Semi Radial Tire for Cars

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Semi Radial Tire for Cars

The size of PCR car tyre

1.Passenger car tire

13’--165/65R13,165/70R13, 165/70R13C, 175/70R13,185/70R13



15’--185/60R15,185/65R15,195/50R15,195/55R15,195/60R15,195/65R15, 205/60R15,

        205/65R15, 215/65R15, 215/70R15,


       215/65R16, 225/50ZR16,  225/55ZR16,  225/60R16

2.UHP tyre (Ultra High Performance Tire)







3.LTR Tire: 185R14C, 195R14C



1. Certificate of ECE, DOT, CCC ,ISO9001, GCC, EU-LABEL,Soncap,Nom etc.

2. The warranty time is within 3 years and 120000km.

3. with wide range and competitive price

4. Wide circumferential major grooves design enables excellent water drainage and side skidding-resistance at high speed

5. Smooth and lateral grooves and sipes provide super grip ability and braking ability

6. Suitable for various medium and high-level cars from home and abroad.

7. Large capacity and Large stockguarantee the fastest delivery:15-20days after deposit;

8. Best no-stop services given by our professional sales team;

9. Top 500 enterprise provide credit and quality guarantee.


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Q:Normal car tires generally play how much qin gas?
Domestic passenger vehicles common tire pressure unit is "Bar", retail stores sometimes say how much "kg". 1, tire pressure should be how much to determine the value of the depot recommended. Of course, it is recommended that you measure the tire pressure in the best room temperature environment. 2, the standard pressure can usually be found in the following: vehicle user manual, cab door (near the B column) next to the label, the driver's seat next to the drawer, fuel tank door. The above mentioned vehicle tire pressure recommended value refers to the cooling tire pressure. Defined as follows: at least three hours after stopping or no more than 2 km of tire travel. If the tire pressure can only be measured at the time of the hot tire, subtract the measured tire pressure value by approximately 0.3 bar (= 4 psi) as the tire cooling inflation pressure. For example, the tire manufacturer's recommended inflation pressure is 2.1 bar, and if the tire pressure measured at hot tires is 2.2 bar, it is necessary to increase by about 0.2 bar at hot tires.
Q:97Y What does it mean for car tires?
97 indicates that the maximum load that can be carried is 730 kg, and Y indicates that the acceptable speed limit is 300 km / h. The load index is the maximum load that a tire can bear in the form of code.
Q:Where can I get Color Smoke Tires?
For the best answers, search on this site are perfectly legal. however, if you are caught "burning rubber" with any tire, you can get a ticket for careless operation.
Q:What is the meaning of the 91V above the car tires?
91v is the load factor and tire speed, indicating that the tire load 615 kg; speed of not more than 240 km per hour.
Q:what is the best tire pressure on a ford tauras 97 with goodyear viva 2 205/65/15
it really is stamped on the area of the tire the motor vehicle manufacture has a plate commonly on the door it truly is for the most gentle vacation and coping with skills no longer for the existence expectancy of the tire i run what the tire producer advise.
Q:Car tires fill the leak
Tire in addition to a clear penetration, cut will leak, the poor repair, valve aging, rim damage, can also lead to chronic air leakage. I suggest you go to the retail store to check the reasons for the real leakage of tires.
Q:What is the tire company of the car company?
Not only to modify the tires so simple.More time to do a good job to do the work of skilled, such as [four-wheel positioning] of course, repair and change is necessary, but also to talk about the tire back, tire workers most tired of the most dirty , But also with a dangerous, and always belong to "with the type of work", the general young people are at arm's length
Q:Car tires idle for four years, but also use it?
Tire idle for more than four years will not be used, if your tires do not appear crack, pattern clear, then you can continue to use.
Q:Will the car tires go to the safety line?
In addition, the damaged tires should also pay attention to whether the need for replacement, such as the lack of rolling tires can still run in the inflatable state, but because the tire internal structure may have been damaged, it is recommended to replace the new tire The In particular, it should be reminded that drum tires can not continue to use.
Q:Tire Fitting Question?
The tires will fit your rims, but will be a little taller. if you want to know what those #'s and letters mean, the P indicates the tire is meant for normal passenger car or truck use. The 235 is the width of the tire, in mm, measured from one bead to the other at the point where the tire meets the rim. The 75 (or 70) is the height of the sidewall, expressed as a percentage of the tires width (235/75 means the height of the sidewall is 176.25mm) The R indicates that the tire is a radial, and the 15 means a 15 inch wheel. So go ahead and try the tires, just make sure to turn the wheels all the way in both directions to see if the tires hit anything BEFORE driving the car.

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