filter bag using PTFE material for air filtration

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Specificationof PTFE Filter Bag:

u  Material : 100%PTFE staple fiber

u  Scrim: with PTFEstaple yarn

u  Width:≤2.2m

u  Thickness:1.1-1.4mm

u  Weight:700-800g/m2 ±10%

u  Temperature (): Continue: 260, Instant: 280

Features ofPTFE Filter Bag:

u  High TemperatureResistance:260-280

u  ExcellentAnti-Acid And Anti-Alkali

u  Extremelychemical Stability

u  Long ServiceLife: >10000 hours

u  High-efficiencyfiltration

u  Can be used in avariety of complex situation and harsh environmental conditions

u  Can be customized.








Finish treatment

Singeing, Calendering, Heat setting

Air permeability(L/m2.s)


Tensile  strength(N/5cm)





Tensile   elongation(%)





Heat  shrinkage(%)











u  PTFEfilter bags are made of 100% PTFE fiber, with extremely stable chemicalproperties and long working life.

u  PTFEfilter bags are widely used in thermal power industry, iron & steel industry,cement plants, chemical industry, etc.

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Q:Can the HEPA filter be cleaned?
If the air filter is cylindrical or flat, and uses metal or plastic housing, then most of it can be recycled.
Q:What's that thing in front of the car air filter?
The front of the car air filter is an air resonator, as the name suggests: the effect is to reduce resonance.
Q:How long will the air filter be changed?
the piston and the cylinder friction effect, there may be a cylinder a serious phenomenon. Whether the oil filter or air filter, the protection of God they are equivalent to the engine,
Q:What is the function of an air filter?
The air filter is arranged in front of the carburetor or air inlet pipe to play the role of filtering dust and sand in the air to ensure adequate and clean air in the air cylinder.
Q:What brand of household filter is good?
Henan hi God environmental technology company's main products are: brush type cleaning filter, suction cleaning filter, automatic cleaning disc filter (automatic cleaning laminated filter)
Q:How do medical air filters be assembled?
The second part: primary filtration, primary filtration is the first filtration procedure of non wind. We need to replace or clean the equipment for a certain period of time.
Q:The air filter knows the size and the air volume. How do you calculate the resistance?
As mentioned earlier, the resistance of the air filter varies with the windward side wind speed or the filter speed
Q:What's the difference between the air filter, the air conditioner filter and the pollen filter in the car?.
The air filter is filtered air for engine combustion.
Q:How often should the car change the air filter?
If there is no compressed air, the screwdriver handle can be used to gently tap the filter core, and then brush the brush to clean the outer dirt.
Q:What is the relationship between the structure of the nuclear grade HEPA filter and its resistance?
The filtration theory and experimental research began in the early twentieth Century. In 1922, Freundlich proposed that aerosol particles existed at 0. 1~0., 2 m radius and had the maximum permeability (Spurny,

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