PE Coating Nonwoven Fabric

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PE Coating Nonwoven Fabric


Details of PE Coating Nonwoven Fabric:


Compostion:1.nonwoven fabric +PE film coating
                   2.nonwoven fabric +PE film +nonwoven fabric
Weight: 45-200gsm
Color: Customized


Feature of PE Coating Nonwoven Fabric:

1. Water-proof,soft
2. Good barrier properities
3. Great mechanical resistance
4.Environmentally friendly,non-toxic,no irritation to skin


 PE Coating Nonwoven Fabric
Application of  PE Coating Nonwoven Fabric
It is widly applied in coveralls, isolation gwons and car covers.It also can be printed and used as wrap.
 PE Coating Nonwoven Fabric


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Q:What is tr fabric?
Polyester / viscose blended with more than 65/35 or 67/33. The characteristics of this kind of fabric is a strong sense of fabric smooth and bright color, hair type, feel good elasticity, good hygroscopicity; but poor dp.
Q:What material is good?
Hemp: a rough, atmospheric feel, not delicate, suitable for outdoor sportsFur: high-grade material, rich grace feeling, narrow scopeWool: comfortable to wear, but not delicate in appearance
Q:What material is the Gong Duan?
The most common satin fabric is striped satin, satin short. For the bar (see photo) extension lines. Adopt the first weave dyeing process, this kind of fabric is usually solid color. No pilling, no fading.There is a satin called satin, is pure, for lattice (see photo).Satin and satin are commonly used as raw materials for hotel bedding. They are inexpensive, luxurious and practical.Satin and satin are used to make the home kit, but far from the popular Satin Jacquard fabric.Jacquard fabric: the pattern on the fabric is woven, not ordinary printing, nor embroidery. Fabric weaving warp and weft of organizational change with the formation of flowers, fine yarn, the needle density is high, use the same shape, do not fade, good comfort. At present, the market is very popular in jacquard satin, bedding, is high grade, grade. To distinguish between good or bad to compare in satin and yarn density.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of Lesel fiber?
Which is the international fiber artificial and synthetic fiber Standard Bureau of collectively by organic solvent spun cellulose fiber, only a few countries in the world to master this new fiber production technology, the global annual production capacity of 150 thousand tons but, there is no domestic industrial production. Shanghai Textile Holding Group and the Donghua University after 6 years of cooperative research, has passed the experimental production plant 100 tons of "Lyocell fiber," the popular products on the market reserve. Soon, the first domestic annual output of 2000 tons which fiber industrial production line in Shanghai Textile Holding Group construction. On this basis, its annual capacity will be gradually increased to 20 thousand - 30 thousand tons.
Q:What fabric is cashmere like?
This product has more vivid and rich colors than natural cashmere. But in the actual dress still can not get rid of acrylic electrostatic problems. Therefore, the market sales of general products have the problem of static electricity, of course, now the benefits of science and technology electrostatic treatment agent can be removed, using negative ion treatment process, that is, the price and the process is relatively strict. Cashmere like acrylic fiber has its unique function of bulkiness and softness.
Q:What are high count high yarn fabrics?
The shirts of high count cotton fabric are comfortable, soft, sweat absorbing, easy to wrinkle, easy to change, easy to dye or discolor. A high quality shirt should be pure cotton at least. As a person who really knows how to dress, you should know how to judge what cotton fabric is really good. The key to the fabric is wearing a life, life, visual perception, washing in skin and other characteristics, the number of the index can only have effect on the material properties, and the influence of number and weight and other indicators of characteristics of raw materials, to count as the main parameters to measure the quality of the fabric is confuse the public practice.
Q:What is the silk like fabric?
Silk pure silk is CHIFFON SILK component, 100% mulberry silk anti silk ingredients, 100% polyester two, the price is almost twice as much
Q:What fabric is softer than the jeans?
Senior jeans have a sizing process in the production process, after this procedure, jeans will become strong enough, primary cattle fans are generally will buy such jeans, then soak with warm water, a process called desizing. The jeans are still strong enough to stand upright on the floor after airing.
Q:Modal fabrics fade away
In addition, also with the fading light, perspiration, friction has a great relationship, if there is no suchSpecial requirements, the general dyeing and finishing factory will not be particularly strengthened......Always say, according to the consumer's understanding of the same modal fabric, if productionDyeing and finishing factory technology is not good, fabrics will fade, and if the technology is good, it will not fade.
Q:What is the general ladies sweater fabric
100% cotton, Tencel, ladies sweaters,There are many, such as wool blended fiber flax and popular words are generally made of pure cotton

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