white ceramic stone under counter basin 23-inch E-1801

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Material: ceramic countertops

Type : Square Counter Basin

Single washbasin faucet hole : no holes      

Style: Square Large audience pots

Color : Square Counter Basin Origin: Chaozhou

processing methods: sample custom

Specifications : 581 * 400 * 200MM

Color: white Whether the trade : Yes


The new product , the whole surface of the glazing pots , so that the inner wall is smooth hand basin , enhanced cleansing effect. Combined effluent design , excellent performance splash of water ; the overall structure is fully in line with national standards, full of water from the overflow of suitable design , effectively avoid emission, flushing faster, cleaner at the same time , has a good performance Splash .

1. The use of antimicrobial technology , stylish, durable, no radiation , easy to stick dirt, corrosion , clean and always care for the family's health
2. The self-supporting leader, combined with practical home fashion ideas , highlighting the high- grade
3.1270 ℃ temperature firing , fully vitrified , make sure the toilet bright glaze thorough , easy to scratching , cracking and other common brand common phenomenon
4. The ultra-smooth glaze , the glaze layer thickness of 1.2mm or more, crystal clear and full, easy to clean, look as new
5. Set ergonomics, aesthetics , mechanical design , practical in an interpretation of the extreme achievement

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Q:what will be the maximum load on the pair of fixing bolts holding a hand wash basin.?
You have forgotten the other load that is common for a wash basin. That is the weight of the person who is leaning on it or otherwise applying additional load to the bolts. I have also seen some people put some pretty heavy objects in a washbasin, a 50 pound child is one good example. You need to think outside the basin. Or is it inside the basin?
Q:blocked wash basin pipe ?
I would try that again! This time make sure that the pipe under the basin is clean to where you can see down through it. I had a similar problem and snaked the pipes for twenty feet or more and discovered that I hadn't really cleaned out the drain enough where the plunger is connected to the drain closer rod at the top of the basin. This suggestion is already in here but I thought I'd expand on it. Another suggestion is that if that connection is clean, try taking the 'p' trap off and making sure that is clear, then run a coat hanger a few times in the remaining pipe line to break up any clots of hair, gunk etc., reconnect and run hot water. good luck, Thanks
Q:what does basin mean?
ba·sin okorder.com
Q:Bathroom washbasin above the glass and the right side of the cabinet is the smallest total size?
If the location is too small, of course, also consider whether the next can be put under. If the package, just consider the size of the location and your habit preferences
Q:How to remove the hair from the washbasin
1, the easiest way, Floor: to find a used plastic wrap inside the cheese, and then put a few rubber band in the above, and then a few laps in the place where there is hair Bathroom: first wet with water, and then the hair will be stained together, and then sweep the sweep on the line. 2, the straw cut into chrysanthemum-like, scattered, vertical inserted in the outlet, after washing the hair, the straw to put all the hair are done, only from time to time to change the straw can be. Note: straws do not have too long on the line, as long as the spread of the 3, with a waste toothbrush in the ground a roll can be rolled up, thrown into the trash. There are hair out of the ground hair can also be so rolled to a group. Mainly toothbrush will often change, lost also pity, find a loaded tea or other kegs inserted in the inside of the toothbrush, in the corner does not affect the appearance, and very practical! 4, when the bath, with the old stockings wrapped in the mouth of the sewer, it will all the hair are interrupted! This is more practical, but also more environmentally friendly! 5, with a pot of steel ball, pull the hair plug the sink, see the deposition of more, to change one. 6, if you do not want to use hand, you can prepare a clip in the bathroom, a little longer, you can add some plug in the sewer and other places of hair. 7, to prepare a large roll wide tape, then the ground slightly dragged dry a little time in the cut a tape, can be directly stick up, so that the other debris on the floor is also stick up!
Q:Wash basin this water pipe how to take down?
With a live wrench counterclockwise twist the nuts like a hex, hat can be screwed down, the water pipe does not turn, but the nut turn.
Q:How to clean the washbasin bucket spring
Very simple, you can follow the following process: 1, in the basin when the water switch in the pop-up state. Hand holding the bounce of the water switch, counterclockwise rotation, the water switch cover to screw down. 2, screw down, you can rinse directly with water, you can also use a small brush to brush about. 3, the sewer will gather a lot of hair like dirt, and then use small tweezers to sink the hair of the hair and the like are caught out. And then rinse with water. 4, to confirm the rinse, and then the lid of the water switch in a clockwise direction tightening, all OK
Q:Help: wash basin of the water pipe must be facing the outlet?
Nothing as long as the wash basin under the water pipe can be wiped into the sewer on the line [em01] bias does not matter
Q:Why is a wash basin's height limited to 3 feet when most people are 5 feet tall and have to bend to use it?
yet another be conscious for you would be pigme war runt. No. you're wonderful. you're who you're-be happy with that. a genuine lady is going to look into your eyes on the tall guy you're interior. do not situation approximately your top and weight. you're wonderful. i'm constructive there are a number of women who would desire to life you of their hands. Are you searching for a trucker or a physique builder? Ha! Ha! supply up annoying.
Q:What is the length of the stretch tube below the wash basin?
The following telescopic tube is not the length of the standard, the seller will generally sell the wash basin will give you a little longer, after the installation in accordance with the actual adjustment

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