SP - Automatic Corrugated Plate Welding Machine

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Brief Introduction:

The automatic corrugated plate welding machine adopts the line laser to detect the changes of corrugated plate and analyzes the converted data through a motion controller, it can automatically control the height of welding torch and realize the automatic finishing of rotation of welding torch up and down and back and forth. Through the data analysis of the motion controller, the welding torch can keep a constant linear speed during the welding, and all the mechanical driving are driven by servo motor, which increase the tracking precision of welding torch.

Function Features:

l  Spot lasers can scan the weld seam track of the work piece in real time

l  Can carry out scanning and welding at the same time, which increases its welding efficiency

l  The control system adopts the servo system as the motion controller. This improves the traveling precision of the equipment

l  Easy operation, with no need of programming

Automatic Parameters:



Material   Thickness


                 Welding Material

Carbon   Steel

Active   Welding Length


Driving of   Welding Carriage

Driven by   Gear and Gear Rack

Vertical   Traveling Distance of Welding Torck


Horizontal   Travelling Distance of Welding Torch


Weld Wire   Diameter

0.8mm Or   1.0mm

Welding   Speed

0-800mm/min   (Adjustable)

Back   Travelling Speed

0-100000mm/min   (Adjustable)

Tracking   inspection of Welding Torch

Laser   Detection

3-D   Driving of welding Torch

Servo   motor, ball screw, linear guide rail

Welding   Mode


Shielding Gas

CO2,   Ar+ CO2

Appearance   Quality

Conform to   the provisions of JB/T5943-91 outline dimensions of steel structure welded   seam

SP - Automatic Corrugated Plate Welding Machine

SP - Automatic Corrugated Plate Welding Machine

SP - Automatic Corrugated Plate Welding Machine

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