SP - CNC Laser Cutting Machine

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Product Description:

Brief Introduction

SP-3015X CNC laser cutting machine is a kind of high quality product. It integrates advanced structure, driving, controlling, cutting and laser generator technologies, making it a kind of equipment with advanced technology, of high safety and reliability, high efficiency in operation, and diverse functions.

The CNC laser cutting machine uses the most advance imported fiber laser generator to output laser beam of high-energy density, and focus laser beam on the surface of a work piece to melt and vaporize the area illuminated by the ultrafine flare instantly, and with a CNC machinery system moving the area illuminated by the flare, it could carry out automatic cutting. It’s a kind of hi-tech equipment that integrates the most advance fiber laser technology, numerical control technology and precise machinery technology.


Function features:

l  Ultra low cost, high efficiency in photovoltaic conversion; Suitable for cutting of metals like non-ferrous metals, carbon steel and stainless steel

l  Has high performance, imported fiber laser generator encapsulated by the original manufacturer, sable operation, and long service life.

l  High speed, high efficiency cutting; sensible and accurate response

l  Good edge cutting quality, small distortion, smooth appearance, very appealing to the eye.

l  Adopts imported guiding transmission mechanism and servo motor to produce high cutting precision.

l  Can be used forthwith to design all kind of patterns or words as one pleases and the operation of machine is simple, flexible and convenient

Technical Parameters




Max. size   of plates


X-axis   travel


Y-axis   travel


Z-axis   travel


X/Y-axis   positioning precision


X/Y axis   repeated positioning precision


Max.   positioning speed


Max.   cutting speed


Second   positioning precision




Workbench   form (which is separated from the main body)

Exchangeable   workbench

Max. load   of workbench


IPG fiber   laser generator


Max.   processing capacity

Carbon   steel:16mm

Stainless   steel:12mm

Aluminum   alloy:10mm



1. Where is your factory located:

   Our production base in located in Shangdong provice, it is the center of machinery production of        China

2. Are you responsible for installation:

   Yes, we will arrange techinicans to your side to set up the machine as well as training.

3. Have you had experience of export 

   Yes, we have been in export business since 1984. now, we have more than 50 employees who are            responsible for logistic, and we have more than 20 employees who are in charge of quality control

SP - CNC Laser Cutting Machine

SP - CNC Laser Cutting Machine

SP - CNC Laser Cutting Machine

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. As long as the change in solid state laser pumping source and the use of an ideal environment, its life is infinite. Semiconductor lasers and semiconductor lasers with various laser life affected by semiconductor material aging, the life expectancy in 10000 hours the following.

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