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Product Description:


7.4V 200MAH 20C RC battery pack





4.Pack Weight:350g



1.Long cycle life

2.High rate rc battery

3.High quality


Our battery Features:

· Excellent high discharge rate.

· Long cycle life,cycles life:260 times.

· Extra-low internal impedance.

· For maximum discharge performance in high-rate discharge.

· Discharge in high-temperture

· No memory effect.

· Safe,better performance and enviornment friendly.


We provide you RC BATTERY with the highest level of performance.

· Never charge above 10C.

· Never over discharge.Charge with specified charger.

· Never exceed the maximun of discharge rate or load.

· Don't short-circuit,crush,incinerate,heat above 70 Celsius(158 degrees),or dissemble the battery Store long term at 3.8V per cell.

· May explode if damaged or disposed in fire.



You declare that you have read and understood the safety instruction before use and you agree too take the full responsibility of results caused by improper use.

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Packaging Details:Standard export package

Delivery Detail:About 5-15 days

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Q:why doesnt my xbox 360 controller work with rechargeable battery packs?
Are you sure your battery packs are charged? if you just opened them they might need a charge?
Q:are there battery packs for a plug in appliance (with the prongs)?
You've just learned why it is not a great idea to have an electric snow shovel. That power cord is a dang nuisance! The answer to your question is not quite no. There ARE rechargeable battery devices that will supply 110VAC to operate your snow shovel; but they are heavy and not intended to be carried around. They are for emergency use of 110 VAC appliances where there is no available AC outlet. You can find them in Auto Supply stores and truck stops. They typically have both heavy-duty battery clips to connect to a car battery, as well as a standard AC power cord. This way the batteries can be charged up on the road or in a dwelling. The batteries themselves are small versions of car batteries; and as you know, they are not light. Add in the transformer to up-convert the voltage, and you've got a rather heavy device to lug around. As you might guess, this is an impractical way to operate your electric snow shovel.
Q:Does it mean anything significant if the amount of water needed for four deep cell solar battery pack ----?
If I understand your question you have 4 total 6 volt batteries constituting a bank of 4 batteries in series/parallel, which should produce a high capacity 12 volt output. First of all I'm assuming that all of these batteries are in the same circuit and would be subject to the same loading and charging and they are wired correctly. That being the case I would be surprised if there was a great difference between any of the four batteries use of water. It sounds to me like if some of the same batteries are requiring lots of water at whatever interval you are checking there is a problem, especially if one or more of the others aren't. If this is the case my advice would be to contact the battery manufacturer and find out the proper process to equalize all four batteries. If you have one or more of these batteries using excessive water there is a problem. Remember this principal: When using two or more batteries your power is only as good as the weakest battery. That is why you always replace flashlight batteries together with two new ones. It sounds as though one or more of the batteries are sulphating, which will greatly reduce their capacity and generate excess heat boiling off the electrolyte prematurely. Check out my suggestion to equalize the batteries, which if they aren't too far gone will get them all back on equal footing again. Good luck.
Q:rechargable battery pack?
you simply need to replace the batteries. rechargeable batteries loose the ability to retain power. i also have rechargeable batteries for my xbox controllers and i would say batteries last about 5 months with regular usage.
Q:Could I make a rechargeable Xbox controller by putting rechargeable AA batteries in an ordinary battery pack?
It wouldn't work because you need the special battery pack casing to transfer power from the cable to the batteries. You could always just buy a pack of rechargeable AAs that comes with a battery recharger.
Q:External battery pack of laptops?
yea those external batteries work try it
Q:xbox 360 rechargeable battery pack question?
I dont believe there is any specific charger unless its other than micro soft brand, madcatz, or pelican i think you should be able to buy a charger at game stop but i think it comes with another matching battery pack which would be good if you had 2 controllers
Q:18650 battery pack how to package package?
Prepare the relevant materials: batteries, nickel, protection boards, wires, green nude paper, PVC.
Q:Medela Pump In Style battery pack question (for traveling)?
You know, I never used the battery pack, I always used the ones that you plug into the wall, but as a suggestion take it or leave it, buy more batteries just in case. Better safe than sorry. I do know that Medela is the strongest breast pump that they make, (I know that through my own testings and through lots of resources) so, I will also throw out to you that if you do not normally pump then expect your breasts to get confused about how much milk to produce. Just be careful to measure out exactly how much you need, otherwise you'll be going through the large breast that squirt everywhere all over again!
Q:i got a cannon camera a month ago and now when i turn it on it says to chnage battery pack!!?
Cannon Cameras Suck, i have own 3 already believe me i know what i am saying. I got me a Kodak and never had an issue.
Our mission is to provide most suitable power solutions and 5-star service to our customer world wide for various applications from mobile phone to electric vehicles. In its production lines, GEB makes both lithium battery and battery packs with professional equipment and machines. In order to insure its product quality, GEB gives the training classes every week to its officers and operators from all different departments such as production, testing and inspection.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2009
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America 25%
Eastern Europe 15%
Africa 5%
Western Europe 35%
Northern Europe 10%
Domestic Market 10%
Company Certifications ROHS; CE

2. Manufacturer Certificates

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Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shenzhen,Hongkong
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Japanese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 1,000-3,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
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