Adhesive Tape for Electrical Insulation with 3M 1600 High Voltage

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NO.1600 PVC Insulation Electrical Tape

Item No.



PVC Film





Holding power




Temperature resistance


Tensile Strength







grey/white/black/red/yellow/green/blue green&yellow





Can be custom made just for you


Paper  core and plastic core are avaliable


Foam color and liner colors are for your choice


Logo can be printed as your requirement  and packing as your requirment

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Q:What is the 4s shop to do matching
Insulation glue effectively prevent the wire wear and tear caused by spontaneous combustion, on the one hand is able to resist wear and tear, on the one hand is insulated. , In addition to some of the same system line together can effectively classify the wiring harness, or reduce the mixed spontaneous combustion.
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According to the national standard chart, SC said welded steel pipe, generally used in electrical aspects; DN said nominal diameter, is close to the inner and outer diameter of a numerical, generally used in plumbing, but not absolute, to see the design of the habit The
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Whether it is necessary to use flame retardant or fire-resistant cable should be based on the distribution line load level, power distribution project fire alarm level and other factors. Building design fire safety regulations or high regulations clearly stipulated that the distribution room, cable trench, etc. may not take fire treatment; change the distribution of high-voltage cabinet to the transformer between the cables do not need to use flame retardant;
Q:Wire and cable: (1) RVFV. (2): RVFSV. (3): UTP-CAT5E.
In some cases, it can also be used where easy to explode, such as gas stations, warehouses that store flammable materials : RVFSV Is not wrong? : UTP-CAT5E Unshielded Category 5 Twisted Pair : SYV-F-75-5 Flexible video cable, video equipment, photography, light source, soft cable for studio lighting studio and other places where the film and television equipment used in special lighting with wire and cable With a high degree of softness and light weight characteristics of easy to lay the fault at the end of the anti-aging performance of high reliability and high reliability of the comprehensive performance characteristics, in the construction of the film and television hall, the majority of applications : RVFSP High temperature shielded control cable, Copper core silicone rubber insulated silicone sheathed control cable : RVSP Copper conductor conductor PVC insulated twisted copper wire braided shielded wire Specifications: PVC insulated cable long-term allowable operating temperature does not exceed 70 ℃, the cable laying temperature should not be less than 0 ℃, diameter (D) is less than 25mm cable bending radius, should not be less than 4 times the cable diameter ; The outer diameter (D) of 25mm and above the allowable bending radius of the cable should be not less than 6 times the outer diameter of the cable, Product Description: This product is suitable for AC rated voltage 450 / 750V and below the power, household appliances, equipment , Electrical equipment, lighting equipment and automation equipment, fixed laying, connecting with the cord, the installation of soft lines and strong interference with the shielded wire, according to the use of the environment can also produce such wire and cable : RVFVSP High temperature PVC insulated PVC sheathed twisted shielded cable is only suitable for general data transmission, transmission distance is close, especially its insulation resistance is the most unbearable only tens of megawatts
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IntelCorei5-2500K (3.3G, 6MCache, LGA. withHD3000Graphics, overclockunlock) CPUBOXASRockZ68Extreme3Gen3Z. DDR. LGA. USB3.. SATA36Gb / sATXM / BKingstonDDR-MHz4GRamKVR1333D3N9 / 4Gx2WDCaviarBlue5000AAKX500GBSATA3 / 16MBHDDantecHCG520 ADAPTER COOLERMASTERRC-430-KWN1Elite430Black (Transparent plate) (Full Black) in the vertical chassis to use 5 years of the game computer or to intel cpu we do, motherboard hard drive graphics have to "integration"; if the budget enough to buy a intel 128Gssd plus a WD hard drive; power can not Sloppy, chassis wiring to be rigorous convection, monitor to buy Samsung....
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Look at the specifications of your electrical parts, in general, is to be grouped. You can press the room to points, you can also use the points to. You can estimate how much power a room is used, and then multiply by 1.5 to get a value. Use this value divided by the voltage 220V to get the current value, according to the current value to choose what kind of line. There is a table is this: 1 square copper wire allows long-term load current: 6A below 1.5 square copper core allows long-term load current: 8A-15A2.5 square copper wire allows long-term load current: 16A-25A4 square Copper wire allows long-term load current: 25A-32A6 square copper wire allows long-term load current: 32A-40A can also be divided according to use, generally like this: into the household line 6-10mm. lighting 2.5mm. socket 4mm. 6mm2 green. If the electricity equipment is indeed a lot (such as the room more, air conditioning several) can zoom in: into the household 16 square, 4 square lighting, socket 6 square, air conditioning 10 square.
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The KZ symbol in the hydropower installation drawing refers to the control cable. The control cable configuration of the threading tube material, model, need to find in the system diagram or the general description. Water and electricity installation piping symbols that: . wire threading pipe generally have: PVC pipe: PC20 welded steel pipe: SC20 buckle-type galvanized thin-walled wire: KBG. tight-type galvanized thin-walled wire: JDG.. hydropower design and construction SE: Laying along the steel trunking BE: laying along the roof or cross-shelf CLE: laying along the column or across the column WE: laying along the wall CE: laying along the ceiling or ceiling surface ACE: Ft: dark laying in the wall CC: dark laying in the ceiling of the ACC: dark laying can not enter the ceiling of the FC: dark lay on the ground SCE: ceiling laying, to wear metal tube
We have the state-of-art technology and equipment as well as an excellent team of experienced workers. Our goal is "to supply good quality and satisfactory products to our customers". with the outstanding technology, we have been developing rapidly. We welcome customers from the entire world to cooperate with us.

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