Vacuum Cleaner for Home and Car Wet Dry Car Massaging Kitchen Appliance

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Product Description:

Vacuum Cleaner for Home and Car Wet Dry Car Massaging Kitchen Appliance  

Product Model902Rated Power1200W/1400W
Capacity20LNormal Frequency50HZ
Rated Voltage220~240VN.W.8.2KG
Vacuity≥16KPA1pc short nozzle , 1pc long & square brush , 1pc 1.5m hose, 2pcs plastic tube , 1pc paper bag,
1. 1pc short nozzle
2.  1pc long & square brush
3. 1pc 1.5m hose
4. 2pcs plastic tube
5.1pc sponge filter .

Article Description:

(1) super suction, ultra-quiet design, noise below 63 db. ?
(2) double bypass cooling system, so the machine to work long hours, the motor temperature to maintain constant temperature.
(3) The four-layer filtration system, air emissions of 100% clean, will not cause secondary pollution.
(4) This machine is a variety of attachment configuration, can absorb the dust of the sofas, beds, curtains and other places.
(5) The machine adopts adjustable air bend, wind speed can be adjusted.

(6) The machine adopts the caster design, you can drag in any direction, and user-friendly.

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Q:Can you use the spray and vacuum type rug cleaners with a bagless vacuum?
I would Not use the bagless vacuum, I'm thinking the particles from the spray my get lodged in the intricate parts of your vacuum and do something to it. If the particles are trapped in a bag no damage is done. I'm just guessing.Good luck.
Q:how long is the life of vacuum cleaners suppose to be?
we had one about 12 years ago. It lasted us 12 years. I only got ride of it because all the attachments were cracked and the poor thing just looked pathetic. We have since then gone through a vac every 4 to 6 years before it needed major fixes at the shop.
Q:Lock/Secure/Control Vacuum Cleaner usage?
That is a tough one. I do not know of a vacuum that has a lock built into it. The Miele canister vacuum cleaners have a handle. You can put a bicycle style lock through the handle. You could also do that with a Dyson. The Miele's last really well.
Q:which vacuum is best in 2010?
In my opinion, the Rainbow is the best vacuum ever =) I bought one about 2 years ago I love it. Its very expensive, but so worth every penny.
Q:What do you prefer?
Vacuum cleaners DUH. for bathroom curtains u can always use a towel or some piece of cloth xD lol.
Q:At wallmart or any other store do they sell any steam cleaner vacuums? ?
We bought our steam cleaner vacuum at Target. It's worth the price if you plan on using it at least 3 or 4 times as it cost us around $120. Otherwise I recommend renting one from Lowe's or Home Depot for about $30.
Q:thinking of buying an LG compressor vaccum cleaner, does anyone have reveiws of this product?
i dont have any idea for this but i will recommend u to go for an eureqa vaccumm clnr its more reliable and provides life time service free with no issues
Q:help with vacuum cleaners...?
I love my Hoover Windtunnel. I paid about 125 for it at Wal-mart. It has the rotating hand brush also. Mine is a 12amp also. I noticed that most are 12 amps. Hope this helps. If not you can go to Sears and they will dump stuff on the TEST CARPET and let you try them all out and then see where you can get the best deal.
Q:Quiet vacuum that will not scare my toddler.?
Both of my children had the same issue. My daughter (who is still very noise sensitive at 6) will still go to her room when I am vacuuming. They got a toy one and it helped significantly. I second the bathroom hand dryer thing. Also the automatic toilets still bother my kids. Another thing that helped was letting my children vacuum. I didn't turn it on the first few times, but then they started pushing the button when they were ready. You don't say how old he is, but if he is old enough to try to help, let him. Or just carry him while you are vacuuming. Good luck...They generally outgrow it.
Q:ohahahai, did Noah use dinosaur cranes when building the Ark ?
thats' what the tower of babel was -- a dinosaur crane. since they failed, though, noah had to redo it.

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