Thermal Screen for Greenhouse Multi-span Commercial Greenhouse PE Pilm for Agriculture Shade Net

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Product Description:

1, Framework structure of Thermal Screen for Greenhouse Multi-span Commercial Greenhouse PE Pilm for Agriculture Shade Net:

Hot galvanized steel.

This kind of steel has good anticorrosion and antirust effects, which can help extend the service life of the greenhouse.

Greenhouse gutter can be customized according to the rainfall

2, Cover material of Thermal Screen for Greenhouse Multi-span Commercial Greenhouse PE Pilm for Agriculture Shade Net:


4mm, 5mm single layer glass

Double hollow glasss

Thermal screen for greenhouse

3, Application of Thermal Screen for Greenhouse Multi-span Commercial Greenhouse PE Pilm for Agriculture Shade Net:

Commercial: you could build this kind of glass greenhouse for commercial purpose with the classical, elegant performance, good ventilation and viewing features. Such as, restaurant, office building, tourism and so on.

Agriculture: you could buil this kind of greenhouse for your agriculture plants. It can help your crops grow better and then improve your economic efficiency.

4, Outstanding advantages of Thermal Screen for Greenhouse Multi-span Commercial Greenhouse PE Pilm for Agriculture Shade Net:

Good appearence, light transmission, rugged, cooling effect and efficient utilization of land and space and lower heating cost with thermal screen for greenhouse

Complimentary equipment of Thermal Screen for Greenhouse Multi-span Commercial Greenhouse PE Pilm for Agriculture Shade Net

We can provide with not only thermal screen for greenhouse but also different kinds of complimentary equipement to meet your need


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