filter bag using PTFE material for air filtration

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Specificationof PTFE Filter Bag:

u  Material : 100%PTFE staple fiber

u  Scrim: with PTFEstaple yarn

u  Width:≤2.2m

u  Thickness:1.1-1.4mm

u  Weight:700-800g/m2 ±10%

u  Temperature (): Continue: 260, Instant: 280

Features ofPTFE Filter Bag:

u  High TemperatureResistance:260-280

u  ExcellentAnti-Acid And Anti-Alkali

u  Extremelychemical Stability

u  Long ServiceLife: >10000 hours

u  High-efficiencyfiltration

u  Can be used in avariety of complex situation and harsh environmental conditions

u  Can be customized.








Finish treatment

Singeing, Calendering, Heat setting

Air permeability(L/m2.s)


Tensile  strength(N/5cm)





Tensile   elongation(%)





Heat  shrinkage(%)











u  PTFEfilter bags are made of 100% PTFE fiber, with extremely stable chemicalproperties and long working life.

u  PTFEfilter bags are widely used in thermal power industry, iron & steel industry,cement plants, chemical industry, etc.

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Q:Selection of air filter for central air conditioning
The efficiency of air filters for central air conditioners should be well matched. If the efficiency of the two adjacent filter specifications are too large, then the first level can not play a role after the protection; if the difference between the two levels is not large, the latter level is too small.
Q:Air conditioning air filter is divided into
high pressure pipeline filter (A): located on the outlet pipe of the pump, it has the function of protecting the pollutant from entering the system. Therefore, the pollutant concentration of the system can be controlled. However, because of the high pressure on the road, subject to fluctuations in the pump and pressure shocks, so the quality of the filter element, the intensity should be carefully considered.
Q:What is the efficiency of a nylon mesh coarse air filter?
There is no standard, the aperture of the nylon net is relatively large,
Q:Gb/t 13554-2008 HEPA filter, who has the word version?
The classification, technical requirements, quality inspection rules, and the basic requirements of product logos, packaging, transportation and storage of HEPA filters and ultra high efficiency air filters are defined
Q:How is the filter specification?
According to the hourly water flow to determine the size of the equipment, which is out of the water bore,
Q:Can air filters be used for administrative expenses and office expenses?
, the capital construction unit is called construction and installation investment. When it happens, the loan is: construction, installation, investment, credit: cash
Q:Introduce the working principle and structure of an air filter
The air filtering technology mainly adopts the method of filtration separation: by setting the different performance of the filter to remove suspended particles and microorganisms in the air, namely through the filter dust particle trapping interception down, to ensure the cleanliness requirements into the air filter. It uses a small diameter fiber, which can make the air flow smoothly through, can effectively capture dust particles.
Q:How is the compressed air filter installed? It doesn't affect the pressure
when solving the oil and water problems of the branch pipe and terminal equipment, it should be as close as possible to the terminal equipment, generally within the range of 7.5 meters.
Q:What is a precision air filter?
Used before pretreatment of class a filter; further improved air quality after cold dryer and suction machine.
Q:How do HEPA filters distinguish between baffles and baffles?
High efficiency air filter can be widely used in optics, electronics, LCD, liquid crystal manufacturing, biological medicine, precision instruments, beverages, food, PCB printing and other industries dust-free purification workshop at the end of the air conditioning department.

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