UG007 8G Mini PC TV Dongle Quad-Core RK3188 1.6GHz Processor TV Box

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UG007 8G Mini PC TV Dongle Quad-Core RK3188 1.6GHz Processor TV Box 2GB RAM, 8GB Internal SD storage,Top Advantage:
1. Pure high grade Alloy computer case
2. Smart design and Powerful Specification
3. Low Consumption long time stable working
4. HDMI 1080P, Support PXE
5. External HDD plug and play, full I/O support
Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with up to 1.8GHz speed
28nm HKMG process with low leakage and high performance
Quad-core Mali-400 GPU, supporting OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 and OpenVG 1.1, up to 500Mhz
High performance dedicated 2D processor
Full memory support, including DDRIII and LPDDRII
1080P@60fps multi-format video decoder
1080P@30fps video encoding for H.264 and vp8
Embedded 60bit/s ECC for MLC NAND,16bit data width to improve performance
Support MLC NAND Flash, iNAND Flash ,eMMC/SDMMC and USB booting
Dual panel display with multi-layer, with maximum 2048x1536 resolution support
One USB OTG 2.0, one USB Host2.0 interface and High-Speed Inter Chips interface
Support RMII Ethernet interface
Embedded GPS baseband
Package content:
1 * android4.1 mini pc google tv box S400.
1 * User Manual (English)
1 * USB Cable
1 * port converter
1* MicroUSB to Standard USB (male) cable
1* USB charger adapter

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Q:How does a speaker in a home theater system delay adjustment?
Since the surround speakers in the home theater system are usually closer to the audience than the front speakers, the former sounds much earlier than the viewers' ears. The sound of each channel can reach the ear at the same time. The speaker's short distance from the viewer should make it a little longer to make a sound. Both the Dolby digital and Dolby directional logic surround music are managed to make it have an instantaneous electronic delay in the surround sound channel. There are some AV as long as the receiver of each speaker to the audience input, it will automatically set the delay; and some AV receiver users will personally set delay time, a principle is the distance difference of the delay time will be set far too long. Usually, the time delay in the Dolby digital decoder has been set in advance, if you want to fine tune, most devices allow users in Dolby digital and Dolby Pro Logic surround sound patterns in surround delay adjustment. Since the relationship between the two delays is fixed, it is only necessary to set the delay in one mode. If you want to switch to another mode, the ten decoder will automatically provide a suitable delay.
Q:How about the Bose home theater stereo? How about the BOSE stereo?
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General home theater speakers are not HIFI level, restore shock movie, sound effects can also, listening to high fidelity music has a very irritable feeling.
Q:Decoder function in home theater system
Generally speaking, Audio Decoders fall into two categories:(1) a class Hi-Fi audio decoder is used to listen to pure tone, which refers to the CD digital audio equipment One divides into two., remove the disk (Driver CD disc rotating reading part).The main function of the pure audio decoder is to convert the read digital audio information into analog audio signals for amplification and playback by the power amplifier. So, strictly speaking, a pure audio decoder should be called a D/A (digital / analog) converter.(2) the other is AV video decoder, which is usually said in the use of home theater equipment in the decoder, the main role is to record after encoding multichannel audio information for decoding by D/A conversion for power amplifier playback.
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With the rapid spread of music broadcasting devices and DVD players (especially VCD) in China, the Chinese family music equipment has shifted to the home theater. The Market Research Institute of the State Council Development Center and the market research group of household appliances consumer market carried out the research on the market status of China's urban household consumer electronic products from 4 to 2003 in June. The "2003 China City home theater market research advisory report" shows that the purchase of home theater system next year expected consumers accounted for 12.3% of consumers in the next three years China potential market size of about 6 million 500 thousand units, the home theater market still has great development space. However, the brand share of China's home theater market is still low, and there has not been a leading brand yet. With a large number of home appliance enterprises entering the domestic cinema market, the brand awareness and concentration of family cinema industry will be greatly improved, and the elimination of mergers and acquisitions has become inevitable.
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8 speakers, respectively, about the main speakers, around the left and right, around the back and a subwoofer.
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Q:Millet TV 3S 65 how to connect home theater?
Now you just have a sound system, DVD cannot play the film, more impossible to restore the D effect, now you need to add the D signal source (player) and D play with image reduction equipment (D TV or projector equipment), as well as D glasses. Let's talk about the image equipment first. 1:D TV is a generation of dielectric is not too high, but in actual use, because the screen is not big enough to watch movies when the visual impact is limited, especially play D movies, D glasses, images can not be full of view, eyes will see the screen on both sides of outside environment, stereo sense is greatly reduced. Of course, the TV also has a lot of advantages, energy saving, long life, multiple purposes, simple operation, high brightness, the program compatibility, D projector, overall, than D TV is expensive, the effect is a little passable in more than 1W, but watching the film to highlight the advantages: the screen is large enough (according to TV wall size of your home by 1: how to do), strong visual impact, D glasses can obtain more realistic three-dimensional effect of the scene.
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