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produce kinds of casting products, we can make as per the drawing or the samples.    

Equipped with new type of energy-saving &environment-friendly production flow line of lost wax casting process and heattreating equipment,possessing complete and advanced CNC machining facilities.Besides,our company has itstop-advanced inspection equipment in the investment casting industry aswell,which means SpectrumAnalyzer,Microscope,Universal Testing Machine,IntegrationIntelligent Temperature Control Instrument and so on.

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Q:What is the main function of setting up cold iron in casting process design?
Product Name: manufacturing process of cold iron: stamping, forming, forging, machining, casting or welding other names: inside and outside the cold iron insert cooling cold iron nail, chill coil, nail and nail by casting cold iron tin or coated with anti mucosa slurry of low carbon steel wire or process. And can be processed into the shape and size of every kind of. Either a horseshoe nail or a straight nail can be used as a cold iron. In casting, chills are used to control shrinkage and to achieve directional solidification. Cold Tiefang against the wall in the casting mold. The inner cooling iron is pressed into the core or die wall so that a large part of them can be inserted into the cavity so as to achieve the desired result. Edit this section to classify the chill to increase the local cooling rate of the casting. The metal block placed in the inner cavity and work surface is called the cold iron. Cold iron is divided into two categories: internal cooling iron and external cooling iron. A metal chill block placed in a mold cavity that is fused with a casting shall be called an internal cooling iron. In shape (core), the metal block placed on the surface of the shape (core box) is called outer cooling iron. The effect of graphite chill casting, cold iron to improve the riser effect and preventing casting shrinkage, ensure the casting quality plays an important role in EPC process and can use the same common casting cold iron. Cold in the sand water could add; cold could embed or adhesive inside the model in modeling, can also be extended to the cold iron type, fixed in the sand.
Q:What kinds of casting do you have?What kinds of casting are there?
casting of metal Melting and casting, casting metal (alloy) main cast iron, cast steel and cast nonferrous alloy castings; the processing and inspection, casting processing cores and casting surface including the removal of foreign body, resection of sprue, grinding burrs and fash protrusions and shaping, heat treatment, anti rust treatment and rough machining.
Q:What are the requirements of sand casting for structural design of castings?
Alloy good mobility, filling ability, casting is not easy to produce misrun and cold lap defects, but also can cast casting a minimum wall thickness is small. Different alloy, minimum wall can be cast in the casting under the conditions of a given thickness is different. When the casting wall thickness design that must be the big inch alloy: the minimum wall thickness to ", in order to ensure the quality of castings. The casting" minimum allowable wall thickness "mainly depends on the type of alloy, casting method and casting size. Table 5 - 1 for the minimum allowable casting wall thickness values. However, the casting wall is not too thick. Thick walled casting grain coarse, loose tissue, prone to shrinkage, mechanical properties decrease. Casting load capacity is not difficult with the cross-sectional area increases proportionally to the increase. The design thickness of the casting wall, will cause the metal waste.
Q:What are the common casting equipment?
According to the different method of sand core, core making machine can be divided into shock type core machine? Core machine and core machine.5. molding machine for casting mold manufacturing equipment. Its main function is: sand filling, fill the loose sand in the sand box,.6. compaction of molding sand casting machine for the liquid metal into the mold cavity and the channel opened in the mold. The pouring cup, including: the sprue, runner, gate. (2) the 1. casting materials will loose sand casting sand binder bonded together to make other materials.2. reclaimed sand sand or sand core casting production after processing basically restored the old sand.3. performance could be used for casting Sand casting production equipment for the preparation of molding sand and the core sand moulding material.4. casting sand core manufacturing core material used in production, generally by the casting sand? Sand adhesive and auxiliary material molding material mixed according to a certain proportion to make the material 5. sand mold in the sand.
Q:Casting and welding 20
This requires the use of casting to produce precision parts, then welding, connecting them without space limitations.On the first floor, this statement seems very unprofessional. Castings can not be welded by welding. They are welded in castings and are usually used to repair defects
Q:What is the difference between low pressure casting and differential pressure casting?
First, low pressure casting 1, principle low-pressure casting is to make liquid metal under the action of pressure to complete the filling cavity and solidification process two to obtain a casting method. Because of lower pressure (20~60kPa), it is called low pressure casting. The process is: in the sealed crucible (or sealed tank), pass into the dry compressed air, liquid metal under the action of gas pressure, along the riser tube into the sprue 3 rises through the ingate 2 smoothly into the cavity 1, and keep the gas pressure on the surface of the crucible until the casting solidification totally. The gas pressure on the liquid surface is then lifted, and the uncured metal liquid in the riser flows back into the crucible, and then the mold is removed and cast out. The basic characteristics of low pressure casting process: filling speed and pressure can be adjusted properly. The mould used in low pressure casting has two types, metal and nonmetal.
Q:Casting process
The main method of manual molding of casting is manual molding (core making) and machine molding (core making). Manual molding refers to the molding and making the core of the main tasks are completed by hand; machine modeling refers to the main modeling work, including sand filling, compaction, lifting mold, and so on by the molding machine completed. Botou foundry tools friends introduced main methods of manual molding: manual molding because of its flexible operation, strong adaptability, simple manufacturing process, without other equipment, is widely used in small batch production. But manual molding productivity is low, labor intensity is bigger. There are a lot of manual molding methods, and the following are common: 1., the whole mold for the shape is simple, the end of the plane and the largest cross-section of the casting, should use the whole mold modeling. The whole mold is easy to operate, and the shape of the whole shape is placed in a sand box without any box defects. The whole mould is suitable for the casting with simple shape and the biggest section at the end, such as gear blank, bearing seat, cover, shell and so on.
Q:Bronze casting process detailed process 20
Wow, a lot. Then you take a slow look. A block rule, a block method, or a clay law, was first used in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, and it was the most widely used method of bronze casting. The method is briefly introduced as follows: a casting container is taken as an example, and a model for casting objects is first made. The model on the casting process or die also known as Mother Teresa; with mud deposited in the model outside the mold for forming casting prolapse part outline, on the casting process known as van, van to split into several pieces, so that from the die off; in addition to the earth a volume of the inner cavity of the vessel a fan, often referred to as the core, or called the heart, then make the internal and external fan; fan cover, the middle of the gap is cavity, the interval is to cast objects thickness; finally will melt copper fluid into the void, the copper liquid cooling fan is removed, inside and outside to cast artifacts.
Q:How can the cast aluminum alloy be welded?
2. welding methodAlmost all kinds of welding methods can be used for welding aluminum and aluminum alloy, but aluminum and aluminum alloy have different adaptability to various welding methods, and various welding methods have their respective application. Gas welding and SMAW method, simple equipment, convenient operation. The gas can be used for welding of aluminum plate and casting of high welding quality requirements. Electrode arc welding can be used for repairing welding of aluminium alloy castings. Inert gas shielded welding (TIG or MIG) is the most widely used method for welding aluminum and aluminum alloys. Tungsten and argon arc welding or tungsten arc argon arc welding can be used for aluminum and its alloy sheets. Aluminum and aluminium alloy heavy plates can be made of tungsten helium arc welding, argon helium tungsten gas welding, MIG welding and pulse MIG welding. MIG welding and pulse MIG welding are more and more widely used (argon or argon / helium)
Q:What is water glass sand casting?
It is not an independent casting methodThere are two main ways of using it:1, quartz sand + water glass (used as binder) do sand mold, through the rapid curing of carbon dioxide

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