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Contour colored plate makes use of color coated steel, by rolling and bending into a variety of wave-type pressured plate, which is applies to industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special construction, the roof of large span steel structure housing, walls and interior and exterior decoration. It has light weight, high strength, rich colors, earthquake proof, fireproof, rainproofand and long life. In addition, it can be used easily. maintenance-free has been widely used. Or cold-rolled steel sheet by cold forming of steel. Organic coated steel sheet (or color steel), galvanized sheet steel, anti-corrosion sheet steel (including asbestos asphalt layer) or other thin steel plate and so on. Pressure plate has a flat, light weight, high strength, good seismic performance, construction, fast, beautiful shape, etc., it is good building material and components, mainly for the building envelope, floor, can also be used for other structures.

Depending on the use of functional requirements, contour plate can be pressed into a wave, hyperbolic wave, rib-shaped, V-shaped, reinforced type. Commonly used for roofing and wall thickness of 0.4 to 1.6 mm for load-bearing floor or when the thickness of the silo 2 to 3 mm or more. Wave height is generally 10 to 200 mm. When not stiffening, its high-thickness ratio should be controlled at 200 or less. When using a long pass roof, the slope can be 2 to 5%, the deflection does not exceed l/300 (l for the calculation of span).  
Thin pressure plate due to the original panel, anti-corrosion coating directly affects the quality of life, in order to meet the requirements of processing and rust-proof, coated steel basis having the relevant provisions of the inspection. Thin steel plate under normal circumstances the requirement can also be based, the pressure-type anti-rust paint and then painted, or stainless steel sheet of the original board. Pressure plate used for industrial plant roof, siding, in the general case of no insulation requirements, per square meter of steel about 5 to 11 kg. A thermal insulation requirements, the available mineral wool board, glass wool, foam and other materials for insulation. Combination of pressure plate made of composite slabs and concrete, can save the template can be used as load-bearing structure of wood. At the same time to strengthen the plate with the concrete binding, should be pre-welded on the plate or the suppression of two-way stud stiffeners.

nto the 21st century, high-speed stable development of China's national economy, and color coated steel sheeting from the general industrial buildings around the large, public buildings, such as airport terminals, railway stations, stadiums, concert halls, large theaters, the 2008 Olympic Games venues. Building roof, floor and wall board type power and connect more reasonable, more scientific construction methods like performance more galvanized plate, aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy plate, titanium plate, stainless steel, etc. R & D, greatly enhanced the level of applied technology of the subtypes metal plate.
Board structure and standards undercut structure, the second generation of the pressure plate of the fastening structure and fasteners hidden connections; CLOSED the Cored The existing mature application; coating plate and pressure plate (substrate) to increase the aluminum plate, galvanized aluminum varieties, coated sheet and partial polyvinyl fluoride (PVDF) coated plates.

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Q:What does the construction of steel sub sections mean? What is the difference between a sub branch and a branch? How to divide the sub items?
Divisional Engineering: according to the type or main part of the project, the unit project is divided into sub project. Such as: basic engineering, main project, electrical engineering, ventilation engineering, etc.
Q:In the installation of steel structure, insulation foil should be placed in the side wall or side wall? Why?
This is just the general case. Basically not strictly required.
Q:Is cast-in-place concrete attic good or steel structure + ALC board good?!
The short cycle of cast-in-place steel structure high stability, light weight, does not destroy the original structure, anchorage hole cast-in-place the original wall hit double row hole spacing of ten cm each with adhesive implantation wall, wall depth of ten to fifteen cm, and the steel structure is not greater than the chemical anchor spacing bolt with wall of not less than thirty cm fifty cm fifteen cm deep into the root.
Q:What is the price of the light steel structure?
We teach you a simple method: 1, steel structure processing fees (including primary and secondary structure of:1100) to 1300 yuan / ton (according to the component processing difficulty is also required to put the equipment, artificial, auxiliary structure, installation costs determine 2): primary and secondary component 400 ~ 500 yuan / ton, 3 maintenance structure installation fee (board): 10 yuan / square meters of the roof panel wall is 15 yuan / square meters; 4, pressure plate thickness for the different prices, different prices in 0.5 yuan, the thickness of 40 /m single board;
Q:Ratio of width to thickness in steel structure design,
The slenderness ratio of columns in the design of components in the main role is to calculate to consider the load bearing capacity of reinforced concrete columns under eccentric compression is long, due to the impact of additional eccentric component elastic-plastic deformation caused by the eccentricity, stability coefficient and coefficient of axial compression member, and the slenderness ratio.The columns are also divided into short columns, long columns and slender columns due to slenderness. From here we determine the type of column and, in practice, try to avoid slender columns
Q:10 meters span, from 1 meters high slope, need to use the big beam? What size of steel is welded?
How long m, single slope or double slope, a few m bays, columns high m, etc., data integrity
Q:What is the life span of steel structure?
But not to say that 50 will collapse.
Q:What is the foundation and the main structure of the construction project?
The main structure is based on the foundation, and accepts, bears and delivers all the upper load of the construction project, and maintains the whole structure, stability and safety of the superstructure
Q:What CL6-3a stands for the steel structure of the roof purlin
6, the general first classification is according to specifications, may be more than 6 specifications, such as: H200*100*8*4 and other models of different types of steel, there are 6. But I estimate that here may indicate the installation location number, which may be used for the third span.3 here, I estimate the representative specifications, may also be the serial number, that is, the third rootA may represent third specifications, there may be several special-shaped, such as some brackets, and some do not have, or because of contact is not the same, may be different forms of nodes.
Q:The role of stiffeners in steel structures?
Under the condition of not increasing the wall thickness of the product, the strength and rigidity of the product are enhanced, thereby saving material consumption, reducing weight and reducing cost

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