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Packaging Details: In Cartons Then On Pallets
Delivery Detail: 30 Days After Deposite

Specifications of Stainless Steel Drop Forged

1. Material: Stainless Steel 304, 316

Dimensional checking:100% according to ISO9001

Leakage testing:100%(In open and close positon)

Outlet flow testing"100%

Life cycle testing:0.05% per shipment


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Q:How to become a wow armor forging division?
Have to do a task, a task, a source of forging. Acceptance level 43-43. Task: give 6 golden scale bracers to the giant hammer of Hurricane Hank. For ingot ingot is [out] ingot coal and sand wheel. Task reward is: Design: gold scales hand guardTask two looking for Calvin. Acceptance level 43-43. Hammer Hank will ask you to talk with the Booty Bay Makejiawen.Task three Mithril will. Acceptance level 44--44. Talk to Calvin of Briar valley. Now the difficulty is coming, and the three task from Calvin. No need to ask for material. My impression about: Mithril 120/, really silver 5/, iron ingot 40/, yellow crystal 4/. When the task is over, pay attention to Calvin and wait there for a while. Get an ornament. This jewelry can be called "forging skills Zhong" hand weapons, 1 hours away. At the same time, get 3 exquisite secret silver drawings, but don't worry, 3 things this is not the guy to ironforge. The fourth task that you go to Gadgetzan Trenton? Light hammer?. The gate location in the airport town garkisen. Reward 3 design drawings.Mission five dialogue with Trenton, hammer?. Take 3 tasks.1 cap and shoulderTrenton? Light hammer?The 2 top cap and 1 Mithril refined Mithril shoulder belt Mithril shoulder to Trenton? Light hammer?.The 2 world is at your feetTrenton? Light hammer?2 double heavy Mithril boots and 1 refined Mithril shorts to Mithril shorts to Trenton? Light hammer?.3 Mithril boyTrenton? Light hammer?2 heavy Mithril breastplate and 1 pairs of refined Mithril gloves bring special Mithril gloves to Trenton light hammer??.After the completion can be refined Mithril helmet, refined Mithril boots and refined Mithril breastplate making map. It should probably be like this
Q:DNF forging failure will lose the level of forging ah 109 level 70 purple Tachi ice attack forged 7 about how many w ah
Forging is mainly an independent attack, +7 forging is not easy, coupled with attributes for the ice properties, individuals feel that it can be sold around 400W+.
Q:DNF can weapons be forged only?
Yes, except for weapons, other equipment cannot be forged
Q:Forge or cast well?
The forging material is mainly carbon steel and alloy steel components, followed by aluminum and magnesium, titanium, copper and its alloy material. The original state bar, ingot casting, metal powder and liquid metals. The metal in the cross sectional area and deformation mode after the break before the area is called the forging ratio. The correct choice of forging ratio on improving product quality, reduce the cost of a great relationship. Casting: the metal melt into liquid poured into the mold, the processing method of cooling and cleaning after the required shape of castings can be made into complex shapes. The workpiece, all types of objects.x0d forged delicate texture, good toughness, like women; casting out of shape workpiece, accurate size, small processing quantity, but black. Casting is within the mold casting, forging hammer is beatening by vigorously forging, stamping mold is a strong stamping.
Q:Sango 7 weapon forging success rate
Has the following characteristics do when forging forging forging is one plus the success rate increased by 10% when smelting individual forging, forging experience success rate increased 15% Book upstairs to say in order to increase the properties of forging. If you feel like you're making a lot of effort. Is to build 10 times, is not successful, please Sango 7 update to version 1.20. If you want to improve the success rate of the first, I suggest you use the high intelligence is one of the best generals, generals, Zhou Yu, Meng, Cao Cao, Jiang Wei..., is... Intelligence and force in more than 90, if coupled with weapons, horses can be up to about 100 words. The success rate has been raised considerably.
Q:How can World of Warcraft be forged?
There is a call [] smelting skill points off your copper ore Rongcheng copper ingot open your skills bookIt is necessary to smelt the ore in a melting place and then click on your forging skills. Check the chain shorts. Click on it. It must be in the iron felt place. You also need a hammer and hammer to buy it at the grocery store
Q:The distinction between stamping and forging
Stamping material is usually sheet metal, forging materials are generally round steel.Stamping die size is fine, after molding generally do not need to carry out machining, and the forging is usually made in need of further processing of blank, leaving a certain processing margin.
Q:Where is the Dungeon Fighter Online weapon forged?
Only 70 of weapons can be forged! At the entrance of [Green Sen] there was a NPC and a horse, and to where level 70 went from [to the motherland], there was NPC, an early forging weapon, where it was forged!
Q:Forging is a chance, and a high probability of successive successes
LZ is the forging of life skills? The higher the level of life skills, the higher the success rate of upgrading weapons if N is not less than 101 success rate is 100%.
Q:In DNF, is the weapon forged, and if it fails, will the weapon disappear?
No, for example, forging +6 weapons, forging, failure, weapons will not change, or forging +6, anyway, if successful, it will become a forging +7

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