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produce kinds of casting products, we can make as per the drawing or the samples.    

Equipped with new type of energy-saving &environment-friendly production flow line of lost wax casting process and heattreating equipment,possessing complete and advanced CNC machining facilities.Besides,our company has itstop-advanced inspection equipment in the investment casting industry aswell,which means SpectrumAnalyzer,Microscope,Universal Testing Machine,IntegrationIntelligent Temperature Control Instrument and so on.

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Q:What are the advantages and limitations of centrifugal casting?
Limitations:(1) cylindrical parts cast in the inner hole of the free surface roughness, size error, poor quality, there are many pores and slag, thus increasing the machining allowance, but not suitable for casting is easy to produce gravity segregation of alloy and aluminum magnesium alloy.(2- metal type manufacturing costs high, long cycle, is not suitable for single room, small batch production.(3) it is not suitable for the manufacture of complex shapes, thin wall and large castings.
Q:What are the differences between forging and casting of aluminum alloy wheels?
Production and processing in different ways, so the characteristics of the use is also quite different. A cast wheel is a process of casting molten aluminum into a sand mold, which is then formed by mechanical processing (deburring, trimming, appearance, polishing) until it is cooled.
Q:What are the structural differences between forging and casting gears?
The cost of forging is high and the cost of casting is lowWhen choosing, it should be chosen according to the cost and the condition of use
Q:What's the difference between forging and casting?
Forging, like doing the cake, you put the dough into small, mold, made products with different shapes. Almost solids, at high temperatures, change in shape to other shapes (solids to solids).Casting is the process of casting molten metal into a mold to obtain a casting. The casting specialty focuses on the metal smelting process and the process control during the casting process.Forging is the plastic forming under the solid state. It has the advantages of hot working and cold processing, such as extrusion, drawing, pier roughing, punching and so on.
Q:What are the main equipments in the foundry?
Intermediate frequency electric furnace, annealing furnace, mixing sand machine, steel ladle, shot blasting machine, it is better to have air pump and machining lathe and other processing machinery
Q:What is digital casting?
Digital casting is a kind of technology which realizes the digitalization of foundry industry and is the technological upgrading of foundry industry.Casting Digital ChinaFrom November 23, 2000 to 26, China Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of information industry, China Academy of engineering, Beijing City, Shanghai City, Tianjin City, Chongqing municipal government and China CCPIT, Lenovo Chinese informatization construction and management of Information Technology City International Exhibition and China international Digital China Limited Company organized the city (mayor) forum held in beijing.
Q:What are the characteristics of casting?
In the machine manufacturing method used in casting production of parts, the number and tonnage on it is still the most.Casting production often use materials with all kinds of metal, wood, plastic, electric power, coke, gas and liquid fuel and other materials. For a variety of equipment for metal smelting furnace, sand mixing with all kinds of sand mixing machine, various molding machine, core making machine modelling core use, have for cleaning cast shakeout machine, Shotblast machines. There are machines and equipment for special casting and many transportation and material treatment equipment.The production has the different characteristics with other casting process, mainly adaptability, need material and equipment, environmental pollution. Casting production will produce dust, harmful gases and noise pollution of the environment, than other mechanical manufacturing process is more serious, need to take measures to control.
Q:What is the difference between squeeze casting (squeeze casting) and die casting (die-casting)?
Differences: 1. extrusion casting products have no holes, no shrinkage loose.2. extrusion casting internal dense casting, can reach the requirements of air tightness can be
Q:The production process, application and notice of metal mould casting
(1) the key to the design of the metal mold casting process is the determination of the casting position, the design of the pouring system and the control and adjustment of the working temperature of the die. L) pouring position of casting. It is directly related to the type of metal core and type the number, position, the liquid metal into the exhaust patency and metal structure complexity, easy and difficult to determine the temperature distribution of casting metal processing and operation, thereby affecting the casting production efficiency, quality, dimensional accuracy etc.. Therefore, the pouring position of casting is an important link in the design of casting process.
Q:What is the defect when casting s less than 0.06%?
Casting is the method of casting liquid metal into the casting cavity which is in accordance with the shape of parts. After cooling and solidification, it can obtain parts or blanks. The cast material is mostly solid but heated to liquid metal (copper, iron, aluminum, tin, lead, etc.), while the mold material can be sand, metal, or even ceramic.

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