GSM900 cellphone signal repeater booster full kits

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To expand signal coverage of GSM900 which signal blind areas where signal is weak or unavailable.
A cheap and immediate solution that would allow them have clear phone calls or higher speed broad band.
No more dropped calls ! No more poor reception !
No more runing to the windows or going outside to talk on your mobile phone !
Now you can reach everywhere with signal boosters!
1. 300~1500 square meters indoor coverage.
2. Frequency bandwidth of 900MHZ.
4. Full-duplex mode (improvement of out coming and incoming )signal.
5. Low power consumption and avoid to interference to BTS.
6. LED indicate and judge to signal level of uplink and downlink.
7. Compatibility with CE and RoHS standards .
8. Supports up to (30) users / calls simultaneously.
Indoor coverage : 300-1500 m2
Frequency Range :890-915MHz  935-960MHz
Up-link Gain: 60dB
Down-link Gain: 65dB
Output Power UL: 20dBm, DL: 20dBm
Band Flatness: ≤±6
ALC: 31dB @ 1dB step
Time Delay: 1 us
Spurious Emission: Out-Band ≤-36dBm
Power Supply: AC110V~220V to DC+5V/2A
Working Temperature: -25 to+55 C
Humidity: 5-95%
1. Repeater unit with power supply.
2. Fiberglass outdoor antenna.(    Optional)
3. Panel indoor antenna.(Optional)
4. 5m and 15m RF cables.(Optional)
5. A manual.

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Warranty covers replacement within 12 months.

2. All returns must have an RMA number before they are returned to us. If product is received without an RMA number
it will not be processed.

3. You must place the item(s) including all accessories to be returned in protective packaging (shipping box) with bubble
wrap and make sure that the item(s) do not shake or rattle. Items that are sent in envelopes and incorrect shipping
containers will be refused and returned at your expense.

4. All unauthorized, no reason, etc. returns are subject to 10% restocking fee.

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Q:How many repeaters can Ethernet use at most?
Due to the effect of transmission line noise, carrying digital signal or analog signal can transmit information in a limited distance, repeater function is regenerated and sending the received signal, thereby increasing the signal transmission distance. It is the simplest network interconnection device that connects two or more network segments of the same network. If the length of the cable Ethernet Repeater often use bus standard, thinnet each maximum length of 185 meters, up to 5, thus increasing the repeater, the maximum length of the cable network can be increased to 925 meters. In general, the network at both ends of the relay is a network segment rather than a subnet.
Q:About wireless routers and repeaters.
For stability, it is recommended to connect the cable line as a wired bridge.Map convenient, do wireless bridging, or WDS. But it's not guaranteed to be comfortable.
Q:How does the tplink wireless router set up a relay?
Sub router and main router login, IP in the same network segment must close the former DHCP service, in different network segments must open the former DHCP services.
Q:What does wireless relay mode mean in routers?
Set up a wireless router (1), computer connected to a wireless router: a wireless network is enabled by default wireless router, and the password is not set, so the computer's IP address, can be connected to the router with the computer through the wireless way. Scan the wireless network with the computer's wireless network card, and then click the connection when you find the wireless network name of the router. (2) login TL-WR700N management interface: enter "" in the browser, enter the login account number and password admin/admin, open the management interface of the router. (3): run the setup wizard, click on the left side of the "Wizard" -- > "next". (4) the work mode selection: select the "Repeater mode" -- > "next" interface settings in the work mode, (5), wireless settings: click "scan", find the higher the router SSID (recorded in the first step, and then click "connect)". Set with the router TL-WR941N the same encryption and password - > "next" (6), click the "reset", TL-WR700N will automatically restart, restart after completion, just set to go.
Q:What's the difference between unlimited wireless trunking and wireless bridging?
Wireless relay and wireless bridging differ mainly in the device operating mode. White spots are the applications. A radio relay can be understood as a device that receives signals from other devices. Re launch with one's own center.
Q:The role of field bus PROFIBUS DP/FMS isolation repeater is also discussed
As far as DP is concerned, a repeater must be added every 32 DP devices according to specifications. The relay acts as follows1, photoelectric isolation signal, 2, can change the topology (if necessary, can produce a tree branch) 3, cut and cut terminal resistance4, to enhance the signal, optimize the waveform and extend the communication distance
Q:Can a relay router break the WIFI code?
If it is to receive signal function (wireless network card) relay router, it is to receive the signal to be amplified and transmitted, in order to obtain stronger WIFI signal.
Q:Is wireless router directly plugged into the Internet?
Switches can be plugged in directly, and routers should be set up.
Q:Wifi repeater can be used as a wireless network card, please master to help explain this knowledge
The wireless network card is the gateway component to receive the WiFi signal. When the signal is received, the received WiFi serial port signal is changed into a parallel port signal to be received by the computer mainboard! To fully understand what is serial and parallel port words, longer you do not understand! You know, wireless routing and wireless network card function different!
Q:What network problems can a repeater solve?
To put it plainly, the two machines are very far apart. Only the cable will be connected. The signal will not be good, so you can use the repeater to connect each segment of the net within one hundred meters

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