Radiator Core Assembling Machine CNBM from China

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Product Description:

    Quick Details

    • Model Number: DT 150
    • After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

    • Space between main fins: 400-850mm

    • Suitable fin width: 16/ 18/20/24/26/32mm

    • Suitable fin height: 8mm

    • Max. flat tubes quantity: 80 pieces (in 10mm space)

    • Suitable flat tube size: thickness 2-3mm, no limit on width

    • Space between flat tubes: 10mm or other size by changing telescopic chain & positioning blocks.

    • Main power source of the machine: pneumatic, more than 4MPa

    • PLC: Delta from Taiwan

    • Dimension: 800 x 650 x 320mm

    • Weight: about 1300kg

    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details:IN BULK OR WOODEN CASE
    Delivery Detail:30 days


    Radiator Core Assembling Machine
    1) suitable fo assembling any cores with space between flat tubes in 10mm

    Radiator Core Assembling Machine


    I Description of the radiator core assembling machine 

    This radiator core assembling machine is for assembling radiator cores for water tank. It is comprised of left and right positioning clamps, assembly table, flat tube positioning device, telescopic chain & broach and their elevating device, core pressing device, pneumatic system, hydraulic system and PLC control system.

    This radiator core assembling machine is suitable for assembling any cores with space between flat tubes in 10mm; By changing telescopic chain and positioning blocks, any cores in any different spaces can be assembled.



    II Main technical data of the radiator core assembling machine


    2.1 Space between main fins: 400-850mm

    2.2 Suitable fin width: 16, 18,20,24,26,32mm

    2.3 Suitable fin height: 8mm

    2.4 Max. flat tubes quantity: 80 pieces (in 10mm space)

    2.5 Suitable flat tube size: thickness 2-3mm, no limit on width

    2.6 Space between flat tubes: 10mm or other size by changing telescopic chain & positioning blocks.

    2.7 Main power source of the machine: pneumatic, more than 4MPa

    2.8 PLC: Delta from Taiwan

    2.9 Dimension: about 800 x 650 x 320mm

    2.10 Weight: about 1300kg


    III Working flow of the radiator core assembling machine:

    Manually fit side panels → telescopic chain & broach rise →manually lay down flat tubes → automatic tidy up flat tubes →manually lay down fins and front side panel → broach hold down → manually lay down back side panel →main clamp hold down → manually clap fins → one side flat tube positioning device return back → manually lay one side main piece → press in this main piece → another side flat tube positioning device return back → manually lay down another side main piece → another side main piece pressed in → fit brazing clamps → broach drops → all actions return back →take out assembled core with brazing clamps.

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