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SD bulldozer are 230 horsepower track-type dozer with elevated sprocket, hydraulicdirect drive, semi-rigid suspended and hydraulic controls. It can be equippedwith straight tilting blade, angle blade, coal pushing blade, single shankripper, three shanks ripper. The cab is Rops with air conditioner.

SD7-230horsepower, elevated sprocket bulldozer integrate modern secience into it, its newstructure, good performance, high working efficiency, safety and comfortableoperation condition, realiable entire quality, excellent service is your wisechoosing.

Main specifications

Operatingweight(not including ripper)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------23800


Groundpressure(without ripper)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------71.9kPa

Trackcenter distance ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1980mm

Gradeability ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Latitude30 °   Transverse 25°

Groundclearance ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------404mm

Overalldimensions(L×W×H) -------------------------------------5677×3500×3402(with straighttilting blade)

Diesel engine  specifications

Model A-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NT855-C280(Cummins)


Flywheelpower(speed at 2100 rpm) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------169kW

Min.Fuel Consumption ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------≤235(g/Kw.h)

Model B-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C6121ZLG10(Shanghai )


Flywheelpower(speed at 2100rpm) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------169kW

Min.Fuel Consumption ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------≤222(g/Kw.h)

Theorytravel speed    (km/h)

1stgear forward0-3.9                     1st gear backward 0-4.8

2ndgear forward0-6.5                     2nd gear backward 0-8.2

3rdgear forward0-10.9                    3rd gear backward 0-13.2

Dozingoperation rate(moving distance 40m)   350m3/h


Torqueconverter used in SD7 bulldozer is power separating hydraulic-mechanic type.


Itintegrates center drive, transmission and speed changing control valve into onecomponent. It can be assembled or disassembled as a assembly or as a part. Itis very convenient to service. Transmission is multi-stage planetary gear driveto realize modular assembling and disassembling. The shift can be changed among1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear forward or reverse rapidly, throughmulti-functional control valve.

Steeringand braking clutch

Steeringclutch and braking clutch are adjustment free, oil-type , multi-disc clutch.The braking clutch is pressed by spring, separated hydraulicly, constant meshedtype. Steering clutch is hydraulic pressed, non-constant engaged clutch. Theaction of steering and braking is combined, operation manually to realizesteering slowly, sharply and braking. The braking of entire machine can berealized through the pedal. Parking braking rod is designed to keep theundercarriage system in braking condition when starting the engine andguarantee the machine not to slip on slope when starting the engine.


Finaldrive is two-stage planetary reduction gear mechanism. It is mounted at outsideof steering and braking clutch. Combined sprocket segment is very convenientfor assembling, disassembling and service.

Hydraulicsystem of the machine

Itis composed of oil pump, transmission control valve, steering and braking controlvalve, sequence valve, relief valve at torque convertor outlet, filter andlines.


Oilflow----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------160 L/min

Workingpressure ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3.1 MPa

Rops with air conditioner cab

Thecab is hexagonal thin wall box-type structure. Glass is mounted at sixsides with wide viewing area. Pulling and pushing glass is installed at backside. Air conditioner is top-mounted with functions of cooling and heating. Thestructure of Rop is rigid. It can protect the driver efficiently when thebulldozer is in special condition.

Implementhydraulic system

Implementhydraulic system can control lifting, lowing and tilting of the blade. It alsocan control lifting, lowing of the ripper. It mainly consists of oil pump,cylinder, inlet valve group diverter valve group, oil tank line and controllingparts.

Mainpump ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------High pressure gear pump

Oilflow --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------194 L/min

Systemworking pressure-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18.6 MPa

Leftand right undercarriage system

Thetrack is triangle shape. The sprocket is elevated. There are two idlers infront and at rear of the frame and seven track roller. Recoil spring andcylinder adjuster is mounted at the undercarriage. The rear end ofundercarriage frame is supported on the pivot. The front end is articulatedwith the equalizer bar. Choosing different undercarriage system according todifferent implement. The customer is required can guarantee center gravity ofthe machine to be at best efficient position. Choosing different width of trackshoe can ensure the bulldozer developing its optimum traction efficiency.

Maintenancefilling capacity

Fueltank --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 450L

Watertank of cooling system ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------118L

Camshaftbox of the engine-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20L

Bevelgear case--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------150L

Implementoil tank---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------100L

Pivotlubricating tank-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15L

Finaldrive ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15L

Optional implement and components    (*ordinary)


ARops with air conditioner cab    

BRops cab

CRops canopy

2)Frontmounted implement

Astraight tilting blade      *

BAngle blade

CU-type blade

3)Rearmounted implement

Asingle shank ripper         

Bthree shanks ripper

Cback drawing mechanism

4)Trackshoe of undercarriage

Optionaltrack shoe width

A510mm          B560mm     *

C660mm          D914mm

5)winchdozer used in forest, desert dozer, LGP dozer ,HW dozer can be chosen accordingto special requirements of customer.

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Q:AMD8 nuclear bulldozer or Intel 4 Nuclear I5 is better?
Amd Intel AMD is compared to a certain gap. But in the high-end Amd bulldozer 8 nuclear and I5 price. And it will save a lot of money on the motherboard. And AmD upgrade large space. And can better support A graphics card. People think Amd Amd is really cost-effective. After all eight nuclear I5 had 4 Nuclear but Intel in the single core is strong. But after the upgrade is very poor.
Q:Who would win the duel, A tree or a bulldozer?
bulldozer, unless by some freak occurance the tree comes down on top of the machine killing the operator. then it's a tie. but a morale victory for the surronding trees
Q:what rhymes with decomposers?
reeking hosers...ehhhhh..
Q:Accounting Question Help?
Determine what percentage each asset is of the total appraised value. Then use that percentage times the accepted bid amount to determine the cost of each. For example: 1. Bulldozer $60 000. Divide: 60000 (Bulldozer) / 360000 = .166667 times 100 to get the percentage. 16.6667% Then apply that percent to the total bid, 234 000 times .16667 = $39 000 and so on down the line. Add up the 8 results and make sure the total equals $234 000.
Q:What is the difference between these AMD processors?
The 8120 and 8150 are the first octo core based on the original Bulldozer chipset. The 8350 is a revised Bulldozer CPU that introduces a performance upgrade. The 6300 is a 6 core variant that is similar to the 8350 but with 3 modules instead of 4.
Q:How will this system handle BF4 ?
You should be able to run the game on high settings, not max, but high. BF4 is supposed to get an update in December for AMDs Mantle software which is supposed to make the game run even better on AMD hardware. If Mantle is everything AMD is making it out to be you may be able to run it maxed out after the update, but that is yet to be seen. FX-6300 is actually Piledriver, not Bulldozer. :)
Q:Is there a license plate on the bulldozer?
The wheel type has to have a license before it hits the roadThe crawler is not on the road
Q:Does anyone know the name of a bulldozer that has an arm on it that swings out to scrape the side?
Q:Cheapest place to buy Bulldozer XL5000 pre workout?
Actually, you don't need to diet in fact to lose weight, I discovered this at the web portal in the box below, they have loads of instruction, I melted away 10 pounds by doing as they advised. Have a great day! All opinions are meant for anyone that is 18 years of age or older. If you are a viewer searching for a answer and under the age of 18 please ask you parents for advice.
Q:Why is CPU than your bulldozer phenom
The biggest reason is that decided the game performance graphics, in our previous tests, because Win8 made the optimization of DX11, so the performance of the game graphics will improve to some extent, AMD declared "bulldozer performance" concept to us after textual research.A quiet here, and not for all of us bring to enhance the explosive performance of the single core performance is still poor, in the daily application of Intel is still less than awesome, so it is not suitable for ordinary users to buy, especially the game player.

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