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Product Description:

1.Machine Tool Steel


1. Product Name: Machine Tool Steel cable  chain

2. Bending Radius ranges: From 50-600mm

3. Chain’s Height: From 35 to 150mm

4. Application: The towline has been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, doors and windows machines, injection molding machines, mechanical hands, overweight transportation equipment, automated warehouses.

5. Processing Technique: special steel plate, laser cutting with high precision.

6. Maximum speed is 40 meter/ minute and less than 68 decibel SPL.

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Q:For their skill
The trick is: 1 luck is super!!! 2 recharge enough rmb!!! To tell the truth, if there is forging skills, that is not everyone +10? If you want to + 7, really better than buying the finished product cost-effective, think oneself + successful J spent absolutely more than a +7 finished equipment!!!
Q:DNF weapon forging failure, will lose the level of forging it?
No, but the material will go away. After forging failure, the forging level will not decrease. After forging from the sixth stage, the result will be published in the system information and guild bulletin board.
Q:How did DNF forge weapons materials?
Brush Huanglong, Qinglong assembly, monster drop in the breath can small iron forging, hope to adopt
Q:Forging risk factors
Three. Analysis of the causes of the accidents in the forge workshop 1. protection areas and equipment lack of protective devices and safety devices. 2. the protective device on the equipment is not perfect or not used. 3. the production equipment itself is defective or defective. 4. damage to equipment or tools and improper working conditions. There is something wrong with the 5. die and anvil. 6. confusion in the organization and management of the workplace. 7., the operation method and the assistant work of the repair are not done properly. 8. personal protective appliances such as protective glasses are faulty, work clothes and work shoes do not meet the working conditions. 9., when several people work together on a task, they do not coordinate with each other. 10. lack of technical, educational and safety knowledge, resulting in incorrect steps and methods.
Q:Sango 7 weapon forging success rate
After that, I suggest the Japanese build. I remember a man named "long time function". I found his success rate was relatively high. There are Japanese in force with high intelligence generals, such as the low fan Hu, he was very sick. On this basis, to give these generals wear "forging experience" (I forget what the name is called, like this). This book can improve the success rate of generals forging weapons, when the generals wear this book, these generals have increased a characteristic, is forging, can improve the success rate of 15%, you are forging time, when someone forged, above there are additional skills, you can click, you will find forging of this skill, if I do not take this book, it is not. In this way, the success rate will be greatly improved.
Q:Will DNF forge weapons scale down or break down?
No failure, no rise, no failure, success will fail, not broken
Q:What is the forging of DNF weapons?
Material can be forged first to the 70 level to brush assembly is independent with Ssangyong up to 7 independent and watch the number of forging weapons grade 55ss7 forging can add more than 200 independent all weapons can be forged... Beg for adoption
Q:Where did the World of Warcraft forge get the iron drill?
It's on the edge of the forge trainer, trying to forge and find trainers
Q:How do WOW forged armor master task?
King plate task: the character level reaches 50 level to 265. NPC forging: Deluo. Tyne (Trenton, light hammer on the edge of the black dwarf) location: Tana Lys Fagafaga Kissoon (52,29) task is introduced: with 270 thorium bar exchange formula king series armor. Cuish: 60 (learning forging 300) shoulder armor: 20 (learning need to be forged: 60 (265) breastplate learning forging 300) belt: 20 (learning to forge 265) shoes a: 40 (learning need to be forged: 20 (295) wrist learning forging helmet: 270) 50 (learning forging 295) properties and manufacturing materials [board set a monarch king]---22 se 6 silver belt hard leather armor 1 green green [King plate boots]---34 1 thorium bar Ruby 1 green green [King Plate Bracers]---20 thorium bar 1 Ruby king [a famous]---40 thorium bar Ruby [2 King Plate Helmet]---34 silver bullion se 2 Ruby king [Plate Leggings]---44 silver bullion se 2 Ruby king [plate shoulder]---24 thorium bar 6 hard leather armor 2 yellow crystal in addition, wear suits have bonuses, respectively in 2, 4, 6 pieces of equipment are bonuses They are: 2 pieces of +100 armor, 4 pieces of +28 attack strength, 6 pieces of +18 endurance bonus: making recipes. A total of 700 100 points per time
Q:Wow how do you punch the drawing after 345?
340-350The hammer Fort (dark moon Canyon) looks for drawings of the secondary protection runes of NPC. It can be washed up to grey, up, and not very expensive.

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