3G WCDMA 2100MHz Single Band Mobile Signal Car Booster Amplifier Repeater Full Kits

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Product Description:

· Outside antenna has magnetic feature to mount on the roof of vehicle

· Outside antenna distance should be at least 5 feet from inside antenna

· Recommended to mount outside antenna near rear end of the roof


Wireless Car Booster don’t need the mobile phone to be connected, it would amplify and send

the signals wirelessly inside the covered areas, therefore people can move around to make a phone call,

though they are limited to a 1-3meter radius

1. For Car Use.
2. Frequency bandwidth of 2100MHZ.
4. Full-duplex mode (improvement of out coming and incoming )signal.
5. Low power consumption and avoid to interference to BTS.
6. Mini Size and Good Looking.
7. Compatibility with CE and RoHS standards .


Electrical specification



Frequency Range( MHz)

806821           824849             890915

851866  869894  935960




Band flatnessdB



Output PowerdBm





Group delay(uS


Noise figure(dB)

≤3.5           /        

spurious emission





Working tempreture()


Connector type

□SMA        □N          

Working voltage







1. Booster unit.

2.  External Dual Band Magnetic-Mount Antenna                                      

3. Internal Whip Antenna

4.  12V Car cigarette lighter DC power supply

Warranty & Return Policy:

Warranty covers replacement within 12 months.

2. All returns must have an RMA number before they are returned to us. If product is received without an RMA number
it will not be processed.

3. You must place the item(s) including all accessories to be returned in protective packaging (shipping box) with bubble
wrap and make sure that the item(s) do not shake or rattle. Items that are sent in envelopes and incorrect shipping
containers will be refused and returned at your expense.

4. All unauthorized, no reason, etc. returns are subject to 10% restocking fee.

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Q:A cable line can use two wireless repeaters simultaneously
A's LAN port comes out to connect B's WAN port, sets a fixed IP to B's WAN, then connects B to be possible to access the net, such meets the computer and meets in A is not the same network segment.
Q:Why is a wireless router sent by telecommunication disconnected from the network?
In the secondary router, enter the MAC address of the main router, and set a blocked segment to turn off the dhcp.
Q:Repeaters can amplify several WiFi signals, such as three WiFi in my house, and whether the three signals will be very good!
No, the repeater can only amplify one route WiFi at the same time
Q:What are the layers of routers, switches, repeaters, gateways, bridges and so on?
Network layer - data packet, ROUTER (router or three layer switch: exclusive bandwidth, segmentation collision domain, split broadcast domain)Transport layer data segment, 4 layer switching: port number, gateway
Q:Why is the repeater full of signals, but not Internet access?
The wireless password spread signal to be input, set up a wireless password here is not new, the next set, page will pop up to view the status indicator reminder, wireless extender lights on the green or orange extended success.
Q:Is the repeater located next to the router?
The repeater acts as an extension signal and increases the signal range, typically from L to a distance from the main router. Generally used to connect with the network, the wireless connection is not mature enough.
Q:What is radio relay and how to use relay?
Radio relay is a high power type transponder.
Q:Schneider cool by routing plug can be used as a repeater?
Enter the wireless settings, open the wireless function, open the SSID broadcast, open WDS, click the scan, select the main router needs to bridge the WIFI. And enter the password to save.PS: if there are a lot of WIFI around, it's better to set a good WIFI name so that you can distinguish between them
Q:Can the wireless repeater amplify the signal output by wire?
Wireless client mode: in this mode, as the equivalent of a line from the upper level router LAN port connected to a line to the lower router WAN but here it is connected to WAN through the Wi-Fi interface all Ethernet cable interfaces are used as LAN.
Q:How to connect the router Tuoshi wireless bridge repeater
Repeater is the extension of the length of wireless signals (not amplified signals), of course, is a wireless bridging function, but the use of different, so the relay can not replace the bridge.

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