hot dip galvanized steel wire mesh cable tray

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1000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

SS304 Wire Basket Cable Tray:
1. Specialized manufacturer and exporter
2. UL, cUL, CE, IEC, TUV and SGS
3. ISO9001-2008

1. Main Products: Perforated Cable Tray, Cable Trunking, Cable Ladder, Wire Mesh Cable Tray and Strut


2. Certificates we have got: UL, cUL, CE, NEMA, IEC, SGS and ISO9001-2008

3. E-Catalog and Samples are available

Product Show:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail

standard packaging or customized packaging

Delivery Detail

usually within 20 days

Carbon Steel(Chinese standard steel): Q235B, Q195

Stainless Steel: SS304, SS316 / SS316L



Surface Finish:

Hot Dipped Galvanized – for outdoor use to BS EN 1461-1999, between 60 and 80 microns thick

Electro zinc plated – for indoor use to BS EN 12329-2000

Powder coated - for indoor use to JG/T3045-1998, between 6 and 10 microns thick

Electrolytic Polishing – for stainless steel use

Electro Galvanized

Fire Rated
































Sell various kinds of wire mesh cable tray according to the drawing and requirement of customers.


The electric cable tray system  are widely used for construction projects, such as layingelectrical wire and

cable. Making the lay of the electric wire, electric cable andpipeline achieved the universalized level.

Installation Notice:

Bends, Risers, T Junctions, Crosses & Reducers can be made from wire mesh cable tray straight sections

flexibly in projects.

Trays shall be supported at a maximum span of 2.5m by trapeze, wall, floor or channel mounting methods

and will not exceed maximum loads as specified by the manufacturer.

Wire Mesh Cable Tray systems can be safely employed in places where the temperature ranges between

-40°C and +150°C without any change to their characteristics.

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Q:The difference between a fire resistant cable and a general power cable
It should be cable terminal processing, they can be processed ah
Q:How to change the Apple notebook display to a separate monitor
Cable ends should be marked with cable head symbols, the middle line should also be different from the ordinary wiring. Bv at the beginning of the general wire, with YJV or vv is generally a cable, but not limited to these
Q:What is the parallel use of the power cable
Generally, the cables and cables are connected to each other
Q:Through the heart of the current transformer installed because the site can not be fixed, with a cable tie firmly through the transformer wire up
There is no room for the ground to be able to track unless you do line box planing board, but do not shoot the geothermal so it is not recommended and affect the appearance of walking on the skirting line is not on the line also reluctantly on the line tube as space is not enough you start to consider the wall and ceiling it past the past not ideal
Q:Seeking: cable tray 100cmx10cm bracket installation spacing requirements
Installation When the cable tray enters the building from the outside, the slope of the bridge shall not be less than 1/100
Q:What is the difference between a radiation wire and a wire without radiation?
214 provides the same path may interfere with the requirements of the line can be laid in the same metal pipe or metal box
Q:Is ADSS cable buried safety protection tube? Terminal near the substation does not work, do not have to protect the tube is feasible?
In fact, not so complicated, what is the use of each line as long as it is to see whether the joint on the line, the name is not important. A group of so-called field gallbladder limbs to play the fortress of the component line is three, you can use it to send video component signal, you can also pass the ordinary composite video signal. As long as the two lines of the same color can be connected to the same port.
Q:The cable tray crosses the fire shutter door
You people to raise the floor, where it becomes a slope or add a threshold to increase the resistance to escape, you think about it, can you? Tell you about this escape function: when the fire, the fire shutter doors will fall, but not all closed, down to half, stopped, so that people quickly escaped from the door, after a few minutes, Fire shutter doors continue to decline in the end, played a partition role
Q:I have a 50-core control cable, a lot of color, but I do not know how to distinguish and wiring
Charging with a charger is full of dissatisfaction, your battery has a monitor, then the display becomes green on it.
Q:Wire ducts, cable ducts and trunking laying inspection batches are part of the outdoor electrical sub-division or power supply trunk sub-division
Each cable factory has the experimental data to ask the manufacturers to put

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