Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max-Winter-UHP

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Radial Car Tyre:

The tyre used for ice snow road condition in winter.The variety of steel disc style makes the pattern stiffness distribute more reasonably, good for realizing each performance.

Wide lateral grooves inside, along with high-density steel disc, effectively improve snow evacuation, while high-saturation blocks outside provide tyre excellent handling performance.

Pattern ribs on the crown tyre center ensure excellent longitudinal maneuverability, the steek disc on which helps offer a comfortable ride.

Four wide circumferential grooves improve snow evacuation performance.

2,Main Features of the Car Tyre:

Used for snow road condition

Special pattern design

Loog life

High speed

3,Car Tyre Images:

Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max-Winter-UHP


Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max-Winter-UHPRadial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max-Winter-UHP
















4,Car tyre specification:


Radial Passager Car Tyre Green-Max-Winter-UHP




We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:


How to guarantee the quality of the products?


We will give clients compensition if tyre has manufacture defect.Clients just provide NO. picture of defect position.


2,How long can we receive the product after purchase?


Generally,we can deliver tyre winthin 30 days after receiving down payment or LC.If the sizes you ordered are available,we can arrange shipment within 7 days.


3,How many quantity can sign sole agent?


Regarding the sole agent,up to the market capacity and area.We can accept 3-4 containers per month if samll country like UAE,but we need 15-20 containers per month for USA market.

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Q:What is the life of the car tires?
May be by mileage and time two, first prevail. Mileage is about 50,000 km, according to the words of time is 5 years, but my car with less, are five years, that is no problem, so do not have to replace. The general pattern of wear out of the cordon, and must change, they look at the pattern of shallow, also changed it, anyway, is not worth much money, then it seems a lot of small cracks, and is too long must be replaced The Safety and life, more important than money, not to mention the ordinary four tires less than 2 thousand dollars.
Q:What are the effects of car tires on cars?
Affect the safety and comfort of the car, the most direct impact is the shallow tread, so that the tire drainage capacity of the decline in the dry road driving is not serious, but in the dirt road, wet ground and mud will travel Slippery, lack of grip, serious words will lead to traffic accidents.
Q:Are snow tires better in the rain than all season tires?
Personal experience tells me no. I had snow tires on a vehicle during rain and it was hard to stop. The tread design was made to grip snow but not take away the water from rain.
Q:Dangers of Old Tires?
Experts warn that tires more than six years old can fail catastrophically and yes the quality varies from each manufacturer............. A $75.00 tire made by a brand name company can be better than a $150.00 tire made by some off brand company.
Q:What is the data on the car tires?
Tire Specifications: Specifications are tire geometric parameters and physical properties of the logo data. Tire specifications are often used in a set of numbers, the previous number indicates the width of the tire section, and the latter number indicates the rim diameter in inches. The middle of the letter or symbol has a special meaning: "X" that high-pressure tire; "R", "Z" said radial tire; "a" that low-pressure tire. Level: level refers to the tire rubber layer of the public layer of the number of layers, and the actual number of ply is not exactly the same, is an important indicator of tire strength. Level with the Chinese logo, such as 12 levels; with the English logo, such as "14P.R" that is 14 layers of pole. Some of the tires are marked in the specifications, followed by the first letter of the Chinese phonetic alphabet, such as 9.00-20N, 7.50-20G, etc., some of the tires are marked, such as "nylon", generally marked after the level; N represents nylon, G is steel, M is cotton, and R is rayon.
Q:Why are car tires always black?
they would be very dirty other wise. they made white tire in the early 1900's. probably cheaper to produce too.
Q:Buying Used Tires?
Check for bulges, wear on the tire on the surface and at the edges and the date of production, usually provided on the tires in 4 digits. The first two digits represent the week (out of 52 weeks) and the last 2 digits represent year. For instance, if a tire is marked 1104 this means it was made in the eleventh week of year 2004. Generally the older the date, the less useable the tire is supposed to be.
Q:What is the cost of replacing the car tires?
If it is not a transport enterprise, the cost is included in the management fee.
Q:How to build a large car tires
Good quality, from the degree of weariness I feel and Bridgestone, Toyo, Southport, is new, are almost the same, I used to change the front of a van, with four and a half years to see the car to see Up to 8/9 into the new, although the van is the rear drive, but the front beam positioning is very easy to wear tire.
Q:How does car tires do the meaning of dynamic balance detection and detection?
Some of the small lead pieces on the wheel rims of the car wheels are one or more small pieces of different sizes, and these little lead pieces seem to be less contrasting than all kinds of beautiful wheels. A small lead block, the stability of the high-speed car plays a very important role.

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