Laser cutting machine 9060

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Product Description:

●40w/60w/80w laser tube for your choice. Able to engrave and cut most non-metal materials.

●Aluminum blade table, holds hard sheet materials.

●Imported lens and mirrors, brings high engraving and cutting precision.

Linear rails from Taiwan, more stable and precise.

●Options: red dot, up/down lifting table, honeycomb table, rotary, etc.


This model CO2 laser engraver, able to engrave and cut various non-metals, like paper, acrylic, double-color plate, marble, wood, textile, leather, glass, etc. Widely applied in craft gifts, Chinese paper cutting, advertising signs, clothes, furniture and many other industries. Can be configured with lifting table, honeycomb table, rotary, etc.



Travelling size


Laser type:

Sealed CO2 laser tube, wavelength: 10.64μm

Laser power:

40W / 60W / 80W/

Cooling mode:

Circulating water cooling

Laser power control:

0-100% software control

Control system:

DSP offline control system

Max engraving speed:


Repetition accuracy:


Min. letter:

Chinese: 1.5mm; English: 1mm

File formats:

*.plt,*.dst,*.dxf,*.bmp,*.dwg,*.ai,*las, *doc

Working voltage:






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Q:Equipment requirements for laser dancing
The essence of laser dancing is the combination of light from the ground, the actors and the laser light.
Q:Excuse me, how can you install the laser tube of the laser equipment?
When the first oxide layer of the anode and the cathode terminal of the 3. terminal polished off the laser tube, and then use the metal thin copper wire two wiring column wrapped on the tin, then tin anode wire butt welding laser tube. Requirements: no burr. The laser tube anode terminal by silica gel seal 705 and all the lines, water pipes can be fixed in order.
Q:You score (200)!! Is it appropriate to buy a color laser printer or a color copier? A3, give me some advice
You look at me for a long time hard to write something, if the price is not the highest machine I will give away to you
Q:Can the Belgian p-laser laser cleaning equipment remove the thicker paint?
In this way, a uniform pulse is obtained at each point, and each pulse is cleared of a thin layer.
Q:Jin Fangyuan laser cutter, well, and domestic and imported than where is the advantage, recently in the investigation of 4000W equipment?.
General domestic laser cutting machine price than imported laser cutting machine is cheaper
Q:Where can I do private lasers?
Private laser is to protect women's private and healthy laser equipment.
Q:What medical laser equipment does Fei laser have?
many other fields. I wonder what equipment you would like to know.
Q:Price of laser quenching equipment
but even so now in the domestic customer site for normal equipment is also less than 50% of the total because the process is too difficult
Q:What kind of equipment is better for cutting gold and silver? Laser cutting equipment, cutting part of the precious metal gasification off waste. Are there any other ways of cutting?
I don't know what you're cutting for.
Q:The life of the laser equipment is not long
In addition, the requirements of the gas laser are lower than that of the solid laser in practice, so the gas laser has a longer lifetime in general

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