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Packaging Details: In Cartons Then On Pallets
Delivery Detail: 30 Days After Deposite

Specifications of Stainless Steel Drop Forged

1. Material: Stainless Steel 304, 316

Dimensional checking:100% according to ISO9001

Leakage testing:100%(In open and close positon)

Outlet flow testing"100%

Life cycle testing:0.05% per shipment


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Q:How did DNF forge weapons materials?
DNF new map Su Li, copies of Tsing Lung assembly and copies of the Yellow Dragon general assembly APC will fall after death.
Q:DNF forged weapons there
In the 70 grand Nobel feather forest there is sent to Su Nan, playing Dragon and Huanglong conference, will drop a strong atmosphere, this atmosphere can be forged in the south there is a NPC called him in the small iron, forging, forging to useless percentage of occupation injury is useful Oh, solid. Hope to adopt.
Q:DNF strong flavor, forged weapons packaged, you can still trading? Five
Independent forging force attack just upgrade weapons, will not affect the properties of weapons itself, whether or package decapsulation can be forged, and re opened after forging weapons can also be re sealed, forging property is not lost, I made BOSS powder put before forging 7 weapons sealed up sell.
Q:WOW how did the master forge it?
In the original version of Warcraft level 60, want to become a master blacksmith requires up to level 40, and reached 200 points Forging Branch task can only be received the task of forging master branch, weapons and armor master master two, a task which can become weapons or armor master division. This quest, tribes in Orgrimmar, alliance in ironforge.A master of weapons or armor master's words, you can forge certain powerful weapon / armor, at that time almost every soldier is to learn the weapons master. But now the version has been updated to level 100, and these devices have lost their meaning, so if it's not for nostalgia, then you don't have to do these tasks anymore.
Q:For their skill
The trick is: 1 luck is super!!! 2 recharge enough rmb!!! To tell the truth, if there is forging skills, that is not everyone +10? If you want to + 7, really better than buying the finished product cost-effective, think oneself + successful J spent absolutely more than a +7 finished equipment!!!
Q:What else can be done about the WOW Titan ingot in addition to the forging and Odul's strange fall?
No, and Odul is engineering demolition, BOSS is not a direct drop
Q:In DNF, is the weapon forged, and if it fails, will the weapon disappear?
Weapon forging is carried out in a small bit of Sora * s iron, requires a strong atmosphereIf the weapon is forged, it will maintain the state of the weapon before forgingFor example, forging +6 weapons, forging, failure, weapons will not change, or forging +6, anyway, if successful, it will become a forging +7PS: forging 7 is really tough and disgusting
Q:WOW forging 1-375 guide?
Third stage:256-260: this is the second stuck point, if Mithril spurs drawings can be used to flush the Spurs, save the trouble, if not, then go to Winterspring or crater playing silver series (belt, wrist), easier to make drawings, but the material is depressed, need ring shaped mountain energy crystals, equipment corresponding to different crystal is not the same. Fortunately, the 4 crystal can do one, so this method is more cost-effective, after all, now the Spurs drawings are less.261-300: here is more convenient, not what skills, learning JJS to do it. Then the king set, about 30 or so of thorium bar. How now silver is not expensive.301-320: a lot of people in this section there are two kinds of washing method, personal recommendation, using thorium bar to do enchant silver knife, magic silver knife =2 magic harp silver +6 silver bullion se +1 hard leather armor, of course, have deep pockets, you can continue to do the king to rush, here we do not the other do the discussion, but you know, thorium bar is cheap, but the amount is not much, I had not met a kind-hearted man a sale of more than 30 group, is not met to this kind of thing.321-325: armour coat = Fel Iron Ingot x9=45 Fel Iron a magic iron ingot.326-330: secondary barrier Rune gold ingot X1=10 = sperm ingot331-340: gold AX = fine gold X8=80 fine ingots. This formula is limited, Shattrath City - Elon exodar - Holman, Alaska, Silvermoon - Enlide sale340-350: secondary shield Rune = gold ingot X1=20 fine ingots. This formula is also limited, Shadowmoon Valley Wildhammer stronghold - Maree S (LM) - Luohuoke Hellfire Peninsula - Salma (tribe)350-360: gold gold ingot X1+ balance stone = tattoo cloth X2=10 +20 tattoo cloth fine gold Senario expedition honored the blueprint to buy
Q:World 3 weapons forge upgrade 5
Notes on weapon forging upgrades:1. Most of the proposals are made of cheap raw silver. Occasionally, gold can be used, and the small formula can be done, and it is easier to realize the experience.
Q:How can World of Warcraft be forged?
Forging, first of all to find a forging trainer. You can ask the guards in each main city and they'll show you. Then you will learn some low grade items, which are to improve proficiency by forging objects. You can make more advanced items with higher proficiency, presumably the process is like this.

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