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Contour colored plate makes use of color coated steel, by rolling and bending into a variety of wave-type pressured plate, which is applies to industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special construction, the roof of large span steel structure housing, walls and interior and exterior decoration. It has light weight, high strength, rich colors, earthquake proof, fireproof, rainproofand and long life. In addition, it can be used easily. maintenance-free has been widely used. Or cold-rolled steel sheet by cold forming of steel. Organic coated steel sheet (or color steel), galvanized sheet steel, anti-corrosion sheet steel (including asbestos asphalt layer) or other thin steel plate and so on. Pressure plate has a flat, light weight, high strength, good seismic performance, construction, fast, beautiful shape, etc., it is good building material and components, mainly for the building envelope, floor, can also be used for other structures.

Depending on the use of functional requirements, contour plate can be pressed into a wave, hyperbolic wave, rib-shaped, V-shaped, reinforced type. Commonly used for roofing and wall thickness of 0.4 to 1.6 mm for load-bearing floor or when the thickness of the silo 2 to 3 mm or more. Wave height is generally 10 to 200 mm. When not stiffening, its high-thickness ratio should be controlled at 200 or less. When using a long pass roof, the slope can be 2 to 5%, the deflection does not exceed l/300 (l for the calculation of span).  
Thin pressure plate due to the original panel, anti-corrosion coating directly affects the quality of life, in order to meet the requirements of processing and rust-proof, coated steel basis having the relevant provisions of the inspection. Thin steel plate under normal circumstances the requirement can also be based, the pressure-type anti-rust paint and then painted, or stainless steel sheet of the original board. Pressure plate used for industrial plant roof, siding, in the general case of no insulation requirements, per square meter of steel about 5 to 11 kg. A thermal insulation requirements, the available mineral wool board, glass wool, foam and other materials for insulation. Combination of pressure plate made of composite slabs and concrete, can save the template can be used as load-bearing structure of wood. At the same time to strengthen the plate with the concrete binding, should be pre-welded on the plate or the suppression of two-way stud stiffeners.

nto the 21st century, high-speed stable development of China's national economy, and color coated steel sheeting from the general industrial buildings around the large, public buildings, such as airport terminals, railway stations, stadiums, concert halls, large theaters, the 2008 Olympic Games venues. Building roof, floor and wall board type power and connect more reasonable, more scientific construction methods like performance more galvanized plate, aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy plate, titanium plate, stainless steel, etc. R & D, greatly enhanced the level of applied technology of the subtypes metal plate.
Board structure and standards undercut structure, the second generation of the pressure plate of the fastening structure and fasteners hidden connections; CLOSED the Cored The existing mature application; coating plate and pressure plate (substrate) to increase the aluminum plate, galvanized aluminum varieties, coated sheet and partial polyvinyl fluoride (PVDF) coated plates.

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Q:What are the connecting forms of steel structures? What are the characteristics of each?
Welding is the heat generated by the arc, the electrode and welding parts of local melting. After cooling into the welding seam, so that the welding piece is connected as a whole. The advantages are: the component in any form can generally direct orange even, does not weaken the component section. The economic materials, simple structure, convenient manufacture, connection stiffness, good sealing performance, can realize automatic operation, high production efficiency. The disadvantage is due to the formation of steel; weld heat affected zone of high temperature welding, resulting in local brittle material. In the process of welding material is not uniform with high temperature and cooling, the structure of the welding residual stress and deformation of the structure bearing capacity, stiffness and performance have certain effect. In addition, due to the rigidity of welded steel structure, local cracks can easily spread to the whole as soon as they occur, especially brittle at low temperatures. Moreover, the plasticity and toughness of the welding are poor, and the defects may be caused by blasting, and the fatigue strength is reduced.
Q:What does LL represent in steel structures?
LL means coupling beam.The coupling beam refers to the connection between the wall member and the wall member in the shear wall structure and the frame shear wall structure, and the coupling beam is the beam at both ends connected with the shear wall in the plane
Q:Tall steel columns with studs what effect is there?
The fastener stiffness of stud belongs to a kind of connection of high strength, used in all kinds of steel structure engineering, in different joints in rigid composite connection. The stud is cheese head studs for arc stud welding (Cheese head studs for arc stud English welding) abbreviation, the studs specifications for the nominal diameter of 10 mm to 25mm, the total length of 40 ~ 300mm before welding.
Q:Why should we add air holes to the embedded parts of the steel structure?
Another is due to concrete pouring into mold, into many gases, the vibrating rod under the action of gas accumulation in the lower part of the embedded parts take up, not go out, the formation of voids, the influence of embedded parts anchor, hole, air run, this part of the concrete filled. So, the concrete steel embedded parts should be appropriate to open some air holes.
Q:What is the budget for steel structure?
The formula is 0.336*6*7.85+0.2*2*8*7.85) *9/10000.338 is 0.35 minus the thickness of both sides of the steel plate 0.008*2=0.016, the resulting 0.338 is the width, length of 9 meters, in the back, that is, the area. Theoretical weight plate is 7.85, multiplied by the thickness of 6mm, the result is 9 meters long, this piece of steel 338 wide on both sides of the weight, because there is no reduction of plate thickness, so is 0.2*2, two blocks, and then multiplied by 9 meters behind the same, leaf area, and then multiplied by the theoretical weight of 7.85, multiplied by the thickness of 8mm get the weight plates on both sides, and finally divided by 1000, the root of the total weight of steel column meters long.
Q:The steel structure and the concrete building which cost is high
A one-time base investment, steel structure slightly higher. But in the long run, steel is cheap
Q:What is a light portal steel frame?
Light steel structure is made of steel (steel plate and shaped steel), and compared with other materials, the steel structure has the following characteristics:High strength steel strength and elastic modulus of concrete, masonry and wood to be many times higher, due to the small weight, high stiffness, steel structure for the construction of large span and super high and super heavy buildings especially suitable for.Small weight - the weight of ordinary steel roof truss only reinforced concrete roof truss 1/4~1/3, if the use of thin-walled steel roof, it is lighter. Because of its light weight, the steel structure is also convenient for transportation and lifting, and can lighten the burden of the substructure and the foundation.Uniform material - the internal structure of the steel is uniform, very close to the isotropic body, and in a certain range of stress, it belongs to the ideal elastic work, and accords with the basic assumption adopted in engineering mechanics. Therefore, the calculation method of steel structure can be accurate and reliable according to the principle of mechanics.
Q:What is the difference between steel structure, light steel workshop, color steel room and movable room?
The main difference between the company's light steel structure and the color steel plate movable room is that the materials used by the two are different, and the prices are different. Choi steel movable room is relatively simple, safe and practical. Light steel structure seismic, light weight, environmental protection, construction cycle fast.
Q:What is called a steel rivet?
It's going to be an antique. Aluminum or steel rivets are used for locking structures when they are used for retaining structures, not for structural purposes. As for the thin steel plate, the steel structure is not good, and at the very least, the structural professional pays little attention to rivet pulling.
Q:What does steel structure cross section L75*5 mean?
The "L" in the drawing of the steel structure refers to the angle steel, the 75 is the angle steel limb width, and the 5 is the angle steel thickness, so the steel structural section L75*5 represents the equilateral steel angle with 75mm 5mm and wall thickness of both sides.

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