HandsFree profiles

4.Support Multiple paired,and support two link.(Meory Up to 8 Bluetooth Phone can be paired);

5.Integrated with echo cancellation and Noise suppressor;

6.Built in speaker and microphone;

7.Report call number when the call come in;

8.Auto answer the call when the call come in.

9.Voice Prompt.
10.Talk time: up to 16hours

11.Standby time: up to 1000hours

12.Charger time: 2~3hours


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Q:What is the difference between digital cordless telephone and analog cordless telephone?
Cordless phones are now more than just a communication device, but part of home decor. Compared with analog cordless telephone, the appearance of 2.4G digital cordless telephone pays more attention to the fashion elements in the design, increased the analysis of user psychology, each with a 2.4G digital cordless telephone is very stylish and beautiful, can be very good to reflect the user's personality and characteristics.
Q:Cordless phone batteries are a bit hot
1. Direct sunlight,2, mobile phone circuit board or battery problems,3, mobile phone use too long, or run too many software. You know, the computer used for a long time will be fever, and there is a special cooling fan, and we need to run the smart large screen mobile phone software so much, CPU also concentrated in so small a place, will also be not at all surprising a fever.
Q:How far is the distance between a BBK and a PHILPS cordless phone?
As long as the villa is not large, ordinary residential duplex building is no problem, but the farther the distance, the more obstacles, the power of electromagnetic waves will be greater, the more serious radiation Oh!
Q:What about China Telecom cordless phones?
Cordless telephone is a wireless duplex mobile telephone device that can enter PSTN. It consists of a landline connected to the PSTN subscriber line and one or more handheld cordless telephones that perform the function of the ordinary telephone within a defined range. Is a very practical communication equipment.
Q:Can fiber fixed phones be converted to cordless phones?
Of course, many cities now offer cordless phones for unlimited use. If the fiber fixed line tariff is too high, you can reapply for cordless fixed line, but the number is generally not transferred.
Q:Why cordless phones are made from NiMH batteries instead of lithium batteries?
The lithium battery is more fragile, more not overcharge protection circuit and the use of off the shelf is also too simple (just off protection). Even with the protection of overcharge protection, voltage is too high (usually 4.3V or higher, as the last protection measures to be used), and the protection, need to reset is available, it is not suitable for use in here.The solution is to make use of TL431 DIY, a precise high performance regulator tube. Among them, Vref=2.5V, select R1=68k, R2=100k, you can do VKA=4.2V, and the characteristics of very steep. Before reaching 4.2V, the current is very small. Once it reaches 4.2V, it is stable at 4.2V. The excess current is absorbed by TL431, and the maximum absorption capacity is 100mA. The regulator is connected to the battery in parallel to ensure that the battery voltage is no more than 4.2V. Before the battery voltage reaches 4.2V, the circuit has no current flow, and all the current flows into the battery.
Q:Charge time of PHILPS TD6816A cordless phone
These do not have a certain view, buy it is for the sake of living more convenient, don't pay attention to it intentionally, use in the home also 2 years or so time want to change a battery. Also, the charger voltage 9 volts, this is to work for the use of the plane, the charger has been step-down. Rest assured.
Q:Do you have any special rechargeable batteries for Panasonic cordless phones?
The model of this battery should be model HHR-p104, nickel hydrogen battery 830ma, 3.6V.Nickel metal hydride batteries are often used in digital cameras. After a period of time, the capacity of nickel metal hydride batteries has been attenuated. How to repair Ni MH batteries at this time is a critical issue.
Q:Why don't cordless phones use telephone lines
Cordless telephones are generally used in conjunction with fixed line telephones. A fixed machine is used to access the local telephone line, and the fixed machine is used as the task of relaying and forwarding
Q:How to use a digital cordless telephone?
The wallet, the leather case, the plastic case have been used and will be blocked as well. In fact, if you are not too expensive to spend about 30 to buy a wallet with a folded mobile phone is very good, is to sing when you estimated to run other applications.

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