Reusable Mini Dehumidifier ETD250 with Plastic Materials

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ETD250 500ml mini closet dehumidifiers Mini Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier



Cool air dehumidifier/ Environmental Dehumidifier


The Specification of home dehumidifier



1. Removable water tank: 0.5L

2. Bucket full indicator light

3. Automatic bucket full shut-off

4. LED display


ETD250 Mini Dehumidifier

Color :We can make any color

Convenient-plug into any 12 Volt cigarette lighter in car,  boat or plug into safe AC adaptor out.the water tank can be removable, Automatically switch off when water tank is full

Voltage: DC12V,AC100V-240V with adaptor, Power :36W

De-humidification amount:  APP.200-250ml/day(25°C  85%RH)

Water tank:0.5Liters, Noise:<40dB(A)

 Product Size: 13*(D)x15.4(W)x21.8(H)cm

 Gift box size: L18cmxW16cmxH28cm

 Carton size:  L66cmxW37cmxH31cm(8pcs/CTN)

 N.W/CTN: 9.5kg,  G.W/CTN: 11.5kg

Loading quantity: 3200pcs(20'container), 6700pcs(40'container), 7600pcs (40'HQ)


Certificate: GS,RoHS,UL,CE

 Delivery time: normally 15 days for 1000pcs



Features of mini dehumidifier



1.  Home Mini dehumidifier


2. Compact and quiet design


3. Thermoelectric cooling


4. Peltier technology


5. Energy saving


mini dehumidifiers are used to keep air dry, taking the moisture from the surrounding area.


It can be use at room, kitchen, cabinet, bedroom, closet, etc. anywhere.





Nowadays, as it is unbearably hot, rainy rainy season. Wet days induced skin disease, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis; lead to excessive moisture in the air condenses on the ground, active children and poor ability to walk the old clothes for a long time is not easy to slip; dry, easy to breed bacteria, can make food moldy......


How to improve the home in the moist environment? Many people think that, start the air conditioning will be able to play the dehumidifying effect is very good. However, the main function of air conditioning and refrigeration system is hot, with independent dehumidification air-conditioning can dehumidification, but a small amount of desiccant, desiccant slow speed, increased by several times the load and dehumidification, not only large power consumption, but also make the compressor damage, shorten the service life of the machines. Deal with the wet days, the best way is to love the home to buy a dehumidifier.


Brand dehumidifier Veedai convenience introduced, can adjust the indoor humidity according to demand, has the advantages of convenient, high dehumidifying efficiency, adjust and control characteristics of wet and low noise energy use, put in family, office, hotel, workshop, not only can effectively damp proof and mould proof, but also to improve the overall home furnishing in the moist environment, suitable for the old, the young, pregnancy and fear the moisture crowd.




Q 1.Okorder Quality Control?
We hold a very strict quality control system to check every connector of our products for

your safety.

Q 2: How do you care for your kitchen appliances?
A: Keep good Ventilation indoor. Open the doors of the kitchen appliances, if not. There

will be some mildew on cutting board and other kitchenware, because the water vapor can not

evaporate easily.
Keep clean of all the appliances. Each kitchen has its special cleaning fluid,please go to

Kitchen cleaning stores buy some clean them on time.

Q 3: Which one do you use the most of kitchen appliances?
A: Assuming you mean small appliances .I say too many.At one time we would buy every one

that came along; including a hot dog machine, pizza maker, elec. carving knife, elec.,

toaster oven,. Most have been garaged sale (sold) or are stored in the garage. Most used;

coffee maker, microwave, blender and mini food processor. OK?





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Q:What are the types of dryers according to heating methods?
The conduction type drier also known as indirect dryer, it uses the conduction mode to transfer heat to wet material from the heat generated by the metal wall, wet steam vacuum suction, a small amount of available access to purge or remove in separate sets of low temperature condenser surface condensation method
Q:What is the cause of the dryer blockage?
The refrigeration system is not cleaned before assembly and welding.
Q:What is the mean of Dehumidifier?
The air can be blown through a number of metal fin tubes, with cold water in the pipe, and the surface temperature of the tube wall shall be lower than the dew point of the air, so that the water vapor in the air can be partially condensed and removed on the surface of the tube
Q:What are the common types of fluidized bed dryers?
According to the state of structure, they can be divided into general fluidization type, mixing fluidization type, vibrating fluidization type, pulse fluidizing type and collision fluidizing type.
Q:What is the principle of a hydrogen dryer?
Is the latest generation of hydrogen dryer adsorption dryer, which is especially suitable for consumption particularly demanding occasions to the regeneration gas, especially when the gas is flammable and explosive, toxic or dry particularly valuable when it is the best choice for users
Q:When the automobile air conditioner is used, why is the dryer hot?
The dryer is mounted behind the condenser and the compressor compresses refrigerant to produce a high temperature, high pressure gas into the condenser. A semi fogging refrigerant, which is cooled by a condenser to about 70 degrees, enters the dryer. So the dryer is very hot and hot
Q:What are the factors that affect drying effect of dryer?
In the air around the particles, the absorption of heat and the dispersion of water molecules to the surface of the particles require certain moments. Therefore, the resin supplier shall specify the time at which all the necessary drying of a material is dried at the proper temperature and dew point
Q:What is the working principle of a commonly used fluidized bed dryer?
After the material is dried, the material is discharged from the discharge port, and the exhaust gas is discharged from the top of the boiling bed. After the solid dust powder is recovered by the cyclone dust collector and the bag dust collector, the steam, the electric and the hot air stoves can be exhausted
Q:What is the difference between the air dehumidifier and air dryer?
The difference between the two is that the processing capacity of the dryer is relatively small, and the drying capacity of the dehumidifier is large
Q:What are the drying agents that are often placed in the dryer?
Silica gel, montmorillonite, molecular sieve, mineral, fiber, activated carbon, lime and so on

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