PP reflector by chrome LED module MD-02LED-24

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25000 watt/month

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Product Description:

Body:Die-casting aluminum body.

Optical system:PP reflector by chrome.

Finishing:Surface anti-ageing painting processing, super resistance to corrosion.


Die-casting aluminum body.
PP reflector by chrome.
Surface anti-ageing painting processing, super resistance to corrosion.  Supporting applicable lamp assembly




















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Q:What is LED modular design?
The main features should be simple, easy to operate greatly improved, the heat effects are obvious, the most commonly used, such as street lights, lights, etc., cob multi chip combination should also count
Q:Looking for LED module manufacturers.
Shenzhen nite lattice luminous characters of high quality LED module http://www.jgled.com/
Q:What's the difference between the LED module and the LED dot matrix? Is it the same?
LED packaging is different form, applicable to different occasions and uses.
Q:LED module 5054, a single chip is 0.5 watts, but some people say that he is 0.3 watts, false? How to distinguish the three wafer chip?
According to the above specifications of voltage and current value, with DC power test to know
Q:What's the difference between the LED module and the case?
The basic unit with circuit and installation structure, which has display function and can realize the function of display screen by simple assembly
Q:How many watts does the LED module have?
The 4 lights of high power LED are usually 4W.LED module is the light emitting diode arranged in accordance with certain rules, and then wrapped up, plus some waterproof processing products composed of LED module.
Q:What are the LED modules?
According to the power of a single LED can be divided into low power (below 0.3W), power (0.3-0.5W), high power (1W and above) three, high power module power is higher than the small in brightness, and the use of a longer period of time, after the development trend of the LED lighting, more preparation practical.
Q:How can the LED module cascade be obtained?
Distance calculation: the distance between each pixel to another pixel point, each pixel can be a LED light [such as: PH10 (1R)], two LED lights [such as: PH16 (2R)], three LED lights [such as: PH16 (2R1G)];
Q:How many specifications are there in the patch LED module?
SMD patches are generally divided into:3020/3528/5050/3014 et al - these are positive glowing;0603/0805/1016/1024, etc. - these are side glowing light sources.The power has 0.06W, 0.2W, 0.3W, 0.5W, 1W and so on.
Q:How can the quality of the LED module be resolved? How can we choose the right manufacturer?
See if the lights are evenOhmmeter test current size (this is very important)How many cores are used for wire rods?How does the touch degree of heatUse a few resistors (if the full color module is to see if there is a two stage triode)There are no loopholes in waterproof glue dropsWhat is the quality of solder joints?

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