filter bag using PTFE material for air filtration

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Specificationof PTFE Filter Bag:

u  Material : 100%PTFE staple fiber

u  Scrim: with PTFEstaple yarn

u  Width:≤2.2m

u  Thickness:1.1-1.4mm

u  Weight:700-800g/m2 ±10%

u  Temperature (): Continue: 260, Instant: 280

Features ofPTFE Filter Bag:

u  High TemperatureResistance:260-280

u  ExcellentAnti-Acid And Anti-Alkali

u  Extremelychemical Stability

u  Long ServiceLife: >10000 hours

u  High-efficiencyfiltration

u  Can be used in avariety of complex situation and harsh environmental conditions

u  Can be customized.








Finish treatment

Singeing, Calendering, Heat setting

Air permeability(L/m2.s)


Tensile  strength(N/5cm)





Tensile   elongation(%)





Heat  shrinkage(%)











u  PTFEfilter bags are made of 100% PTFE fiber, with extremely stable chemicalproperties and long working life.

u  PTFEfilter bags are widely used in thermal power industry, iron & steel industry,cement plants, chemical industry, etc.

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Q:What is the minimum particle diameter of an HEPA filter?
What is the minimum particle diameter of an HEPA filter? Man and purify answer for you.
Q:The use of air filters
An air filter is mainly responsible for removing particulates and impurities in the air.
Q:What is the accuracy of the air filter G4?
he air filters of different countries have different standards,
Q:How do I test the filter resistance?
The resistance of the primary air filter increases with the increase of air flow rate. By increasing the area of the filter material, the relative wind speed through the filter material can be reduced, and the resistance of the initial effect air filter can be reduced
Q:What are the types of compressed air precision filters? Is that a precision filter?
Often used upstream of an adsorption dryer or downstream of a refrigeration dryer to ensure that the air used in the system is completely oil-free. Can filter small to 0.01 microns liquid and solid particles, to achieve the minimum residual oil content is only 0.001PPMW/W., remember to install P class air line filter to protect the upstream.
Q:What are the main air filters used in the industry?
The air filter that is a little too large, some are used in air compressor air intake, some for precision filter in the pipeline
Q:What is the efficiency of the air filter through purification at once?
. At the same time, you can make seven day reservation, select the cleaning mode, and check the history, share the circle of friends and so on
Q:How to manually clean air filter 125 scooter
If there is oil, wash with water + detergent, and then dry, and then installed on the line, do not use gasoline to wash, otherwise the sponge will swell deformation.
Q:Who knows the world's most advanced car air filter is what kind?
First of all, I personally feel that the "best" is difficult to define, but to say that good quality of international brands such as Man Hummel, Mahler, Vickers and other brands; domestic such as Tianjin, Bengbu, Anhui road is also quite good.
Q:What kind of air purifier is the most effective filter PM2.5?
Xinhua: air purifier assessment released for the first time thousand yuan purifier best performance, in addition to formaldehyde function, all is "Huyou.""

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