PPR Pipe Water Supply DN32mm DIN 8078 Green Colour

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Product Description:

Description of PPR Pipe 

1. In accordance with the norms of DIN 8077/8078; 

2. With the exceptional heat stability and its corrosion resistant performance, this Plastic Pipe has become the most reliable plumbing system for hot and cold water applications with service life in excess of 50 years.

Application of PPR Pipe 

As a key type of Construction Material, it is widely used in the following fields:

1. Portable water supply in residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, shipbuilding etc;

2. Pipe networks for rainwater utilization systems, swimming pool facilities, agriculture and horticulture, industry, i.e. transport of aggressive fluids (acids, etc);

3. Heating pipe for residential building.

Characteristics of PPR Pipe

1. Highly hygienic & non-toxic;
2. Light weight & no leakage; 
3. Easy installation & handling;
4. No calcification & sedimentation;
5. No bacterial & fungal growth;
6. Heat-preservation and energy-saving;
7. Recyclable—benefit for environment.

 Parameters of PPR Pipe

1. Dimensions: DN.20-160mm    16mm can be order making 
2. Pipe series: SDR11/S5/PN10, SDR9/S4/PN12.5,SDR7.4/S3.2/PN16, SDR6/S2.5/PN20 
3. Safety Coefficient:C=1.5
4. Manufacture according to GB/T 18742.2 (Chinese Standard) and DIN: 8078 / 8077(EU and German Standard) 
5. Color: Grey, White, Green or others. 
6. Form supplied: 4m straight lengths or other

ppr tube all the size 













































































 Pictures of PPR pipes and fittings

PPR Pipe Water Supply DN32mm  DIN 8078 Green Colour

PPR Pipe Water Supply DN32mm  DIN 8078 Green Colour

Packing of PPR pipes 


PPR Pipe Water Supply DN32mm  DIN 8078 Green Colour

PPR Pipe Water Supply DN32mm  DIN 8078 Green Colour



1. why choose our factory ?

 we are the professional ppr maufacuter the products series is very completely .

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2.How to order?

do not hesitate to contact by online or Email as soon as possible once you are interested in our products. The specific quotation will be offered basing the request dimension and quantity.x 

3. Can you offer sample pipes and visit my factory?

Yes, we can. But as usual, the buyer have to pay the shipment fee for the sample.

4. What about the quality? 

all products according to ISO and National highest standard, also we can offer CE, ASTM certificate if necessary. The guarantee and insurance is 50 years upon rational usage.

5. What payment is available?  

 Most payment method is available such as L/C, T/T and so on. At usual, 30% t/t deposited before producing and 70% C/L upon B/L for huge purchase.

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we promise 100% refund.Our service formula: best quality+best  price+best  service=customer’s trust

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Q:how we can design a simple total head tube?
A tube with an open ends and connected straight (at right angle) into the side of a pressure container like a pipe or a vessel is called a piezometer. Fluid will rise in the tube equivalent to the static pressure in the container. In a pipe the fluid will probably also be moving and so will have some dynamic energy. If the tube tip has been bent 90 deg. and inserted ( preferably to the center) so that active end is facing upstream, the impact of the moving fluid will convert to additional height of fluid in the tube so that the total head will be the sum of the static equivalent plus the velocity equivalent in feet or meters. That tube is sometimes called an impact tube. The best arrangement is to close the active end of the tube and drill a hole at 90 deg near the end. This allows for the straight tube to be more easily inserted through a small round opening with a sealing gland to stop leakage. This short part can be metal and a clear plastic or glass tube extension fitted to it. A Pitot tube is a combination of the two types of tube and is commonly utilized to measure velocity by subtracting the two heads. It is used in any fluid, water or air, open or contained. However, the Pitot like most other pressure devices usually employs a gage rather than open tubes. The open tubes will limit the amount of pressure to be measured because for each pound of measured pressure (psig), water will rise 2.31 feet.
Q:plastic/acrylic tube fitting question?
A really simple solution I devised years ago for an application my employer had to connect through a plastic container was to use silicone rubber hose and a short piece of nylon air hose over which the silicone rubber hose could be fitted. To use, simply drill a hole through the plastic container, and then push the end of a piece of tubing connected to the pump outlet, to extend say about 10mm. outside the container. Then you wet the short piece of nylon tube, and push it into the end of that hose, and that will make a watertight connection through the tank wall. Then you simply slip another piece of silicone tubing onto the projecting end of the nylon tube. Job done. Many thousands of products using this style of cheap through connection were made, and there were absolutely no failures. They are still going strong to this day. Using clear (natural) silicone rubber tubing, such as medical tubing or natural industrial grade is fine. We had problems when we changed to a white tubing at one stage, as the white disintegrated with time when used with water from some locations. The key to success IS the silicone tubing. Plastic tubing hardens with age, and could therefore leak eventually.
Q:If you filled up a plastic tube with saturated salt water and used the tube as a solenoid around a nail,?
Only if a current(which would be limited by the resistance of the salt water or copper) was applied.So your question is which has less resistance per unit of cross section.Which would be copper.So the answer is no it wouldn't be more efficient(excess heat).Besides to do so would be a hard task what with leaks,space for the plastic tube etc. since the field is determined by ampere turns.
Q:Can heating water pipes be made of ordinary plastic pipes?
No, the heating pipes must be high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant. Because you want to shop in the ground, if it is an ordinary tube, if broken, you are not good maintenance?.
Q:Does the plastic tube in your subwoofer box matter on the bass?
Yes. The plastic tube is called a 'Port'. Its length and diameter are calculated to allow the speaker enclosure to breathe correctly. When music is playing, the speaker travels outwardly AND inwardly. When it moves it compresses air in the box. The compressed air actually restricts the movement of the speaker cone. This will affect the speakers response, especially at sub frequencies. So, the tube is designed to allow air to escape from the box thereby limiting air compression in the box. They are tuned to both the speaker and the box. If you remove the tube you can expect to hear undesirable speaker 'Waffling at high volume levels. Experiment for yourself. Remember, you may not notice much difference at low volume levels. Once you increase the volume and get the box really working, you will definitely notice a difference.
Q:How can I stop my hamster from using its tube as a toilet?
My science teacher taught this to me. She uses a little container (a flat dish of some sort); I used one of those hummus containers. Fill it with kitty litter (any kind), and she will go there to pee all the time. Don't know how, but it worked with my hamster. Try it! Those hamster litter and potty things never work from the store.
Q:I was using a plastic tube to draw the oil from the dipstick port. The plastic tube got stuck and I couldn't
Good job. I've done dumb things of this sort for years. On reading the other answer--which is to remove the dipstick tube from the block--I have to admit that this is a far better alternative than the one which I've proposed below. ....................... The plastic tube will be in there with the connecting rods--there's no screen or anything because nobody thought you'd be doing something like this. But the tube is unlikely to do any damage, either. You've gotta be able to get the dipstick in, so what you'll have to do, short of taking the oil pan off to retreive your tube, is to do a better job of getting it down inside the engine and out of the way. Unless it's a very stiff tube, there's little chance it'll damage anything: the only delicate parts in there are the oil-pump pickup tube and its screen. Go have a look at a service manual for your engine to see where these parts are, and if they're well away from where the dipstick drops into the engine, give the plastic tube a shove down into the engine with, say, a piece of steel rod. Please do not let the steel rod get stuck the way the plastic tube did.
Q:2000 ford focus. does anyone know what the plastic tube that sits above the radiator is?
the single end is attached to the lower radiator hose the double end one hose goes to the lower part of the intake and the other goes to the heater core this is just a transfer tube across the front of the vehicle
Q:About plastic drain pipe expansion joint
The setting of the expansion joint of the transverse pipe is that the transverse branch pipe and the transverse dry pipe are connected without the confluence pipe and are connected with the vertical pipe. When the length of the pipe section is larger than 2.2M, the expansion joint is arranged at the side of the cross pipe near the confluence pipe. When the drainage tube is arranged in the inner tube, setting expansion joints in the lateral wall near the well. The other side of the expansion joint of the transverse pipe should be provided with a fixed support.
Q:After pierced ears, the plastic ear canal is changed
After the best change not because of fresh ear stick earrings is changed, the recovery is not good. Just wear a plastic ear stick and don't worry about itAfter a period of time, you look at the pierced ears around the meat into the pierced ears, and pierced ears almost ready. It doesn't matter what you wear again.

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