pre efficiency G1-G4 synthetic fiber frame air filter

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Primary-efficiency Flat Filter


u  Trapping40-60% of >5um particles.

u  Using speciallow-resistance and high-through non-woven fabrics as the filter material, witha high dust containing capacity.

u  Frame can bemade of cardboard ,galvanized steel sheet, or aluminum alloy.




Rated  Air Flow (m3/h)

Initial  Pressure Drop (Pa)

Media  Area (m2)



High  Capacity


High  Capacity

















u  Suitable as pre-filter used to protect high-performance filters, andclean room ventilation system filters.

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Q:What is a precision air filter?
Precision filter (compressed air filter, pipe filter, pipeline filter), precision filter, fine classification:
Q:Avoid air filter mistakes. How often will the air filter be changed?
How long will the air filter be changed? How long will the air filter change? The air filter, as its name suggests, is the component that filters air impurities. It is usually made up of air inlet duct
Q:What does "first effect, medium efficiency, high efficiency air filter" mean?
PM2.5 purification efficiency of up to 97%, that is to say, they filter effect is different
Q:Instrument air filter, pressure reducing valve, how to discharge?
clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, and some have a black width of about half centimeter of bayonet, and the other hand bayonet down
Q:How is the filter specification?
such as DN80, DN100, and filtering precision, with micron (UM), such as 100um, particle size greater than 100um are filtered and discharged.
Q:Selection of air filter for central air conditioning
The efficiency of air filters for central air conditioners should be well matched. If the efficiency of the two adjacent filter specifications are too large, then the first level can not play a role after the protection; if the difference between the two levels is not large, the latter level is too small.
Q:The role of automotive air filters
The air filter consists of two parts: filter core and shell. The main requirements of the air cleaner is high filtration efficiency and low flow resistance, long time of continuous use without maintenance.
Q:The working principle of self-cleaning air filter
The membrane can make the dust filtering effect is improved. At the same time also make the air resistance increases. When the resistance to high limit 600Pa, the differential pressure transmitter will drag the signal to the pulse control device of computer,
Q:How often does the air filter change?
The air cleaner is what we often say "air filter" for air filter is a very basic maintenance project. Nature is not the same for different car replacement cycle, so no one is absolute standard, because it depends on the amount of suction air filter such as dust and impurities. The same is a the air cleaner, in a long running on the highway vehicle,
Q:Why does the compressed air filter in the pipe have 3 4?
F filter accuracy can be as high as 0.01um, because the filter accuracy is very high, so installed in the back of the dryer filter from the dryer out of compressed air in the inclusion of small dust.

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