PVC Cable Tube

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3000 Meters m
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3000 Meters per Month m/month

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1.High insulation, anti-current puncture strength


2.Compression- and impact-resistant


3.High oxygen value, good combustion resista


We owned a mature group of 150 workers and set up an integrated quality control system to guarantee zero defect rates.


Therefore, we have gained high satisfaction rate from our customers worldwide, with over than 8years experience of export sales, our products are popular in the South of America, South and Middle of Africa, Mid-east zone, Pakistan, India , south and east of Asia and so on.




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Q:My chassis is cool cool extreme special police 431, front panel usb3.0 extension cable is 20pin power cord, and my motherboard and no 20pin jumper
If the break is found after a cable is broken, the coil has been short-circuited
Q:What are the differences between TC90, AC90 and ACWU90 in aluminum alloy cables?
DIY notebooks do not like DIY desktop as simple, many parts of the notebook is no place to buy. Notebook because of small size, so many parts are directly welded up. (CPU, motherboard. Graphics card) This also means that the notebook can not be assembled, can not upgrade the hardware (unless you are technical, can own welding what). Memory can be added.
Q:Home improvement, water and electricity, the line is a good side by side or between the two points to go straight?
Win7 connection wireless router input user name and password This is because the wireless routing encryption mode for the WEP. change the router wireless encryption. . right-click the wireless small icon (lower right corner) to open the network and shared center - manage the wireless network - add - manually create - network name (wireless search to the user name) - encryption method for the WEP, password for the wireless network password. This is the WIN7 solution, but WIN8 I think it is possible. The
Q:How to choose the size of the wire according to the current?
The current scientific means there is no way to check whether there is a circuit breaker on the circuit. In general, in the pipe laying on the line, the tube is not allowed to exist in the wiring, which is to prevent the wiring is not standardized caused by poor contact, and stripping the insulation of the copper wire after long-term use of surface oxidation resistance, resulting in local Serious fever triggers a line fault or accident. In practice, in addition to the provisions of the junction box (including the switch box) within the wiring, in special circumstances also have wiring in the tube, but to strictly enforce the operating procedures, mainly to do the conventional winding, the joints to do tin processing, One can fix the joints to ensure that there is no loosening, the second is to isolate the copper wire with the air. But also to do the insulation package, and finally wrapped with heat shrink tube, so that the treatment of the line connector will not affect the normal use.
Q:3 core 35 square line threading tube how much
Electrical appliances are different, the current is also different. The general 2.5 square can be 12.5 with the following .4 square is 20 years below .6 square is 30 years below. But the calculated diameter and the number of amid Easy, but not more than 30%. To the end of the line loss. That depends on what material you are the wire, different resistivity of different materials. A variety of conditions to determine the resistance of the wire, and the resistance and determine the wire is generated by the heat, the wire may be welded to short wire. How much electric power can withstand the electric current, the current depends on its own melting point, the higher the melting point to bear the higher the heat, then bear the higher the electrical power resistance R = ρ (l / s) (resistivity multiplied by the length and horizontal The ratio of the cross-sectional area of the different material resistivity need to check the professional table Joule hot formula Q = I × I × R × t (the square of the current multiplied by the resistance multiplied by the power time) Q = U × U × t / (The voltage multiplied by the current multiplied by the power-on time) Electric power P = I × I × R (the square of the current multiplied by the resistance) P = U × (the voltage multiplied by the power time multiplied by the resistance) Q = U × I × t (voltage multiplied by the current multiplied by the power time) U / R (the square of the voltage divided by the resistance) P = U × I (voltage multiplied by the current)
Q:Ordinary air conditioning louvers, one square meter of louver aluminum consumption is good?
Hello this is a specification of aluminum alloy cable AC90 is a highly flexible self-locking aluminum armor, 90 ℃ cross-linked polyethylene insulated single or multi-core cable, with a equipotential bonding bare wire
Q:What is the material connecting the pvc threading tube to the switch box?
If the daily special advantages, the basic is bleak prospects, especially in the past two years, the cable industry is generally relatively depressed. If you have a stable customer can do, but the equipment is not the bulk, mainly accounted for a larger proportion of working capital. If you do a workshop-style processing plant probably need the following equipment: 500 beam machine, the lowest .000 500 1 +6 +12 into a cable machine, equipped with the lowest armor machine .000 45 extruder One. The lowest price of .000 65 extruder, the lowest 11 million rewinding machine one, their processing .000 yuan sparks three, 1.6 million knitting machine two 8000 yuan high-pressure test bench a .. if you Also expensive, you can buy second-hand equipment, but the work efficiency is relatively low, the failure rate is also high.
Q:How to do with the wire threading pipe
Wire threading pipe is blocked, the construction workers themselves are not in accordance with the standard construction, especially the protection of the elbow is not done, this situation is no way to solve, and only re-laying the line.
Q:What is the color of the three wires of the three power plugs
Alone with an audio cable to connect the host and the speaker to transmit audio, TV sounds do not, HDMI or TV transmission video, so you can
Q:What is the average square line (wire) what do we usually mean?
Rubber insulated cable Insulating rubber as the core of the insulating material, can be folded more than bending, but the ability to prevent external destructive power is poor, generally used for 10KV the following, using hanging type laying, rarely used for underground buried
We owned a mature group of 150 workers and set up an integrated quality control system to guarantee zero defect rates. Therefore, we have gained high satisfaction rate from our customers worldwide, with over than 8years experience of export sales, our products are popular in the South of America, South and Middle of Africa, Mid-east zone, Pakistan, India , south and east of Asia and so on.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China
Year Established 2008
Annual Output Value Above US$100 Million
Main Markets 20.00% Domestic Market
20.00% Africa
20.00% South America
10.00% Eastern Asia
10.00% Mid East
5.00% South Asia
5.00% Central America
5.00% Eastern Europe
3.00% Southeast Asia
2.00% Western Europe
Company Certifications

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shenzhen,SHUNDE,GuangZhou
Export Percentage 71% - 80%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average