pre efficiency G1-G4 synthetic fiber frame air filter

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Primary-efficiency Flat Filter


u  Trapping40-60% of >5um particles.

u  Using speciallow-resistance and high-through non-woven fabrics as the filter material, witha high dust containing capacity.

u  Frame can bemade of cardboard ,galvanized steel sheet, or aluminum alloy.




Rated  Air Flow (m3/h)

Initial  Pressure Drop (Pa)

Media  Area (m2)



High  Capacity


High  Capacity

















u  Suitable as pre-filter used to protect high-performance filters, andclean room ventilation system filters.

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Q:Where are the air filters commonly used?
On human health as the center of the air purification. The problem of indoor air quality is "sick building syndrome", in a closed air-conditioned building, building materials, office appliances, household appliances emit volatile organic chemicals, bacteria, dust and so on, the body will produce discomfort and illness.
Q:Where are the filter core, filter and filter used?
Its main function is to remove harmful impurities in the air entering the cylinder, in order to reduce the early wear of cylinder, piston
Q:Can you tell me if the air filter is the same as the air cleaner?
Although both are used to filter the air or purify the air, but because of its use of the place and the destination is very different, so in its structure and material is also very different.
Q:What is an ultra high efficiency air filter?
When the cleanliness requirements of your level 10, you must choose the ultra efficient filter (U15), if it is 100, using high efficiency filter (H14) is enough, if only to filter haze, which is the 2.5UM particles, with the effect is enough.
Q:Introduce the working principle and structure of an air filter
Purification control is mainly bacteria and fungi, viruses. Because microorganisms attached to the dust particles, so the dust particles in the air effectively control, can effectively control the bacteria, fungi and viruses in the air. To do this, we must through the particulate filter barrier properties, can be filtered.
Q:Air conditioning air filter is divided into
high pressure pipeline filter (A): located on the outlet pipe of the pump, it has the function of protecting the pollutant from entering the system. Therefore, the pollutant concentration of the system can be controlled. However, because of the high pressure on the road, subject to fluctuations in the pump and pressure shocks, so the quality of the filter element, the intensity should be carefully considered.
Q:Gb/t 13554-2008 HEPA filter, who has the word version?
The classification, technical requirements, quality inspection rules, and the basic requirements of product logos, packaging, transportation and storage of HEPA filters and ultra high efficiency air filters are defined
Q:What's the difference between air purifiers, air purifiers and air filters?
An air filter is a machine for filtering material in the air when it is introduced into the air from outside.
Q:Recommend a home air filter, better oh?
There are many kinds of air filters, physical filtration, chemical reaction and also, also have optical decomposition; each has different advantages and disadvantages in applications; mainly depends on your requirements and the choice of applicable products
Q:Is the air purifier useful?
: air purifier selection criteria: election time, according to their actual conditions, election, the new decoration of the house due to heavy formaldehyde, it is recommended to choose in addition to good performance of formaldehyde.

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